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The lip is an area of the face that must be cared for with specific treatments. It is a delicate part, which must be exfoliated and hydrated regularly. On our website you can find all the lip products you need. To beautify your red lips, for thin lips, for full lips, lip colors, dark lips, pink lips, and much more. Remember that you have exclusive offers and discounts when buying lip makeup, in addition to having Free Shipping on orders over €40

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Lip make-up - Treatments

At 24H Cosmetics we have a wide variety of lipsticks to treat this area. Whether you are looking for makeup lipsticks or cosmetics to care for and protect your lips, we are sure to have the right product for you.

lower and upper lip

The parts can be divided into upper lip and lower lip. Many times the stains on the upper lip can be uncomfortable or bothersome. Its appearance is usually due to hormonal changes, sun exposure, hair removal or the use of certain products. If we want to end the spots on the upper lip, the first thing we should do is go to the dermatologist to make a diagnosis. But there are also other recommendations that we can follow, such as using a lipstick with sun protection, and keeping the area protected from the sun's rays. In addition to exfoliating and moisturizing the upper lip.

Buy lip makeup

  • Lipstick: ideal to create the look you want. More natural with all nude, more cool with carmine tones, etc. We can find matte, shiny, juicier lipsticks, etc.
  • Balm: Balms are ideal for moisturizing the lips.
  • Lip liner: perfect for outlining the contour of the lips. Marking the upper lip and the lower lip.
  • Gloss: Unlike matte lipsticks, glosses add a lot of shine to the lips.

Get the best care for your lips and at the best price. You can choose from a wide range of products depending on what your lips are like and what you're wearing.

Tips to take care of lips

It is very important to follow proper care of the lips to keep them healthy and protected against external factors.

  • Moisturizing lipstick: if we want to have irresistible lips, the first thing we should do is use a moisturizing lipstick. This lipstick should contain ingredients that prevent dryness and help reduce it.
  • Drinking water. To be hydrated on the outside, it is crucial to be hydrated on the inside. If we want to get plump and cared for lips, it is convenient that we always carry a bottle of water under our arm.
  • Exfoliate the lips. They can look like a very dry part of the face and that is why it is scary to exfoliate it. It will not dry out, on the contrary, the elimination of dead cells will be favored and the lips will be given more vitality.
  • Avoid licking or biting your lips, we will only achieve greater dryness.
  • Hydration with oils. If you want to opt for natural cosmetics, perfect! You can choose to apply oils such as olive or almond oil and give your lips hydration and shine.

Avoid dry lips

Proper care of the lips will prevent them from drying out and cutting.

  • Hydration, the key. If we are suffering from dry lips on a recurring basis, one of the things we should do is use a moisturizing lip product. If we use the cosmetic with the right ingredients for this part of the face, we will avoid dryness and give the lips the hydration they need.
  • Protect them from the weather. The sun's rays and excessive cold favor the dryness of the lips. It is important that in summer we use a lip sunscreen with an SPF factor high enough to keep the lips protected from the sun's rays. With excessive cold, the lips are cut and skin appears, which is why it is also vital to use specific treatment lipsticks.

buy lipstick

If you are looking for permanent, matte lipsticks, for full, thin or thick lips, of different colors, but that always respect your skin, at Cosméticos24h we give you what you are looking for. Buy lipsticks from the most professional firms on the market with offers and discounts. Discover the professional products of our lip firms and remember that you have Free Shipping on orders over €40

Masque resistant lipstick

The mask has become one more accessory that we must wear for everyone's safety, but it is true that it has brought about a great change in our customs. In makeup, it has revolutionized everything, since covering bases and lipsticks have been replaced by other lighter items.

As a result of this, professional cosmetics firms have got down to work, to offer all their clients lipstick , even in stick form, resistant to the rubbing of the mask . Because being safe shouldn't deal with wearing makeup.

On our website you can find a large selection of creamy , matte or shiny lipsticks that perfectly resist rubbing with the mask or when eating.


The lipstick stick is a traditional makeup item that cannot be missing from our bag. It is possibly the most used makeup in history and represents a lot for femininity. It is an icon that should have a place on your dresser. At Cosmeticos24h you can find the colors that you like the most and a wide variety of finishes. If you are looking for a red lipstick this is your place.

Buy lipstick online

Looking to buy matte lipstick, permanent lipstick, red lipstick, even permanent matte lipstick or any other color? At Cosméticos24h we have a large selection of lipsticks from the world's leading makeup brands. Discover the wide range of colors, textures and options that we offer you with our professional firms. Remember that you have exclusive offers and discounts, in addition to Free Shipping for orders over €40

Professional lipstick online

Find in Cosmeticos24h the best and most iconic lipsticks on the market. Lipstick is a very personal product, from the tone to the finish it depends on the personal tastes of each one. That is why makeup firms bring out a wide variety of lipsticks, to offer the possibility of choosing the one that best suits our needs. That is why at Cosmeticos24h we like to have these brands, to have all the variety and make you enjoy makeup. Get the perfect professional lipstick for you on our website

Buy lip gloss online

Are you looking for a permanent lip gloss, a transparent, non-sticky gloss, a cheap lip gloss? At Cosméticos24h, in addition to giving you the best deals and exclusive discounts to buy lip gloss, we also offer you a wide range of possibilities for your beauty and lip care. Discover them from the hand of professional make-up firms at an international level. What are you waiting for to discover them?

professional lip gloss

At cosmeticos24h we have the most professional makeup firms on the scene. That is why you will find a wide range of professional makeup products on our website. The gloss is a complement to the makeup of the lips that leaves a juicy and shiny sensation. They provide shine and freshness to the look. In addition, with the gloss you can always have your lips hydrated .

Right now this finish is a must in the world of fashion, since after its triumph in the 2000s it has returned to stay. And on our website you can find glosses in different colors and finishes , to suit your needs and tastes.

Buy lip liner

Find where to buy lip liner. At Cosméticos24h we offer you a wide range of products from professional makeup firms worldwide. Offers, discounts and special promotions to buy your transparent or permanent, non-sticky lip liners, or for whatever you are looking for. Take care of your lips.

The fashion of lip liners

The lip liner has always been a makeup accessory that has had different times. With the course of history and the passing of fashions, the profiler has had more or less importance. Right now, the new trend brings the lip liner back out of the forgotten drawer and puts it on the makeup front page. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have awakened the need to have one to improve the appearance of your lips.

Overlips is the new trend that helps to enlarge and make lips juicier. Quite the contrary to other fashions, now the lip liner is used in the same shade or lighter than the lipstick, to give a volume effect.

Line your lips with the liners of professional makeup artists, thanks to Cosmeticos24h