La Toja

La Toja: the source of your beauty

La Toja is a Spanish hygiene and cosmetics company with more than 100 years of tradition and experience . Its products based on the richness of mineral salts and the thermal waters of the Galician island with the same name have been offering the best hygiene and skin care in recent decades. The brand currently continues to be a benchmark in the personal care and wellness sector.

A place of healing

The history of La Toja begins on the Island of La Toja , located in Pontevedra. This magical enclave with an area of 7km2, is a rich source of mineral salts and houses a spring of thermal waters with temperatures ranging between 30 and 60 degrees.

The benefits of thermal waters for therapeutic purposes have been known since ancient times, but it was not until 1899 that the first spa was created on the island , which would soon enjoy international fame and renown. Personal hygiene begins to play an increasingly important role and in 1904 La Toja launches its first soap.

Since the 1920s, the company has been diversifying and expanding its product catalog to this day, but always maintaining its spa essence and using patented and dermatologically tested ingredients and formulas to guarantee the quality of each of its products.

At La Toja they believe that the skin deserves the best. That is why they only offer the most natural and pure cosmetics. They avoid harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritations or allergies by using only natural ingredients.

From the spa to home

In La Toja they care about skin care and want to transfer the benefits of their famous spa to their consumers' homes . For this reason, its products are more than hygiene and care products, experiences that transfer the properties and relaxing sensations of the spa to your bathroom. Without a doubt, among all the high quality products, La Toja has made a name for itself in the design of body gels and soaps.

La Toja shower gels are a natural and easy way to care for your skin. These products are enriched with nutrients that help nourish, regenerate and protect your skin from any damage caused by external factors. The gels are gentle enough for daily use and provide a refreshing, regenerating cleanse with each use.

Magno: the most exclusive soap

In the 1950s, La Toja brought out its Magno Soap, which was as black as ebony and produced a dazzling white foam and left a pleasant exotic fragrance on the skin that was immediately echoed in the international market. To this day, the range of Magno products continues to be one of the most sought after by consumers in La Toja.


The best brand products

Shaving soap - La Toja

La Toja shaving soap is an essential for men's shaving rituals. With mineral salts, its demanding formula has been dermatologically tested and does not produce irritation or dryness, leaving the skin soft, clean and toned after each shave.

- With mineral salts.

- Dermatologically tested.

- 50g bar soap.

Benefits of La Toja shaving soap

Get a close and professional shave with La Toja shaving soap . Its traditional formula enriched with mineral salts has been offering the best male shaving experience for years. The properties of mineral salts protect and keep the skin hydrated, while providing a toning effect. In addition, this bar soap manages to lather abundantly to make it easier for the razor to slide over the face.

Active principles

- Mineral salts: rich in magnesium, mineral salts have a strong moisturizing and disinfectant action to eliminate toxins from the skin. In addition, they have a relaxing effect that helps activate circulation and tone the skin.

Skin type and age

Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested.

Format and size

- 50g bar soap.