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DLUCANNI is a brand of cosmetic products with more than 40 years of experience. Since 1976 it offers the best solutions for skin care. It is a committed firm that designs and produces advanced scientific cosmetics . DLUCANNI takes care of your skin through a careful and innovative HTACP work protocol (in Spanish, high technology applied to professional cosmetics ), reviewed by its own R&D department and professional aesthetic experts. Its cosmetics is differentiated by constant applied innovation .

Its formulas bear a totally technological character. They focus on the development of solutions that are born from science to be able to cover all the needs that customers demand. Therefore, they focus on cosmetics where science is at your service.

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DLUCANNI: Applied Innovation

D'LUCANNI focuses on developing state-of-the-art products with modern and effective active ingredients. Always with the ingredients resulting from the most advanced research. With this, it has managed to create a very broad line of products capable of meeting all the needs of the skin.

Continuous innovation and active research of useful and functional ingredients and formulations , always developed from medical science that produces maximum concentrations in dependent doses.

In addition, it makes sure to respect the European regulatory framework through dermatological tests, cosmetic safety and the study of properties.

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