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Sesgen 32 is synonymous with anti-aging products. It is the first anti-aging line of gene action that, in addition to delaying skin aging, also promotes its youth. As is known, the passing of the years implies different things in our skin, for example, the regeneration of the skin is governed by the cellular biological clock that deteriorates with age, therefore the repair is less efficient and a extra contribution that can come from products such as those of the Sesgen 32 range. In our online store you can find these products at the best price on the internet. Discover:Serum , Eye contour ,cream .

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Benefits of using Sesgen 32

  • They are products that focus on the root of the problem. In this case, the problem is aging and that is why Sesgen 32 acts directly on the aging of cells.
  • Fights dehydration, age spots, wrinkles, enlarged pores, etc.
  • Activates cell renewal to promote cell regeneration and repair.
  • Provides firmness and hydration to the skin.
  • Sesderma Sesgen 32 cream provides luminosity, hydration, and regulates the day-night cycles of the cells.
  • Both the cream and the serum contain teprenone , an active ingredient that improves tissue quality, helps rebalance cell functions and protects from stress, and tripeptide 32 , an active ingredient that regulates the cell's day-night cycles. In the morning, anti-oxidation mechanisms are stimulated and at night, skin rest and regeneration are activated.
  • Regenerative action: it does not only attack the sinuses of age, but also the cells. Studies show that Sesgen 32 can increase cell replication activity by 32% and protein production by 15%.
  • The active ingredients penetrate the deepest layers of the skin due to their formulation in liposomes.

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  • Eye contour: the objective of this cosmetic is to make dark circles less dark and to reduce the accumulation of pigments and fat in the area. Among its components we can find hyaluronic acid, which is key to achieving proper skin hydration due to its ability to retain water. It also contains shea butter and DMAE that prevents sagging and improves eyelid drooping.
  • Activating gel cream: this cream-gel texture cosmetic is an anti-aging integrated with high-tech active ingredients that delay the appearance of the signs of natural aging of the skin. It directly combats the root of the problem, which is cellular aging. What results does Sesgen 32 Cream Gel offer? get the wrinkles are attenuated and the signs of fatigue and tiredness are eliminated. It also manages to provide the face with greater luminosity, firmness, hydration and texture.
  • Activating serum: the activating serum of this line has the objective of extending the life of the cells. It helps to attenuate and reduce wrinkles, as well as to give the face luminosity and achieve a more unified tone.
  • Activating cream : cream of the first anti-aging line of gene action. Helps restore the signs of youth, activating cells. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Among its functions we can find that of combating aging and the signs of aging, but also that of attenuating wrinkles, promoting luminosity in the face, unifying skin tone, providing the skin with firmness and hydration, and even improving the texture. Sesgen 32 cream contains teprenone, an active ingredient that improves tissue quality, helps rebalance cell functions and protects from stress. It also prevents the lack of hydration in the skin, the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, pores and erythrosis. It also contains tripeptide 32, an active ingredient that regulates the day-night cycles of the cell, in this way during the morning the anti-oxidation mechanisms are stimulated and at night the rest and regeneration of the skin is activated.

Sesgen Pack 32

Buy packs , either Sesgen 32 or other Sesderma lines is to buy with savings . You will get a combination of products that will help your skin at the best price online. One of the Sesgen 32 packs that stands out is the Comprehensive Antiaging Protocol that includes cleanser, sesgen 32 liposomal serum, regenerating cream, Sesgen 32 face cream and Sesgen 32 Eye Contour.

What opinions are there about Sesgen 32?

The opinions about the products of Sesderma's Sesgen 32 line are positive. If you want to know which cosmetics are the most suitable for your face, the best thing is to make use of our Your beautician at home service, so you will be able to find the products that will work best on your face. In our online store you can get all the products of the Sesgen 32 range, as well as the packs to directly attack aging from the root.