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Hikurangi Eau de Toilette Spray + After Shave – Colonel Tapioca

Set consisting of a Hikurangi bottle, by Coronel Tapioca, and a 75 ml bottle of aftershave.


Hikurangi, by Coronel Tapioca, is a fresh fragrance for men who want to explore all the possibilities that life has in store for them, an eau de toilette for the most adventurous, which is presented on this occasion together with a 75 ml after shave. The perfume bottle, in the form of a flask, includes a vaporizer.

a fresh fragrance

It is a simple and fresh fragrance for men between 30 and 40 years old, which can be used every day of the year at any time. Perfect to discover everything the world can offer you.

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Desert EDT Vapor Set - Colonel Tapioca

The Coronel Tapioca Desert EDT Vapor Set contains a 100ml eau de toilette and a 150ml deodorant spray.

- Desert Eau de Toilette 100ml.

- 150ml deodorant spray.


The Coronel Tapioca Desert EDT vapo Set contains a 100ml eau de toilette and a 150ml spray deodorant to complete the hygiene ritual. An enveloping masculine fragrance for adventurous men with a traveling spirit.

Olfactory notes and family

This masculine fragrance features notes of lavender, mint, and bergamot; with a body of orange blossom, and a base of vanilla and sandalwood.

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Volcanic EDT Set - Colonel Tapioca

The Coronel Tapioca Volcanic EDT Set is ideal for explosive and adventurous men.

- 100ml eau de toilette.

- 150ml deodorant spray.


Coronel Tapioca's Volcanic EDT Set is perfect for energetic men thirsty for adventure and new experiences. It comes with a deodorant that completes the fragrance and helps eliminate bad odors.

aroma explosion

This masculine fragrance is characterized by its spicy and explosive touches that provide a shot of energy and well-being to those who wear it.

Olfactory family and notes

Woody spicy masculine fragrance. It presents notes of coriander and basil, along with ginger and cardamom, with a woody background of cedar and tobacco.