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Original bath gel - Badedas

The original Badedas Bath Gel is ideal for cleaning your skin on a daily basis. Since it not only cleanses, it also moisturizes deeply and leaves a pleasant refreshing fragrance.

- With refreshing fragrance.

- Moisturizing.

- With chestnuts from India.

- 300ml bottle.

Benefits of the original Badedas Bath Gel

The original Badedas Bath Gel is the complete hygiene and care you need for your family. Its formula enriched with nutrients such as horse chestnuts deeply hydrates the skin and makes this gel perfect for daily washing. In addition, its pleasant fragrance leaves a revitalizing and fresh feeling.

Active principles

- Chestnuts : they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that keep the skin clean and hydrated.

Skin type and age

Suitable for all skin types.

Format and size

- 300ml bottle.