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Nina Ricci - Perfumes and Colognes

Nina Ricci perfumes for women are among the best sellers worldwide. The firm is committed to sweet, feminine and sensual perfumes for independent, romantic and very feminine women, and has been conquering women of all ages with its creations for more than 80 years.

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Nina Ricci, an Italian firm with a French heart

Nina Ricci was, in its beginnings, a family business: Nina, the founder, was a fashion designer, her husband was a jeweler and their son was in charge of running the company, founded in 1932. Between the three of them they managed to turn the business into a success in the 1930s and being one of the few fashion houses that withstood the war and the post-war period while staying true to its style.

The secret of that success? Combining Italian sensuality and exuberance with a refinement reminiscent of the French brands that, at the time, were trendsetters. With that mixture of Italian elegance and French romanticism, he conquered the catwalks and became a renowned brand throughout Europe.

Nina Ricci Perfumes

After the war, Nina Ricci decided to explore a new field: that of perfumery. In 1946 he launched "Couer Joie", which was followed, in 1948, by l'"Air du Temps", a women's perfume that is still on sale today and whose rounded bottle crowned by a stopper with two graceful crystal doves has been considered the best perfume bottle of the entire 20th century. .

Nina Ricci perfumes for women

These first Nina Ricci fragrances were still very complex, they combined sweet and bitter elements and were aimed at a mature and elegant public, the same one that bought the brand's fashion creations before the conflict. But, after the initial success, the firm was acquired by the French company Puig, and the designer began to approach a younger and more modern audience.

In the following years, it brought to the market different perfumes with a marked floral or fruity character that have survived to this day and have given rise to different versions over the years. Sweet and sensual perfumes that we now offer you at the best prices.

And it is that, currently, Nina Ricci perfumes are liked by women of all ages because they are very feminine creations, in which users can see themselves reflected and with which they feel comfortable.

Perfumers who have helped shape this incredible collection of fragrances for women include Francis Fabron, Germaine Cellier, Jean Guichard, Betty Busse, Jacques Bercia, Michel Hy, Nathalie Feisthauer, Carlos Benaim, Jacques Huclier, Raymond Chaillan, Marie Salamagne , Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Polge, among others.

Unforgettable fragrances in iconic bottles

In addition to their enchanting aroma, the different series of Nina Ricci perfumes come in unique and attractive bottles, some of which are true works of art. The first of these was L'Air du Temps, of which the designer Philippe Stark has recently made a contemporary version. But also the apple-shaped jars from series like Les Belles are really precious. Discover them however you want, for example with the Nina Ricci miniature perfume collections.

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The best brand products

Miniature Case - Nina Ricci

Set consisting of 5 bottles of 4ml of fragrances from the firm Nina Ricci


Nina Ricci is a firm with a long tradition in the world of perfumery. This pack presents 4 of its fragrances, in travel format: simple 5 ml bottles, which you can take with you wherever you go.

What fragrances does it include?

The fragrances included are:

  • L'air du temps
  • L'Eau Fraiche
  • ricci ricci
  • Little girl
  • L'Extase

All of them are presented in eau de toilette format except for L'Extase, which is an eau de parfum.