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Aqua velva a/s lotion - Williams

Williams Aqua Velva Aftershave Lotion is the perfect finishing touch to your shave. Its fresh and masculine fragrance will give you a refreshing sensation throughout the day. Get a smooth and re-energized skin after your shave.

- Refreshing scent.

- Tone up.

- 24h duration.

- 200ml bottle.

Benefits of Williams Aqua Velva lotion a/s

Take care of your skin after each shave with Williams aqua velva aftershave lotion and improve your shaving experience. This aftershave lotion will not only help soothe the skin on your face, but it will also give you a fresh and energetic feeling that will accompany you throughout the day. In addition, its pleasant and masculine aroma will make you feel complete and clean.

Skin type and age

Suitable for all skin types.

Format and size

- 200ml bottle.