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Jesús del Pozo - Perfumes and Colognes

Jesús del Pozo is one of the most famous Spanish fashion designers since 1974 . His luxury firm founded in Madrid began with a line of men's clothing and today, you can find accessories, women's fashion and even perfumes and colognes that guarantee the elegance and luxury of one of the most iconic designers.

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Jesús del Pozo, from Madrid to the world

The designer begins with the opening of a small menswear store in Madrid in 1974. In less than two years he was already presenting his men's models in Paris and, by the end of the following decade, his feminine designs, which he focused on in 1979, were parading all over the world. the most prestigious catwalks in the world such as Tokyo, New York or Paris.

The designer from Madrid was the first in his profession to win the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 1998, as well as other awards he received during his lifetime. Since its creation, the firm has expanded throughout the world and has been expanding the diversity of its catalog in which clothing is no longer the protagonist.

The leap to perfumery

In 1992, Pedro del Pozo released his first Duende perfume , which would be the first in a long list of fragrance successes that have already become classics in national and international perfumery.

Like his clothes, Pedro del Pozo perfumes radiate class, elegance and simplicity , no frills. Their scents are as real as the people who wear them. Defender of the classic, but at the same time of innovation, its fragrances have a sophisticated, royal and stylish air that have conquered millions of women in the world who trust this firm to represent them in their day to day.

Duende, the beginning of a legacy

Duende is a fragrance by Jesús del Pozo from 1992, the forerunner of a whole range of refined and successful perfumery. Its success has not been extinguished since its first launch on the market. Floral type, this perfume is designed for elegant and sophisticated women who do not give up comfort and freshness in their daily routine. C reated by renowned perfumer Oliver Cresp, the perfume features top notes of bergamot, melon, mandarin orange and linden blossom that give way to notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and mimosa , ending with a settlement of cedar, thyme and wormwood. .

Halloween: the perfume of success

Halloween was born as a feminine fragrance in 1997. Floral amber type and by the hand of its creator Max Gavary, this fragrance quickly differentiated itself from others on the market due to its halo of seduction and mystery. A start of petitgran, violet and banana leaves together with certain marine notes compose the top notes to reach a heart of violet tuberose, lily of the valley, pepper and magnolia . Finally, this original aroma culminates with a background of sandalwood, myrrh, Madagascar vanilla and incense .

The formula for its success led to the creation of a whole collection of perfumes for men and women inspired by the magical formula of Halloween.