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Enrique Loewe consolidated his fashion workshop with his name in Madrid in the 1970s. The brand has given rise to one of the first international luxury firms . The Spanish brand has become a benchmark for design and fashion. As soon as it was established as a brand, it entered the world of perfumery. Since its first creation, it has shown its "know-how" in each and every one of its perfumes . Thanks to Emilio Valeros , Loewe's “nose” for more than 20 years, the brand has become one of the most emblematic houses with authentic olfactory icons.

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For Loewe , all its fragrances are artistic creations. Its design is born from nature itself to blend with the skin. Their scents are uniquely created individually to fit each personality. The creative universe of Loewe perfumes takes place in Spain, so the country's lifestyle greatly influences the aromas of the creations, this gives each of the creations a unique and unrepeatable personality.

Since its inception, LOEWE's olfactory universe has answered a single question: What does Spain smell like? The masters of perfume have been able to capture sensitivity and culture in international fragrances. The quality of the oils used in their fragrances do magic. The olfactory essence of the flowers, the colors and the light of Spain captivate you and leave no one indifferent.