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All the body hygiene products you need to take care of your skin are in our special section in Cosméticos24h. Gels, shampoos, deodorants, and many more hygiene items, to give your body what it needs. Remember that you have exclusive offers and discounts, in addition to the free attention of our advisers. You also have Free Shipping from €40

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Body hygiene products.

Body hygiene is more important than it may seem. If we see it from a naturalistic point of view, we might think that the human body is prepared to function without adequate hygiene, even that it could be healthier for it to be continuously cleaning it, or as some say "eliminating or altering the PH". This vision is correct, but in a very different context than the current one.

We currently live in cities or towns where the aggression to our skin is continuous. The smoke from cars, the dyes in clothing, the chlorine in water, etc., are constantly attacking our skin. This forces us to take care of it, cleaning it and protecting it, precisely to restore its natural protection barrier.

Correct hygiene prevents diseases, keeps our body machinery working perfectly and also takes care of our mental health, as it helps us feel safe interacting in society, something fundamental for humans, who are social beings.

There are many products that help us maintain proper hygiene, but the most used and that have somehow saved humanity are hand soaps, shower gels, shampoos and deodorants.

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