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Chanson D'Eau Eau de Toilette – Coty

Chanson d'Eau, by Coty, one of the most popular fresh fragrances of the 90s, which continues to delight women after 25 years on the market. Fresh and aquatic, perfect for daily use.


Chanson d'Eau was launched in 1995 and became an immediate bestseller among younger audiences, as its purity and freshness, inspired by a falling waterfall, fits very well with that age group where girls are not yet They usually use perfume. It comes in a bottle that has remained the same since its launch, in the form of a drop and without a vaporizer.

youthful freshness

It is a fresh water for women between 20 and 30 years old, although today it is used at any age, since it has loyal followers who started with it 20 years ago. It is perfect to use after bathing or showering to prolong the feeling of cleanliness and freshness for a few hours. It has moderate durability and is non-invasive, so it can be worn to class or work.

Olfactory family and notes

Chanson d'Eau is a fresh feminine fragrance.

Output Notes:

- basil

- Mandarin

- lavender

Heart Notes:

- cardamom

- jasmine

- handle

Background Notes:

- sandalwood

- tonka bean