lady in color

Lady in color: the power of color

Lady in color is a brand specialized in quality hair colors and dyes . The firm offers a range of natural colors to suit every mood and personality, whether it's an everyday look or a dramatic makeover. Lady in color is a company committed to quality and the search for the perfect shade of color while being concerned about the health and hydration of the hair.

Celebrating the genuineness of each hair

Lady in color is a hair color firm that offers its clients a wide range of dyes and color treatments in natural tones that are best suited to each hair type and personality.

There are many people who are different in both appearance and personality. However, it is not always easy for them to find a look that identifies with themselves. This is where Lady in color is born. In its philosophy, Lady in color believes that each person is unique, which is why they have decided to create products so that people feel comfortable expressing themselves and discovering themselves .

Color with hydration

With Lady in Color tints it is now possible to experience salon quality hassle-free at home. Unlike other brands, Lady in color seeks the most effective coloration, but not at the expense of the health of your hair. For this reason, its dyes are specifically designed so that your hair remains hydrated and strong throughout the coloring process.

In its formulas it uses active ingredients such as keratin, vitamin E, lanolin and thermal protection active ingredients to prevent abrasion and weakening of the hair. Lasy in color not only wants your hair to look beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside.

- Keratin : Keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in our body. Its main action is the repair of hair fibers and their nutrition from root to tip.

- Vitamin E: this vitamin stimulates the blood flow of the hair so that it absorbs nutrients more efficiently and obtains a more damaged and stronger appearance.

- Lanolin: effectively penetrates the hair shaft and helps it retain moisture and combat breakage and weakness. Its powerful moisturizing function makes your hair continue to absorb moisture from the air and always stay hydrated and healthy.

Thanks to Lady in color dyes, you can now achieve that hair tone you've always wanted without damaging or ruining the health of your hair. Dare to experiment and find the best version of yourself.


The best brand products

Hair dye - Lady in color

Lady in Color hair dye has been designed to give your hair the tone you've always wanted to wear on your hair. Get a radiant and natural color without damaging or burning the hair thanks to its moisturizing formula with a vitamin complex. Inside you will find a 50ml tube of color cream, a 50ml bottle of oxidant, a 15ml repairing conditioner, gloves and instructions on how to color.

- Moisturizing.

- Color cream 50ml.

- Conditioner 15ml.

- Oxidant 50ml.

- Gloves.

Benefits of Lady in color hair dye

Lady in color hair dye offers you the opportunity to achieve the look you have always wanted with the professional quality of a beauty salon. Its formula with moisturizing active ingredients such as keratin, lanolin, provitamin B5, almond and coconut oil, jojoba and vitamin E will help you achieve a beautiful and radiant color without damaging or burning your hair.

Active principles

- Keratin : has a repairing effect on the hair fibers and provides nutrients to the hair.

- Lanolin : powerful moisturizer that preserves the moisture of the hair so that it is always hydrated.

- Vitamin E: stimulates the circulation of capillary blood flow for greater absorption of nutrients.

- Provitamin B5 : it has hydrating, moisturizing, soothing and repairing properties, delaying the appearance of gray hair, seborrhea and dandruff.

hair type

Suitable for all types of hair.

Format and size

- 50ml color cream tube.

- 50ml bottle of oxide.

- 15ml conditioner bottle.

- Gloves.