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George de la Garza

Makeup by Jorge de la Garza JDG

For more than 20 years, the renowned makeup artist Jorge de la Garza has created all the products, colors and textures of the firm that bears his name. The result, a brand designed for professionals, created with the highest demands and with a unique vision. In our online store you can get all Jorge de la Garza cosmetics at the best price . You can also benefit from discounts and exclusive promotions to buy the products you need at the cheapest price and that best suits your pocket. Don't run out of your cosmetics!

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George of the Garza

One of the best reasons to buy Jorge de la Garza cosmetics is that they present very innovative textures , each brand product is formulated with a unique texture for your skin. In addition, thanks to its formulation, it helps you to take care of your skin intensely. The quality of Jorge de la Garza's cosmetics can be measured by the duration of their cosmetics and the comfort they leave on the face. As if that were not enough, these products are very easy to apply and do not contain parabens . Jorge de la Garza leads professional makeup from the first day thanks to an infinite work of creation and improvement.

These are its principles:

Innovative textures : each product has its optimal texture so it is not produced until it is found.

Skin care: the house uses mineral ingredients and the latest cosmetic innovations.

Durability and comfort : all products are tested for months to guarantee an unbeatable experience.

Easy to apply : the product packaging is designed to speed up the work of makeup sessions.

Trend colors: Jorge de la Garza's vision is a guarantee of trend and fashion in the sector.

Paraben-free: the brand always manufactures according to the highest quality standards.

All of their articles are divided into four main fields:
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Make up your eyes with Jorge de la Garza

Eyes: the products intended to care for and beautify the eyes are shadows, eyeliners, products for eyebrows and also for eyelashes. Kajar Liner Waterproof is one of Jorge de la Garza's most outstanding eye cosmetics. It is a waterproof eye makeup, therefore it resists water and has a longer duration. This eyeliner pencil offers a semi-matte finish, with natural antioxidants and free of mineral oils and paraffin. With the power and quality of this cosmetic you will achieve a defined and enigmatic look.

Makeup and color for the face of Jorge de la Garza

Face: everything you could wish for and more you will find among its lines of primers, foundations, concealer and concealer, powders, blush and highlighters.

JDG lipsticks and lipsticks

Lips: lips always radiant and shiny thanks to primers, liners, lipsticks and glosses

Jorge de la Garza. Accessories and complements for make-up

Accessories: although they are products designed to facilitate the application of products to the eyes, Jorge de la Garza opens a line for brushes and other accessories.
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Buy Jorge de la Garza makeup online.

Jorge de la Garza offers us a series of skin products. Among them we can find:

  • Skin Perfect: a make-up base with SPF15 sun protection to keep the face safe from the effects of the sun's rays. This makeup product offers full and long-lasting coverage, conceals imperfections and evens out skin tone. Thanks to its texture, it spreads easily and quickly over the face, leaving a matte finish but with a natural shine. The Soft Focus effect helps you achieve perfect skin. In addition to having a long-lasting formula, among its assets we can find: Vitamin E , to protect cells from free radicals and improve elasticity, Soft Focus Effect to combat signs of fatigue and aging. It is also a make-up base without parabens or oils and with a hypoallergenic formula.

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  • Countouring Duo: This compact powder makeup is ideal for sculpting the contour of the face and improving the appearance of the skin. It combines two tones: a light one that will help to give a sensation of volume in certain areas of the face and another dark tone that will be responsible for creating a depth effect on the skin, so that other areas of the face will stand out through shading, but with a very natural effect . What is the best thing about this product? Thanks to its formula, based on micronized pigments, it provides a much more homogeneous and uniform pigmentation of the face. This powder makeup is applied with a specific brush to achieve better definition and a much more effective result.

Buying makeup online is always a difficulty, due to the choice of color. At we have an innovative system to be able to choose and acquire the most suitable color. In addition to the color, we attach the texture of the makeup so that everything is more realistic and it is easier to choose a color. We also put at your disposal all the Jorge de la Garza makeup products so that your purchase is much simpler and more effective. Quality products at the best price online .

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Buying online with this method is easier than ever. there are only two steps.

  • - Choose the right color
  • - Press the buy button.

With just these two gestures, in 24/48 hours you will have Jorge de la Garza's makeup at home, and you won't be able to complain that you haven't gone to buy makeup because you didn't have time.