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Discover the entire range of Bruno Vassari at unbeatable prices . On our website you will find all its products, and if you wish, you will not only be able to advise yourself on all the lines of this great brand (Body Energy, AHA, White, Liposomes Complex, etc.), you will also be able to buy the cosmetics you want online and know the opinions of the products.

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The Bruno Vassari brand

Bruno Vassari was born in 1984 by a group of professionals from the world of cosmetics , marketing and business, who decided to create a line of high professional cosmetics based in Barcelona. Inspiration came from the Italian classics , specifically from Giorgio Vasari, a painter, sculptor and architect who broke with the past to create a new model of professional beauty. Discover the creams in different sizes from 50ml to 200ml, Kianty Experience, the Bruno Vassari glyco, the skin tightening effect products and their special prices. Take care of your skin type.

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For years they focused their efforts on expanding the brand internationally, taking with them the lines they were developing. These were Body Energy, AHA, White, Liposomes Complex, Active Purifying, Skin Comfort and Anti-Stress. In 2002, the Kianty line was launched and Bruno Vassari became the pioneer brand of wine therapy and its applications in the SPA sector.

But before developing any line, Bruno Vassari carries out an international market analysis that reflects all the needs and improvements that the market needs. From there, and with the most innovative raw materials, accompanied by the most up-to-date packaging, it manages to position it as a benchmark within the sector.

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In our online store, you can buy all the products of all Bruno Vassari lines. Their makeup and creams are available in our store at the best price on the Internet. Also, if you buy Bruno Vassari with us, you will always have samples of his creams, serums or cleansers that best complement other Bruno Vassari products that you are already using at home. Our experts will advise you on how to improve your home treatment.

Bruno Vassari Creams

If you are looking for the famous Bruno Vassari creams, with their effectiveness, exclusivity, efficiency, respect for your skin, and everything that the cosmetic firm provides you. Within the lines, which we are going to introduce to you below, you will be able to find all the brand's creams for your skin. What are you waiting for to be able to take a look, both at the opinions and at their prices? They sure won't disappoint you.

Bruno Vassari cosmetic lines and products


The specific line for oily or impure skin that is sweeping the market thanks to products such as the Local Blemishes Cream, a cream that normalizes the appearance of skin with excess sebum, the main responsible for the formation of blackheads and other impurities. Some of the products that you can buy online from Bruno Vassari's Pure Solutions line are:

  • Imperfection corrector: this Bruno Vassari cosmetic is in pencil format. It is a concealer that helps treat acne while helping to hide blemishes and redness. It also contains active ingredients that disinfect keeping pores clean and vitamins that provide nutrition to the skin.
  • Oily skin kit: Bruno Vassari also offers packs of products that you can buy at the best price online. This one is ideal for oily skin. Contains mattifying moisturizing emulsion, mattifying astringent lotion and purifying cleansing gel.

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The AHA regenerating and anti-wrinkle line eliminates the roughness resulting from the passage of time thanks to the combination of active ingredients, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids of different ranges together with a combination of active ingredients. All of them effectively resolve the appearance of wrinkles and the desquamation of dead cells, achieving smooth and supple skin.

  • Multieffect anti-wrinkle cream: this cream from the AHA line combines the action of alpha-hydroxides with that of vitamin E and a sun protection filter. It is an ideal cosmetic for mature, photoaged or thick skin. The result? A much more hydrated, clarified and unified face.
  • Skin Cleanser: This lotion contains 8% glycolic acid and provides a deep cleanse. It also helps prepare the skin for the application of subsequent treatments such as moisturizing cream with AHAs.


Line that uses wine therapy to carry out a complete treatment as it is made up of a cleansing milk, cleansing foam, anti-aging lotion, facial peeling, anti-aging cream for combination, normal and dry skin, facial mask, serum and contour of eyes and lips. This Kianty line helps tone and firm the skin, and also helps protect the collagen and elastin fibers that are responsible for maintaining muscle tone. Among the Kianty cosmetics you can buy:

  • Eye Lift ox: this eye contour provides a great anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles effect. This cosmetic helps reduce dark circles by up to 60%. Its formulation helps hydrate the area and promotes activation.
  • Pâté d'uva treatment cream: this cosmetic has a creamy texture and is ideal for the driest skin. Contains grape seed extract and vitamin E that give the skin a pleasant sensation and a great anti-aging effect.


Exclusive cosmeceutical line made based on glycolic acid in different percentages depending on the product. This active ingredient is essential to regenerate the skin, exfoliate, remove stains, improve the appearance of the skin, treat acne and reduce wrinkles. The Glyco System line includes some products such as:

  • Exfoliating discs: these discs help to cleanse the skin in depth. This cosmetic is perfect for combination and mature skin. Its formulation includes Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid that help exfoliate thickened skin and improve the penetration of subsequent treatments.


Complete body line that includes an exfoliant with fossil granules and glycolic acid, an anti-cellulite cream, a firming cream, a reducing gel, an anti-stretch mark cream, a bust firming gel, bath gel, post-depilatory treatment, milk body to collagen and repair cream for hands and nails. Some of the products that you will find within this range are:

  • Double Body Peel: this cosmetic is a body peeling with a double exfoliating action that helps combat skin imperfections. Its formula contains glycolic acid and fossil granules that are responsible for removing dead cells more easily, leaving the skin soft and silky.
  • Age Control Hand Cream: This cream is specifically for treating the hands. Its texture is very light, spreads easily and is quickly absorbed. It contains Allantoin, Shea Butter, Alpha-Bisabolol and D-Panthenol, among other active ingredients that manage to prevent the appearance of spots, deeply hydrate and nourish. It is ideal for all skin types.

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Bruno Vassari solar line that includes protective capsules, after sun, protective creams, tanning powders, oils, sticks and sun milk.


Complete anti-stain and anti-aging line composed of a cleansing soap, a clarifying toner, make-up remover water, protective day cream with or without facial protector, non-greasy whitening fluid, anti-stain corrector, intensive lightening gel, anti-stain and depigmenting mask and concentrate lightening.


Compendium of cosmetic products developed to cover all kinds of specific needs. Within this range you can find, for example, Soft Refiner, a cosmetic that helps eliminate dead cells while encouraging cell activation, leaving the dermis more hydrated, smooth, clear and luminous. O Selective, an ideal cosmetic to protect the skin from transepidermal evaporation and to calm irritation, ideal for sensitive skin.


Anti-aging treatment made with plant stem cells and consisting of a serum, night cream and eye contour.


Bruno vassari moisturizing line. for skin that lacks water at all levels. Provides great hydration and surface moisturizing


Vitamins and trace elements that help activate blood microcirculation.


Complete line dedicated exclusively to sensitive skin that includes a refreshing toner, a make-up remover fluid, another moisturizing fluid, a nourishing cream, a repairing cream, another anti-redness, a gel-cream eye contour and a mask.


Cosmeceutical line that works on skin aging, resistance and firmness.

Here is a summary of all Bruno Vassari's best-selling lines:

Without a doubt, Bruno Vassari offers you a wide range of products for the comprehensive care of your body and face. In our online store you can get all the cosmetics at the best price online.

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