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Vitamin C - Oh My Weekend April 30 to May 2

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Benefits of Vitamin C in Cosmetics

Vitamin C is one of those superactives that make our lives better. We are more used to knowing the benefits of Vitamin C for health and in many cases we ignore that it also has many essential properties for skin health.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that is used in many cosmetics to improve the signs of aging and delay skin aging. But, it is a very complete asset that brings many benefits. Depending on the concentration, it can give some results or others.

  • To give light to the face and improve the texture of the face, vitamin C is a good option.
  • If you suffer from acne and spots caused by it, Vitamin C is your solution.
  • In anti- spot treatments we can find Vitamin C, since it unifies the skin tone and provides luminosity .
  • Its fundamental participation in the synthesis of collagen makes it a more than complete asset to combat flaccidity and lack of facial tone.

Pure Vitamin C

When we talk about pure vitamin C in cosmetics, we are referring to ascorbic acid . It is a super anti-aging weapon. With this active ingredient, its concentration must be taken into account, it is an ingredient that oxidizes easily, so its extraction is very complex. That is why the concentrations of this asset range between 2% and 30%. It is quite unlikely to find it in a higher concentration so if you do find it, do not trust it too much.

Vitamin C in spring

It is advisable to start using Vitamin C in spring, it is the best time. You will reach summer with smooth skin, free of imperfections and smoother. However, it is an ingredient that can cause photosensitivity , so we always recommend applying it at night and using photoprotection during the day.