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Florabotanica Eau de Parfum con vaporizador – Balenciaga

Florabotanica Eau de Parfum con vaporizador – Balenciaga

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Experience the world of Balenciaga

Balenciaga is a luxury French fashion house in Spain, offering the most luxurious designer fragrances and products. The Balenciaga cologne was born as the perfect expression: security, strong and with a timeless style. The fragrance is a refined interpretation of a woody-fougere fragrance.

Quality you can trust

The Balenciaga cologne is an original creation of Balenciaga perfumes that combines natural ingredients for an unforgettable experience that will last all day.

A fresh fragrance for men

The fragrance has a clean, fresh note with a woody-fougere base. Top notes include lavender, bergamot, petitgrain, and lemon; middle notes are nutmeg, pepper, rosemary leaf; base notes are vetiver and oakmoss.

Inspired by an exclusive world only for those with a pioneering spirit

Balenciaga is a fresh and elegant fragrance formulated with the latest techniques in perfumery and that embodies the spirit of a world for adventurers and ahead of its time.

An exclusive aroma for a unique person

With notes of grapefruit, bergamot, blackcurrant, black pepper, patchouli, amber, vetiver and cedarwood. This fragrance is perfect for those who want to be different.

The most desirable fragrance: Balenciaga

Quality you can trust

Our products are made from the highest quality materials and are rigorously controlled to ensure their safety and authenticity.

Incomparable luxury perfumes

A true example of French perfume-making tradition, our perfumes have been the preferred choice of royalty and celebrities for centuries.

Guaranteed to last all day.

Our fragrances are specially blended to last all day. With a wide range of rich, sensual scents that evoke different moods, we offer something for every occasion.