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Lumin Eclat Maria Galland

Lumin' Eclat by Maria Galland

The cosmetics from Maria Galland 's Lumin' Eclat line offer powerful anti-aging and illuminating treatments. The products in this range are loaded with active ingredients and turbo-activating substances to treat the first wrinkles and expression lines.

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Lumin'Eclat. 550 Soin Duo Regard - Maria Galland
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Maria Galland

Lumin'Eclat. 550 Soin Duo Regard - Maria Galland

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Lumin' Eclat products

  • 340 Lumin Serum: this cosmetic is a serum with an ultra-light texture and a high concentration of turbo-activating substances that will give the skin greater luminosity.
  • 360 Crème Soyeuse Lumin: specific anti-aging treatment cream to be used both morning and night. Thanks to the concentration of its active ingredients, it helps to renew the skin, provide illumination and combat the signs of aging.