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Since 1964, Alan Coar has been making its own formulation dermo-cosmetic products that have generated a large number of positive opinions, also offering the most competitive prices in the sector. These are products that offer the most delicate care for all skin types, with the sole objective of solving real problems. The Alan Coar firm has always been by our side, 50 years guarantee its timeless formulas that have loyalized several generations of women and men in their daily personal care. At www.Cosmé we have the widest selection of Alan Coar products in Spain. We invite our clients to trust this great brand and get to know first-hand its treatment programs, with which we work in our beauty center every day. Discover Alan Coar's Packs .

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Alan Coar Laboratories is a Spanish high cosmetics company, dedicated and specialized in skin care. On this page you will find a selection of the best Alan Coar products. That it is a prestigious brand that gives the greatest security when purchasing its products. In their laboratories they make cosmetics with the highest quality to achieve the best results on your skin. Buying Alan Coar products is taking care of your skin to the fullest. Find sizes of creams and toners for all tastes: 50 ml, or larger than 250 ml, going through the sizes: 75 ml, 125 ml, 200 ml.

Paying to buy an Alan Coar product is synonymous with getting it right.

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Alan Coar Product Lines


Probably the most successful line of the brand thanks to the revolutionary Tonic for Oily Skin made with chamomile extract. In addition, the line also includes Toners for Dry and Sensitive Skin, Cleansing Milk and Toning Gel Make-up Remover.

  • Make-up Remover Gel: this cosmetic from the L'Arcou line is ideal for removing traces of eye and lip make-up. It also helps tone the skin while calming it.
  • Cleansing Milk: ideal for nourishing and caring for younger skin. Contains Aloe Vera, a soothing and moisturizing active ingredient, calendula and chamomile extract. It is a cosmetic that does not dry out the skin, capable of removing even waterproof make-up and leaving a feeling of comfort on the face.
  • Dry skin tonic: this cosmetic acts as a sebum regulator and is perfect for dry skin, mixed skin or with a disorder in the sebaceous glands. The pores will be deeply cleansed and the skin will end up hydrated.


Line indicated for the treatment of the skins most in need of care, to which it simultaneously provides basic nutritional elements for its correct functioning and renewal, with a calming and decongesting effect.

The Ivory Line is specially designed to treat both skin aging and a series of skin alterations with important aesthetic repercussions.

It includes the Special Mild Moisturizing Cream "E", the Special Vision Cream "A" with vitamin "F" and the Cogelvit Cream with Vitamins "C" and "F".

Within this line we can find, as we mentioned, the Cogelvit Cream, a cosmetic for daily use that keeps the skin hydrated and nourished. Its use is recommended for the driest and most sensitive skin.


The passage of time translates into the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, loss of firmness, spots on the skin, etc. Skin aging is combated with the five products that make up the most avant-garde line: Cell Restructuring, Eye Contour Serum, Hydroxy F-6, Cellulla Vires and the Moisturizing Lifting Mask. (Line replaced by Science, same products, better results)

  • Cellula Vires Cream: this Alan Coar cream belongs to the Aminoalán line. It is a very nourishing facial cosmetic for the skin and ideal for mature skin with medium and deep wrinkles. Thanks to its formulation, it helps maintain hydration, provides luminosity and reduces wrinkles.
  • Hydrating Lifting Fluid: this facial cosmetic has an ultra-light texture and is quickly absorbed, without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. In addition to providing hydration , it will help fight against wrinkles and provide greater vitality to the face.
  • Cell Restructuring Serum: an Alan Coar product that cannot be missing from your routines if you want to fight the passing of the years. Its formulation contains active ingredients that help treat skin aging in a profound way. It also helps to improve the tone and regenerate the skin.


For slightly more severe processes, Alan Coar has developed a line that concentrates the active ingredients that make up the AC and L'Arcou lines to a greater extent. The products that make up the line are the following: Aminoacids Cream, Special “Q” Regenerating Milk, Alan Mans Special “Q” Cream and “Q” Massage Cream.

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No self-respecting does not make a range of products with a point of color. In this case, the line is made up of two products: Corrective Makeup and Color Moisturizing Cream.

Hyaluronic Active

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturizer that improves the conditions of the cellular system, which is why it is one of the most widely used active ingredients in cosmetics. Alan Coar dedicates a whole range to it that contains the following creams: Genesis Activ Cream, Hyaluronic Serum, Renmake and the BB Cream.

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It incorporates state-of-the-art active ingredients with the intention of addressing the treatment and prevention of skin aging. Includes PHAs SPF 12 Moisturizing Serum and PHAs Nourishing Serum


Protect and hydrate your skin during tanning. This line of Alan Coar delights all lovers of a good tan.

It will help you keep your tan longer, protect you from the sun, and achieve a healthier and more natural tan.

Faced with sun exposure, the skin must be protected because otherwise aging accelerates, and sun spots, wrinkles and expression lines may appear. That is why Alan Coar puts at your disposal products like these:

  • Facial SPF30: this facial cream keeps your face protected from the incidence of solar rays. Contains moisturizing vegetable oils such as jojoba, avocado or shea butter. It also includes active precursors or tanning activators.
  • Solar Pack: with this pack Alan Coar offers you complete protection against sun exposure. On the one hand, it includes the SPF30 facial cream that has a moisturizing and protective action. On the other hand, it includes the body lotion that nourishes the skin and enhances tanning and finally it also incorporates the body milk with aloe vera to apply after exposure.

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Cellulite is one of the most frequently treated problems in aesthetic centers. Alan Coar laboratories offer a wide range that aims to satisfy, both in professional use and in home use by the client, the most varied tastes and demands.


In this line we find the following products: Alan Mans Skin Purifying Gel, Alan Pekas, MELALAN Depigmenting, Hand Cream, Body Milk Revitalizing Fluid, Firming Cream with Centella and Equisetum Arvensis, HIDRA “S-10″ with Solar Protection Factor 15, Mediterranean Peeling and Fortialán Chest Fluid.


Maximum concentration of principles in the small container.

We can find: ActiBlat Ampoules, Alan Vital Ampoules, Vitamin Collagen Ampoules, Special Embryonic Extract Ampoules, Flash Lifting Ampoules,

Super Moisturizing Ampoules, Depil Alan Post-Depilation Ampoules,

Ampoules Renovating Solution and Regulating Ampoules Al Sabal

Alan Coar Bundles

Alan Coar packs are a great option to be able to try different brand products at the best price. They are also the ideal gift because they include different cosmetics that will help care for and improve the condition of your skin. In our online store you will find all Alan Coar packs at the best price . Buy Alan Coar with exclusive offers and discounts!

Opinions on Alan Coar

The evaluations and opinions of our clients about this brand are always positive. It is a very solid brand in its formulas, with exceptional tolerance and very high efficacy. The problems they face are usually solved with very little money, so the opinions are always positive.

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