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makeup for events

Makeup for Events

From Cosméticos24h we leave you a great selection of professional products from the most cutting-edge makeup firms on the market. If you want to buy makeup for events, in our online store you can discover the wide range of possibilities that we offer you to beautify your skin and take care of it.

Dazzle and be the center of attention with the products we have chosen for you to show off impressive makeup worthy of the best professionals. Remember that you can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts, while having Free Shipping from €40

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Buy makeup for events online

At Cosmeticos24h we only have makeup from the most professional firms. We take care of selecting the best products so that you can find them easily. Our wide range of products and accessories makes it easier to perform different makeup.

Each occasion has a different make-up and at cosmeticos24h we know it. It is true that sometimes it becomes very complicated to have all the necessary makeup to be able to cover them all. Therefore, it is best to buy makeup and accessories that can go with everything. But, if you urgently need a product to improve or complete your makeup, do not hesitate, this is your website.

Makeup for wedding or event

With the products that we offer you at Cosmeticos24h you can make a perfect professional makeup yourself. Both day and night, nude colors are taking the cake for these events. But it is true that makeup for a day wedding is not the same as for a night wedding.

What we are going to need is a good long-lasting base that lasts the entire event and that also holds up with precision. To show off heart-stopping eyelashes, there is nothing better than a good volumizing colored mascara that draws a lot of attention.

Also, if you have any imperfections, remember that at Cosmeticos24h we have the best selection of corrective makeup to cover vitiligo, blemishes, eczema and acne.

If you are the bride you will be very worried about your makeup, it is a great day and you do not want to think about touching up at all. You just want everything to go well, so we recommend our bases and palettes so that you can dazzle that day with professional makeup at an incredible price. Makeup for the bride at a wedding can be one of the puzzles that plagues you from the beginning, but nothing better than following the rule of less is more and looking for the shades that best suit you.

Halloween makeup

A few years ago Halloween makeup was done with a couple of waxes. This has changed a lot, makeup is more elaborate and needs the best products. From false eyelashes to a long-lasting and waterproof makeup base.

With our products you can do catrina makeup, zombie makeup, skull makeup , etc. In our online store you can find the necessary products to perform your Halloween makeup as if you were a professional.

Natural makeup

The make-up not make-up is a trend. Putting on makeup to give a look of light and naturalness is not an easy task, although it may not seem like it, you need many products and accessories. Nude and brown tones will be the most used for this occasion. Mark your features with contouring or compact powder, this will give a natural feeling and hide imperfections.

With the No Make-up make-up you will make your skin appear hydrated, brighter and more beautiful, but in a natural way. The reality of our face is that it has imperfections and texture, it is like that and nothing happens, but on many occasions we don't like it but we don't want too much makeup either. This is a good option for everyday.

party makeup

For a night of dinner and party we need an elegant and impressive makeup , you can get it with the palettes that Cosmeticos24h offers you. Scandal lashes and a good highlighter can be your best allies. Use a long-lasting foundation so you don't have to touch it up and just think about having fun.

The eyes will be what we will highlight the most for a party:

  • Smokey eyes with black tones.
  • Exaggerated eye liner to set the trend.
  • Satin shades for eye shadows.
  • False lash effect lashes.

Remember that on our website you can find all the waterproof products you need to last all night.