Medici Isdin

Medici Isdin

Isdin laboratories have a range of products for facial and body care for men through the Medicis line. It includes products to facilitate shaving and maintain proper facial care, as well as antiperspirant deodorants for correct and long-lasting body hygiene. This line of products is ideal for sensitive skin, so that shaving can be made easier and the irritation of the dermis relieved. Get the best care for men's skin with Isdin 's Medicis line.

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Medicis Isdin Products

Isdin 's Medicis product line is ideal for men's facial and body care, especially sensitive male skin.

  • Medicis Repairing Balm: This lotion is ideal for sensitive skin because it soothes irritation and redness after shaving.
  • Medicis Derma Shaving Foam: This product is a specific lotion to be used before and during men's shaving. It is a cosmetic suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, with a light texture and powerful antibacterial action.
  • Medicis Deodorant Spray: This antiperspirant protects and neutralizes body odor without irritating the skin.
  • Medicis Antiperspirant Roll-on Deodorant: This easy-to-apply roll-on deodorant helps neutralize odor and perspiration. It offers complete protection and total control of perspiration.
  • Medicis Gel after shave: this gel is specifically for use after men's shaving. It is a product recommended for oily skin and leaves a fresh and smooth finish.

Benefits of using Isdin's Medicis

One of the main benefits of buying and using Medicis from Isdin is skin protection. Many products in the range are aimed at the most sensitive male skin and have anti- irritant actions and soothing effects on the skin. They are easy-to-apply face and body cosmetics, with light textures that leave a fresh and smooth finish.