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From the United States Calvin Klein constitutes his fashion empire. Since the 1960s we can find its accessories and perfumes at the top of the industry. The minimalism that stands out in each of its designs also has a great role in its aromas. It has created its own identity that makes the brand recognizable through smell. Buy online the best selection of Calvin Klein perfumes and colognes at the best price. Let yourself be seduced by the fragrances of a leading international firm. Discover this great brand in our online store. Enjoy Free samples and Free Shipping from €40

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Calvin Klein Cologne

Simplicity and elegance have made the brand one of the most seductive and provocative in the industry. The firm's own character can be seen in all the designs and aromas of the perfumes, which is why it decided to enter this world with the world's first unisex aroma. Simple lines, decorative simplicity and provocation are some of the attitudes that have inspired the brand as a way of life. Calvin Klein perfumes , aimed mainly at a young audience, continue to enchant generation after generation. Provocation has been one of its engines. Combining minimalism with fresh essences has been the key to its success, unique aromas for all types of audiences. With more than 120 fragrances of revolutionary essences, including the first unisex colognes.

Follow the attractive concept of their designs in their colognes and perfumes, which can accompany all day and night activities. Fresh and natural fragrances for everyday life, with a youthful and original essence.

Calvin Klein Woman

Calvin Klein is committed to unisex scents. But, there is a wide range of feminine perfumes inspired by sweet and oriental essences. The fresh and natural scents will transport you to the most important moments and memories of summer.

Calvin Klein Men

Calvin Klein men's perfumes are ideal for offering a more sensual and attractive masculine image. With intense aromatic touches to recall the essence of summer.

Introducing Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein perfumes and colognes are here. Experience the fresh new fragrance for men and women with a mesmerizing combination of bold bright and floral notes.

fresh and modern

Calvin Klein is the original brand of American cool, and the newest perfumes are no exception. Bold yet refined, these scents are perfect for today's on-trend consumer.

fragrance and style

Find your perfect fragrance to match your style with a wide range of options from Calvin Klein. The new colony has arrived, so stop by and find out more today.

Welcome to Calvin Klein

A global luxury lifestyle company, best known for its collection of clothing, jeans and fragrances. They offer a wide selection of men's and women's products that are available in their stores and now through this website.

award winning fragrances

Calvin Klein, known for its captivating aromas, offers a wide range of perfumes for all your senses. Experience the brand's award-winning fragrance creations through our online store.

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We offer new arrivals every month, so be sure to check back often to see what's new in our selection. Browse our latest news in womenswear or menswear today!

The best Calvin Klein perfumes

Discover the exquisite range of fragrances created with the iconic and original style of Calvin Klein. No matter what your mood, they have a fragrance to suit your needs.

Calvin Klein is the original

No one can capture the essence of Calvin Klein like we do. The success of the brand lies not only in the quality of our products, but also in their originality.

designing for you

They are a fashion company that have always been at the forefront of fashion by fusing classic American style with European influences. Their designs are designed to be timeless and provide a luxurious experience for customers.

Do you want something personal?

At CK, they know that every customer is different and has different needs and wants. So why should you settle for one fragrance when you could have many?

The best brand products

CK Be Eau de toilette spray set – Calvin Klein

Set that includes a 200 ml bottle of Calvin Klein CK Be unisex Eau de Toilette and a 75 ml stick deodorant


CK Be, by Calvin Klein, is a unisex fragrance designed to make a difference, even aesthetically, as it is presented in a completely black and completely gender-neutral packaging. It comes in a 200 ml size with a vaporizer, accompanied by a 75 ml stick deodorant so that the aroma stays on your skin all day.

How is CK Be


Unisex Miniature Case- Calvin Klein

Set consisting of 5 bottles of 10 ml of Calvin Klein fragrances. A perfect gift for lovers of the firm.


Calvin Klein is a firm with a long tradition in the world of perfumery, and many of its fragrances are true icons. This pack presents 5 of its fragrances, in travel format: simple 10 ml bottles, which you can take with you wherever you go.

What fragrances does it include?

The fragrances included in the set are the following:

  • CK One, the most popular unisex fragrance among young people around the world. Freshness and personality to refresh you every day (2 units)
  • CK One Gold, an original unisex fragrance suitable for daily use.
  • CK Be, for young people looking to seduce and have fun. Similar to CK One, but more sensual.
  • CK All, daring, inclusive and expressive, for those who want to feel free to be who they are.

All of them are presented in eau de toilette format.

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CK In 2 U Men EDT vapo – Calvin Klein

CK In 2 U Men by Calvin Klein is an eau de toilette inspired by today's youth and the latest trends in technology, music, fashion, cinema... A masculine fragrance for modern men.

Calvin Klein CK In 2 U Men EDT

CK in 2 U is an Eau de Toilette for men that seeks to be inspired by modern life and new technologies. Its bottle is a clear modern representation of today with a spray for you to apply with ease and style.

scent of modernity

This masculine fragrance is ideal for summer at any time of the day. It is designed for young people between 20 and 35 years old who have already been born in the digital age. Its oriental and woody aroma is full of contrasts that result in a complex fragrance full of stimuli like the times in which we live.

olfactory notes

Masculine oriental woody fragrance.

Release Notes:

  • Green lemon.
  • Gin Fizz.
  • Grapefruit leaves.
  • Frosty tangelo.

Heart notes:

  • Pepper.
  • Shisa.
  • Cocoa.

Background Notes:

  • Vetiver.
  • white cedar.
  • Musk.

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CK One vapor deodorant - Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein's CK One vapor deodorant is the best unisex solution for underarm odor and keeping them clean and scented with a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance. Its aromatic citrus perfume will give you the energy and daily well-being that you are looking for in a scented deodorant.

  • Scented with CK One.
  • Unisex.
  • Refreshing.
  • 150ml spray bottle.

Benefits of Calvin Klein CK One vapor deodorant

The Calvin Klein CK One vapor deodorant will complete your daily hygiene routine. You will get a more intense aroma if you combine it with CK One unisex by Calvin Klein. A refreshing aromatic citrus aroma in which pineapple, violet, papaya, tangerine, cedar and musk stand out, among other olfactory notes that will make this deodorant an essential part of your grooming routine.

skin type and age

Suitable for all skin types.

Format and size

  • 150ml spray bottle.