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Lancaster: the luxury of your skin

Lancaster is a leading manufacturer of luxury beauty items that are specially formulated by experts using patented technology to be effective. The company works under the principles of producing all its products with care and creativity to ensure an exceptional experience for customers and their skin.

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The Lancastrian Story

Lancaster was born in Monaco after the Second World War with a purpose: to make women want to take care of themselves and look good again after a devastating war . For this reason, in 1946, the businessman Georges Wurz and the chemist Eugène Frezzatti decided to launch Lancaster with a range of quality products specialized in skin care.

With Grace Kelly as ambassador, in 1965 they set up the Lancaster Beauty Institute in Paris and, since then, they have become a world leader in skin care products and technology.

An alliance with the sun

In the 1970s, Lancaster decides to launch its first line of sun products at a time when tanning became an obsession at any price. For this reason, the firm decided to design self-tanning products that in turn protect the skin and achieve that desired tan tone.

Lancaster sunscreens have been making waves since 1976 and continue to be one of the world's most popular tanning cosmetics brands . Its award-winning formula makes it easy for anyone to get the perfect, even tan look quickly and according to their own style.

The secret is in the formula

In 1986, Lancaster launches Heliotan and incorporates it into its tanning products. Heliotan is a tanning activation complex that offers a quick and safe tanning process through the use of DHA technology that inhibits the appearance of redness and itchiness.

This revolutionary process has been scientifically proven to produce fast and safe results, as well as being cost-effective for those looking for a sun-kissed glow without any risk.

Lancaster is the world's first beauty brand with Full Light technology. In the early 2000s, Lancaster discovered the need to protect skin beyond UVA rays. That's why it designed Full Light technology that not only protects you from UVA and UVB rays, but also fights against damage from invisible light and infrared.