Neutrogena: science at the service of the skin

Neutrogena is a leading global beauty company with one of the most advanced research and development groups in the industry . Under the Johnson & Johnson group of companies, Neutrogena is one of the international leaders in skin care, marketing its products in more than 70 countries around the world.

The beginnings of Neutrogena

Neutrogena begins in 1930 when its founder, Dr. Emanuel Stolaroff, launches a small cosmetics company under the Natone name. However, it was in the 1950s during a business trip to Europe that Stolaroff found a soap patented by the Belgian Edmund Fromont that returned the skin to its normal pH in just eleven minutes .

The founder began importing and marketing this product under the Neutrogena brand. In just 10 years, the fame of this soap was such that the company changed its name to Neutrogena. In 1994 he joined the Johnson & Johnson group of companies where, with the same philosophy, they can expand their research and resources to create higher quality products.

Number 1 recommended by dermatologists

Neutrogena is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand, 2x more than any other brand on the market. Thanks to the quality of its formulas and the active components they employ, this brand has earned the trust of both specialists and users of its products. Its product line is quite diverse and adapts to all skin types and pathologies that can affect them.

From its soap bars, to hand creams or skin care products, this brand designs its products based on the passion and innovation of a leading brand in the market. Therefore, its range of products are available in a wide range of formulas and textures to meet the needs of any person and skin.

Your happy and repaired hands

Within skin care products, Neutrogena hand creams are top sellers in the national and international market . Its formula for intense hydration and repair ensures that the skin of the hands is completely regenerated and soft, regardless of the level of dryness or cracking of the hands.

These creams are designed to relieve tightness and irritation of the hands and care for the skin even in very extreme conditions . Thanks to this technology and its value for money, Neutrogena hand creams have become essential in the shopping cart of the Spanish, especially during the winter season with the arrival of the cold.

The star ingredient: glycerin.

Glycerin has been proven as an active agent for the repair and intense hydration of the skin and, for this reason, it is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. For the Neutrogena brand, glycerin is a key compound in its products since:

- Protects the skin from external elements that can damage and irritate it.

- Helps normalize the natural processes of peeling and repair of the skin .

- It is a natural moisturizer and provides elasticity and softness to the skin, rejuvenating it.

- Restores the skin barrier and strengthens your skin .

- It has moisturizing properties that help preserve skin hydration by increasing the cohesion between its intercellular lipids.

In this way, Neutrogena uses two ingredients to generate the formula for its success: a natural tradition and technological innovation that merge to create a range of products of exquisite quality at an affordable price. Its 70 years of experience are a guarantee of quality both for health professionals and for the users themselves who, year after year, renew their trust in this brand born in Los Angeles.


The best brand products

Scented hand cream - Neutrogena

Neutrogena Scented Hand Cream is a cream designed for hands with cracked skin, facilitating its recovery and providing greater vitality and youth to your hands. In addition, its pleasant perfume will leave your hands with a pleasant sensation after each application. Get hydrated and irritation-free hands.

- Anti-cracking.

- Vitamin E.

- Panthenol.

- 50ml tube.

Benefits of Neutrogena Scented Hand Cream

Neutrogena's scented hand cream helps you care for, hydrate and repair the skin of your hands against external agents. This cream is the perfect solution against dry and cracked skin as it deeply nourishes giving an immediate sensation of relief and calm. Thanks to its formula with vitamin E l, this product acts against inflammation and wounds on the hands, leaving you with nourished, protected and perfumed skin.

Active principles

- Vitamin E : it is beneficial for the skin because it protects it from free radicals, neutralizing their damage while brightening and smoothing the skin tone.

Skin type and age

Suitable for all skin types, especially those prone to cracking.

Format and size

- 50ml tube.

" "

Hand Cream - Neutrogena

Norwegian Hand Cream is the reference hand cream in the care and protection of the skin against external aggressions. This fragrance-free concentrated hand cream hydrates, protects and repairs in depth, relieving the sensation of dryness and skin irritation. Recover your smooth and soft hands.

- Unscented.

- Intense hydration.

- Glycerin.

- 50ml tube.

Benefits of Neutrogena hand cream

Neutrogena Hand Cream is designed to give the skin on your hands the care it needs. Its formula rich in glycerin provides all hydration, protection and relief to avoid dry and damaged hands. In addition, this fragrance-free cream will leave your hands feeling soft and well-being against possible external aggressions from the weather, chemical products or wounds.

Active principles

- Glycerin : is an active ingredient with moisturizing properties that retains and attracts moisture to the skin to make it look nourished and smooth.

Skin type and age

Suitable for all skin types.

Format and size

- 50ml tube.

" "

Deep moisture body lot. sensitive - Neutrogena

Neutrogena's Deep Moisture Body Sensitive Body Lotion moisturizes the skin in depth, providing the hydration that your skin needs. With a light and non-sticky texture, this lotion acts on multiple upper layers of the dermis, leaving your skin soft and moisturizing for 24 hours.

- Light texture.

- Intense hydration.

- 24 hours duration.

- 400ml bottle.

Benefits of the Deep Moisture Body Lot. sensitive by Nivea

Nivea's Deep moisture body sensitive lotion will restore your skin's original suppleness, hydration and luminosity, giving it a younger and healthier appearance. Its advanced formula contains glycerin and palmitic acid that help restore the upper layers of the skin. In addition, its light texture and rapid absorption mean that you do not have to wait to get dressed after applying it.

Active principles

- Glycerin : it has moisturizing properties that help retain and attract moisture to the skin, preventing dryness and providing a feeling of relief.

- Palmitic acid : helps stabilize emulsions and prevent the skin from losing moisture.

skin type and age

Suitable for dry and very dry skin.

Format and size

- 400ml bottle with applicator.