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All the safe cosmetic products for pregnant women that you need, in this category of Cosméticos24h. Anti-stretch marks, caffeine-free products, everything for postpartum and much more. Discover the quality, efficiency and high security of the firms we work with. Remember that our advisors are at your complete disposal, in addition to having discounts and special offers, and Free Shipping from €40

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Safe creams for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman's body becomes sensitized. For this reason, some of the ingredients and assets of the cosmetics that you used before can cause alterations that did not occur before.

At the same time, some ingredients must be stopped since certain active ingredients can pass into the body and are not suitable for the development of the fetus. Below we detail what they are and what precautions you have to take with your cosmetics.

The use of Retinum or Vitamin A is discouraged.

Vitamin A is a very good ingredient for its anti-aging effect. But the increase in Vitamin A can alter the development of the fetus. In low concentrations nothing could happen, but it is better to make sure and not use it during pregnancy.

Best creams without caffeine

Caffeine is a great fat burner. It works very well and helps a lot against orange peel skin, but this active ingredient can pass into the body and even get into milk, so it would be best not to take it during pregnancy and lactation.

Do not use cosmetics with Essential Oils.

All oils are not harmful, but there is a long black list of these that are recommended to avoid. This list is long and is also not well studied, so the ideal is to avoid them entirely, so as not to have problems.

Avoid salicylic acid in your cosmetics.

It is perfect as an anti-inflammatory, against bacteria and as an antiseptic. It also greatly improves your skin and delays aging. It is for all this that it is used a lot in cosmetics and you have it very present in your dressing table. But there is a But. This molecule passes very easily into the blood, and can penetrate the fetus. That is why doctors are very careful and restrict their use a lot. Avoid it totally and consult your doctor.

Do not use cosmetics with glycolic acid.

Exfoliants, stain removers, lighteners, etc. It is widely used in cosmetics but not suitable for sensitive skin. As we have said, pregnancy is a very bad time to put these assets. In addition, with high doses, it can pass into the bloodstream and reach the fetus. Tell your doctor before continuing with treatments with this active ingredient.

Buy online cosmetics for pregnancy.

If you are going to buy cosmetics online and you are pregnant, it is highly recommended that you use a service such as "Your beautician at home". Cosmeticos24h has expert beauticians who have treated hundreds of pregnant women and will know how to give you an appropriate treatment