Gisele Denis

Gisèle Denis: quality at the best price

Gisèle Denis has led the way in cutting-edge skincare and makeup since 1921 . It is always innovating to offer the most effective solutions to beauty challenges. Gisèle Denis is a high cosmetics brand with a heritage of generations. They are trusted by their loyal customers to provide luxury skincare and makeup at affordable prices .

The experts in mature skin

Gisèle Denis has been in the industry for over forty years and has become an iconic beauty brand trusted by generations of customers. Their long-standing dedication to quality ingredients and formulation, innovation, and commitment to exceptional customer service have made them one of the most popular brands both in Brazil and around the world.

The firm has specialized and become a leader in the care and treatment of the signs of aging in the skin . For several years, its products have been sales leaders in the anti-aging field and continue to focus on quality and innovation to continue satisfying and maintaining the trust of its consumers.

Gisèle Denis is committed to finding innovative solutions for all skin types. Their products are made without irritating fragrances or synthetic preservatives and with a focus on the natural power of botanicals, precious minerals and powerful antioxidants to deliver a radiant, healthy glow.

Among its vast range of beauty products we can find facial care products such as ampoules, active concentrates, cleanings, treatments and ampoules; body care products such as lotions, hand creams or deodorants; makeup or sun protection for the skin.

Its mission is to maintain and enhance the beauty of the skin so that it looks more rejuvenated and luminous, but always in a natural way. To do this, it is committed to moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients in its products.

Commitment to sustainability

As with the skin, the company also dedicates its efforts to combating the aging and deterioration of the planet. Thus, it has incorporated different measures to reduce its ecological footprint and be more respectful of the environment.

Gisèle Denis products are 100% cruelty-free which means that no animal testing was performed in any part of the makeup or skincare production process.

Another of Gisèle Denis' main focuses is sustainability and, for this reason, they work with sustainable packaging materials such as recyclable PET plastic.


The best brand products

Deodorant spray for delicate skin - Gisèle Denis

Gisèle Denis Deodorant Spray for Delicate Skin is the deodorant that delicate skin needs for its dual bactericidal and refreshing action. Its soft aroma does not interfere with your normal fragrance, but gives you a feeling of complete cleanliness and freshness.

- Bactericide.

- Refreshing.

- Delicate skins.

- 200ml spray bottle.

Benefits of Deodorant for delicate skin by Gisèle Denis

Gisèle Denis Deodorant Spray Delicate Skin has been specially designed to alleviate the problems of delicate skin thanks to its thermal quality. Its advanced formula with Triclosan regulates the bacterial flora and humidity to ensure that the skin of your armpits is clean, fresh and without bad odors for 24 hours.

Active principles

- Triclosan : is a powerful antibacterial and fungicide that controls the growth of microorganisms that cause bad odor.

Skin type and age

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Format and size

- 200ml spray bottle.

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Moisturizing lotion - Gisèle Denis

Gisèle Denis Moisturizing Lotion is an advanced technology body lotion to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin for 24 hours with extraordinary results. Get smooth, firm and soft skin with this effective body lotion.

- 24 hours.

- With hyaluronic acid.

- With caviar extract.

- 400ml bottle.

Benefits of Gisèle Denis Moisturizing Lotion

Now you can see your skin hydrated and firm like never before with the new Giséle Denis Moisturizing Body Lotion . Its effective formula with caviar extract, hyaluronic acid and urea counteract skin aging and keep it firm, hydrated and smooth even throughout the day. Give your skin the hydration it needs with this body lotion and start seeing results immediately.

Active principles

- Urea : it has a strong moisturizing and exfoliating action that helps eliminate excess scales and regenerates very dry or damaged skin.

- Hyaluronic acid: one of the main moisturizing active ingredients that manages to absorb up to a thousand times its weight in water. Moisturizes the skin to retain water, hydrating it.

- Caviar extract : contains proteins, lipids and trace elements that help cell regeneration to prevent the appearance of age marks on the skin.

Skin type and age

Suitable for all skin types.

Format and size

- 400ml bottle.

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Cream deodorant - Giséle Denis

Gisèle Denis Cream Deodorant is your best ally against sweating and bad odor on a daily basis. Protect and moisturize your underarm skin with this fragrance-free deodorant.

- Regulates sweating.

- Unscented.

- Against the bad smell.

- 75ml tube. + 25ml. Gift.

Benefits of Gisèle Denis Cream Deodorant

Gisèle Denis Cream Deodorant is designed to put an end to excessive sweating and bad odor problems. With its advanced triple action fragrance-free formula you will get hydrated and soft skin, keep sweat at bay and forget about the bad smell and stains on your clothes.

Skin type and age

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive as it does not contain alcohol, fragrance or parabens.

Format and size

- 75ml deodorant tube. + 25ml. Gift.