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KEENWELL: Buy quality cosmetics and makeup

KEENWELL was founded in Barcelona in 1972, a brand that has known how to stay ahead of the latest trends . It is recognized as one of the most innovative brands. This has been achieved thanks to the collaboration with the best beauticians, always listening to the real needs of customers and with the difference of having a laboratory and having the possibility of manufacturing their products themselves. For more than 40 years, KEENWEEL has been studying the most innovative products together with revolutionary ideas to achieve unique treatments that are adapted to all skin types .

It is a brand in constant development. Its research department works hard to find new and better products, with the most advanced formulas and specific treatments that society demands . Always linked to a commitment to quality that rigorously evaluates new active ingredients and formulations in dermatological tests, always producing their products under pharmaceutical standards.

The multidisciplinary team of: biologists, chemists and beauticians that make up the R+D+I department work in collaboration with university centers to develop the most advanced formulas. Always innovating in the sensory field of textures, to find the most comfortable ones for all skin types.

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KEENWELL: latest generation active ingredients

KEENWELL uses the best state-of-the-art active ingredients, such as plant-derived stem cells and oligopeptides, combined with traditional active ingredients with more than proven functionality. all this, in the best concentrations to achieve the necessary results. All formulations follow current regulations and under the line of good manufacturing practice. G

They guarantee a high degree of safety and quality in their products, since they demand high quality and purity requirements based on continuous controls.

Makeup and cosmetics for all skin types

At KEENWELL you will find a wide catalog of different references in facial and body cosmetics and also in makeup. They do not stop looking to the future while maintaining the same authenticity, with high quality assets, which allows them to distinguish themselves from other brands.

Always in constant research and development to focus on solving all beauty problems and preserving the nature of the skins. They look for specific solutions to skin problems.

In addition, its innovative formulas are free of:

  • Irritating mineral oils for the skin.
  • Paraffins and paraffin derivatives.
  • Parabens.
  • Materials derived from animals.