Kativa: the natural care of your hair

Kativa is a revolutionary hair care brand that brings you a natural, 91% organic hair care line that will leave hair healthier and shinier with every use.

The best care without leaving home

Kativa is a professional hair care company that belongs to the StarBrands group with a presence in more than 64 countries. The group is characterized by its innovation and the support of the formulation of its products in a combination of technology and nature .

Kativa offers a wide range of products for all hair needs, from root to tip. From daily care products to professional treatments with salon results, the firm offers solutions and adapts to the needs of all hair types.

Within its different treatments you can find lines for the treatment of oily hair, straightening, collagen regenerators, anti-frizz, to give volume and highlight the waves or color treatments. Whatever look your clients want, Kativa has the solution.

Bet on the natural

Kativa offers a unique blend of ingredients from around the world to help achieve the best daily hair care. Their formulations contain totally natural ingredients and do not contain chemicals or harmful substances.

The company's philosophy seeks in nature the answers that hair needs. For this reason, 91% of the ingredients used in their products are totally organic. In addition, they do not work with sulfates or parabens and many of their products do not include gluten either to maintain the strong state of the hair strand and not alter the natural chemical processes of the hair.

In addition, its straightening effect products are free of formaldehyde and do not generate toxic vapours. This is the case of the new Kativa Brazilian straightening that helps to straighten and reduce frizz and the volume of the hair for 12 weeks.

In its table of values, Kativa shows a strong commitment to animals and, for this reason, all its products are free from animal abuse , that is, none of them have been tested on animals.

Kativa products have been independently certified by the European Institute of Organic Chemistry as safe for use by children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those with allergies or sensitive skin.


The best brand products

Original Brazilian Straightening - Kativa

Kativa's Brazilian Straightening Kit is a straightening treatment for all hair types that straightens, strengthens and adds shine to your hair for 12 weeks. This pack includes a pre-treatment shampoo, a smoothing mask, a keratin and argan shampoo and conditioner, as well as gloves, a brush and an instruction booklet so that you can carry out the treatment easily and simply.

- Pre-treatment shampoo 15ml.

- 30ml shampoo and conditioner.

- 150ml mask.

- Brush and gloves.

- Instructions inside.

Benefits of Kativa's Original Brazilian Straightening

Get your professional straightening finish with the Kativa Brazilian Straightening Kit. You will get smooth, hydrated, soft and shinier hair for 12 weeks in which your hair will look loose and natural. Its formula with shea butter, argan oil and vegetable keratin penetrates the hair strand, restoring the hair's original strength.

Active principles

- Argan oil: it is known for its moisturizing action that fights frizz and split ends.

- Shea butter: it is highly moisturizing in a way that keeps your hair nourished and shinier.

- Vegetable Keratin: protects the PH of the hair and repairs the hair fibers, providing strength and a regenerated appearance.

Hair type and age

Suitable for all types of hair.

Skin type and age

- 15ml pre-treatment shampoo tube.

- 30 ml shampoo bottle.

- 30ml conditioner bottle.

- 150ml bottle of mask.

- Brush and gloves.

- Kit box.