Nutradeica Isdin

Nutradeica Isdin

Isdin Laboratories has created a line of products to treat seborrheic skin: Nuradeica . This range helps reduce the main symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis.

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Nutradeica. Gel-crema facial Piel seborreica - ISDIN

Nutradeica. Gel-crema facial Piel seborreica - ISDIN

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seborrheic skin

Seborrheic skin is a problem that many people suffer from. It is usually annoying because it causes redness of the skin, itching and flaking. These consequences can appear both on the face and on the scalp.

  • Facial seborrheic dermatitis is usually recognized by presenting redness and scaling in areas of the skin with more sebaceous glands.
  • Seborrheic skin on the scalp is often referred to as oily dandruff and dry dandruff .

According to data from the Isdin laboratories , seborrheic skin affects two million people in Spain between the ages of 18 and 40. To fight this condition it is necessary to end with:

  • Malassezia: a common fungus on the skin but that is more concentrated in seborrheic skin and the main cause of flaking. If controlled with an antifungal, the skin can be returned to a healthy state.
  • Excess sebum: one of the main causes of seborrheic dermatitis is the excess secretion of the sebaceous glands. Thus, a favorable environment is generated for the appearance of Malassezia.
  • Itching: consequence of the Malassezia fungus.

Nutradeica products for facial seborrheic skin

Nutradeica Facial Gel-Cream is an ideal product to control and treat seborrheic dermatitis. Its formula is fresh and very light, it is absorbed immediately and has ingredients that act against the Malassezia fungus. It is also an Oil-Free facial cosmetic that cares for and moisturizes the skin in depth, but without leaving any shine thanks to the mattifying effect. This cream is an adjuvant in pharmacological treatment and is ideal for treating the symptoms of seborrheic skin, as it helps reduce excess sebum , flaking , itching and redness.