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Kenzo Perfumes

Japanese luxury goods house Kenzo entered the world of perfumery in the late 1980s, making it a relative newcomer to the field. However, he has created some of the best-known perfumes of recent decades and has managed to seduce millions of buyers around the world. Its olfactory universe, minimalist, clean and original, is a guarantee of success.

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Kenzo: French creations with an oriental touch

The Kenzo firm was founded in the late 1960s by Kenzo Takada, a Japanese designer who had settled in Paris at the time and specialized in creating luxurious and sophisticated fashion and accessories. At a time when the mysterious Orient was modernizing, Kenzo capitalized on the Western fascination with Japan to launch a series of elegant and unique garments that combined Japanese tradition and Western modernity.

They were original, modern and orientalizing creations, and these three characteristics are maintained in the brand's perfumes. Kenzo fragrances are minimalist, as befits a firm from the 1990s, but they know how to make the most of floral aromas and exotic influences to recreate trips to distant and still mysterious countries. Kenzo fragrances create a universe of sensations, a world designed to seduce your senses and transport you to paradise.

The brand's first perfume was Kenzo, which came onto the market in 1988, and this was followed by several lines of kenzo perfume for women and men, designed for a modern and cosmopolitan environment. It was then that the French group LVMH acquired the firm, although Takada he continued to run Kenzo until 1999.

Kenzo Women's Perfume

The concept on which Kenzo's feminine fragrances are based is represented by its best-selling perfume, Flower, of which more than 6,000 units are sold daily worldwide: these are fresh perfumes that convey a great sense of purity and that they give a twist to the floral notes to achieve original and unique results.

Who but Kenzo could give the scent of water and poppy and make that fragrance last all day on the skin? Kenzo women's perfumes manage to create an aura of sensuality without giving up innocence and a sense of cleanliness.

Kenzo perfume for men

Kenzo perfumes for men are, above all, positive, light perfumes that can be worn daily and cover the skin without masking the natural fragrance of each skin. Perfect for urban and self-confident men who approach life with optimism.

A groundbreaking aesthetic

In addition to offering original and unique aromas, Kenzo also stands out for an aesthetic completely different from any other perfume. Kenzo has always been an easily recognizable firm due to its aesthetics, and its perfumes could not be less, to the point that its bottles are unmistakable.

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