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The C Vital line enhances the antioxidant and anti-aging action thanks to the best action of Pure Vitamin C formulated for its stability, as well as its effective combination with vitamin E and lipoic acid. C Vital neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, preventing and repairing, naturally and directly, the visible signs of skin due to skin aging. These are the products that make up the range:

multivitamin eye cream

The multivitamin eye contour cream is an ideal anti-aging, firming, anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and moisturizing cream to use when the first signs of aging appear, helping to reduce bags and dark circles.

This gel regenerates, nourishes and hydrates the area around the eye. In addition, it prevents and protects from premature aging.

Hydroprotective Cream

Currently you can still find on our website a cream for very dry skin and another cream for normal and dry skin. However, Atache has combined both and will only be distributed for normal and dry skin in a creamy texture.

That said, the function of the day cream will be the same: to hydrate and deal with the first signs of aging. This is due to the fact that it accelerates the cell renewal of the skin, carrying out a protective action against the signs of the passage of time.

Hydroprotective Gel

A gel that does not vary and whose purpose is to hydrate combination to oily skin and also slow down the signs of aging. It is an oil-free g that provides an intense balancing effect with immediate absorption. Accelerates skin cell renewal by performing a protective action against the signs of the passage of time.

Active fluid + serum (C Vital Antioxidant Pack)

Skins that show deficiencies due to oxidation and devitalized skins already have in their hands one of the most effective treatments that exist. It is the Antioxidant Pack that reduces the depth and extension of wrinkles.

The antioxidant power of vitamin C is enhanced by its combination with vitamin E and lipoic acid, so that the entire cell is protected against oxidation. The serum offers different benefits depending on the type of skin:
Combination or oily skin: Vitamin C balances the pH and enhances the defense action of the skin.
Skin with blemishes and dark circles: They benefit from its blurring action.
Dry skin: Provides lighting and vitality, especially if accompanied by lipoic acid.
Aged skin: The photoprotective and antioxidant action of vitamin E together with vitamin C, is enhanced by lipoic acid.

The application is problem-free: you just have to press the serum once in the palm of your hand and two pumps of the fluid. Then mix evenly and apply.

This product is quite reactive so it is not recommended to use it on sensitive skin.