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Crossmen Original EDT - Crossmen

Crossmen Eau de toilette is a masculine fragrance with refreshing touches for elegant and classic men.

Crossmen EDT by Crossmen

This masculine fragrance is very representative of the elegant and classic man. With refreshing and long-lasting notes, it is presented in a 200ml flask-style bottle that accompanies that presence and masculinity.

classic freshness

This refreshing and seductive fragrance preserves the elegance of the generations that have been using it since 1989. With fruity and floral notes, it revitalizes and leaves a pleasant feeling of energy for the whole day.

olfactory notes

Crossmen is a fruity floral style fragrance.

Release Notes:

- Grapefruit.

- Bergamot.

- Pineapple.

Heart notes:

- Pepper.

- Orange.

- Nutmeg.

Background Notes:

- Cedar.

- Sandalwood.

- Vanilla.