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Cabotine de Grès EDT steam - Grès

Cabotine de Grès EDT vapo de Grès is a feminine floral fragrance with mischievous airs for daring women and sweet notes.


This fragrance launched in 1990 was designed by Jean Claude Delville as a symbol of innovation and reinvention after the bankruptcy of the Grès firm. This iconic fragrance is presented in a transparent spray bottle topped with a green flower-shaped cap.

Innovation in a bottle

This feminine floral fragrance is characterized by being the first to incorporate the Himalayan white ginger lily into its formulation, and the result is a mischievous and playful aroma with sweet touches for women who like to try and venture into the unknown.

Olfactory family and notes

Floral feminine fragrance.

Release Notes:

- Cilantro.

- Orange blossom.

- Black currants.

- Plums.

- Cassia.

- Tangerine orange.

- Peach.

Heart notes:

- Tuberoses.

- Hyacinth.

- Carnation.

- Ginger lily.

- Jasmine.

- Ylang-ylang.

- Freesia.

- Violet.

- Heliotrope.

- Pink.

Background Notes:

- Vetiver.

- Civet.

- Musk.

- Sandalwood.

- Cedar.

- Amber.

- Tonka bean.

- Vanilla.