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Algologie offers you all natural care with 100% natural products

Algologie has always been dedicated to natural cosmetics with active ingredients from the sea and the plant world, gathering very positive opinions since its wide range of products, such as shampoos or Centella Asiatica moisturizing cream, do not include parabens or derivatives oil and are not tested on animals.

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Ecotherapie. Crema Reafirmante Día - ALGOLOGIE

Ecotherapie. Crema Reafirmante Día - ALGOLOGIE

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Algologie International, a Spanish high cosmetics company based in San Sebastian, which has always worked with natural cosmetics from the sea and the plant world. With more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of cosmetic products through the richness of algae, its purpose is to achieve the beauty of the complexion and skin.

Algologie International focuses its developments on the extraction of active ingredients directly from the sea, specifically, from a wide range of algae and various biomolecular components of very specific marine origin, which are subsequently combined with land plants, all with the aim of creating constantly a range of always natural products.

This extraction and collection is carried out in seas around the world and at the most appropriate time, at the correct depth and distance, thereby achieving the best quality. Thanks to all its praxis, in general, Algologie International has achieved the Quality Assurance ISO 22716:2008 (ICON) based on the requirements of the standards of good manufacturing practices for cosmetics.

Algologie Catalog Features

  • Without Parabens
  • Without Methylchlororisothiazolinone
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Avoiding raw materials of animal origin as much as possible
  • Avoiding silicones as much as possible
  • Avoiding the use of dyes (if necessary we only use food dyes (they are eaten) and at very small doses of 0.002%
  • Without petroleum derivatives: such as Vaseline and paraffin

Featured Products

Argan, Almond and Rosehip Oil :

oil for facial, body and hair care. In addition, it can also be applied to the nails, protecting them and giving them flexibility.

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo to:

Oxygenating, strengthening and repairing shampoo for hair loss that contains active ingredients from different algae such as Fucus and Laminaria Algae Extract and Phytomarine Serum.

Nourishing/Anti-Breakage Shampoo :

shampoo with treatment for fragile, damaged and brittle hair that contains vegetable proteins that strengthen the fiber from inside the hair.

Sea Sap eye contour :

cream that prevents the appearance of expression wrinkles and dark circles. It also combats the withering of the eyelids, sagging and dark circles, and in general, symptoms of facial fatigue and stress.

Sea Balm eye contour :

cream that intensely moisturizes, smoothes and provides flexibility to the skin. It also reduces puffiness and dark circles, reducing signs of fatigue.

Ecothérapie, hydro-nutritive body milk :

Moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing body milk with a soft and non-greasy touch made from mango, aloe vera and shea butter.