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Lancôme is one of the most famous French cosmetics and selective perfumery brands in the world. The company was founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean and Guillaume d'Órnano, who named the firm after a castle where their favorite roses were grown and whose name, Chateau de Lancôme, sounded very French. Because Petitjean not only wanted to be successful, but he wanted to do so in order to represent French talent in a world increasingly dominated by North American companies.

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Lancome perfumes

Perfumery is one of the three sections into which the company is divided and, possibly, the one that has given it the greatest success from the outset. In fact, the Lancôme firm was initially founded as a "house of fragrances" and debuted with the launch of five perfumes (Tropiques, Tendres Nuits, Kypre, Bocages i Conquête) at the Brussels Universal Exhibition of 1935. These fragrances were successful immediately and continued to be sold until at least the 1950s.

In the early years, the Lancôme brand was so successful that it didn't even need to advertise. However, from the 1950s it became a firm associated with glamor and stardom, thanks to its ads with great screen divas. One of its most enduring icons was Isabella Rosellini, who represented the brand exclusively for 14 years.

The firm regularly bets on French talent, establishing itself as a company fully established in that country. Some of the noses behind Lancôme perfume fragrances are the company's founder, Armand Petitjean, or renowned perfumers such as Christine Nagel, Jacques Cavallier, Daniela (Roche) Andrier, Olivier Polge or Dominique Ropion.

Lancome Fragrances for Women

The firm is especially known for its feminine perfumes, some of which have been on the market for several decades. The firm's mission, also embodied in each new Lancôme fragrance, is to extol the beauty and femininity of all women regardless of their age or skin color, putting great effort in innovation at the service of its clients. Her motto is: happiness is the most attractive form of beauty, and that is why her perfumes usually give off positivism, optimism and happiness.

From the first to the latest Lancôme women's fragrance, they present a combination of sophistication, simplicity and quality that allow them to be your go-to perfume, no matter how old you are. Lancôme's feminine fragrances, cheerful, sweet, sensual..., are a safe bet.

Lancome Fragrances for Men

Although much less well known than women's perfumes, Lancôme also produces some men's fragrances. In them, the firm's perfumers also try to capture the joy of living, and that is why Lancôme perfumes for men are intense and sensual, designed to give you security.

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Tresor La Nuit L'eau de Parfum – Lancome

Trésor La Nuit, one of the creations that followed Lancôme's hugely successful Trésor. A representation of absolute love represented by the union of two stars in the sky.


Trésor La Nuit was created in 2015 and its story is that of immortal love between two stars that end up colliding and falling to the ground. A black diamond is born from them, the dark fantasy diamond that will become the bottle of this nocturnal and passionate perfume. Trésor la Nuit is sold in 30 ml bottles. with vaporizer.

Trésor la Nuit, created for the night

It is an even more intense fragrance than the original Trésor, designed to be worn at night and especially suitable for the coldest times of the year. It is so intense that a small spray will be enough for it to last for hours on your skin, excessive use would make it difficult to appreciate its aroma properly. It is designed for women over 35 years of age.

Olfactory family and notes

La Nuit Tresor by Lancome is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. La Nuit Tresor was launched in 2015. La Nuit Tresor was created by Christophe Raynaud and Amandine Clerc-Marie. Top notes are pear, orange tangerine and bergamot; middle notes are vanilla orchid, strawberry, black rose and passion fruit; base notes are praline, caramel, litchi, patchouli, vanilla, incense, coffee, licorice, coumarin and egyptian papyrus.

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La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum Spray Set – Lancome

Set that includes a 50 ml bottle of La Vie est Belle, by Lancôme, a 50 ml body milk and a 4 ml mini-size bottle.


La Vie Est Belle was launched in 2012, by perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo, and became an immediate hit. It is presented in a transparent glass bottle with a thick bottom, very charming, whose stopper is adorned with two pink leaves. This set includes, in addition to a 75 ml bottle of eau de parfum, a body milk and a second 4 ml mini-size bottle. so you can carry it with you in your bag, or even in your pocket.

La Vie est Belle, luxurious and versatile

It is a sweet and dense fragrance, very enveloping, that can be worn day and night throughout the year, although it is much more pleasant in the cold months, when its spicy and sweet final touch is comfortable. Very long-lasting on the skin.

Olfactory family and notes

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women.

Output Notes:

  • black currants
  • pear

Heart Notes:

  • iris
  • jasmine
  • orange blossom

Background Notes:

  • praline
  • vanilla
  • patchouli
  • tonka bean