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Cosmetics in serum format are a great option to complement our usual cosmetics or to use as a single cosmetic to treat a very specific imperfection. Serums or serums have the property of always being a more concentrated cosmetic, with better penetration into the skin and much lighter. Manufacturers take advantage of these formats to use a higher concentration of active ingredients per unit of product, in addition, the vehicles used allow reaching deeper layers of the dermis and thanks to the fact that everything in the serums is designed to penetrate, these serums are cosmetics that do not leave any residue on the skin. Enter the online store and choose your serum from a wide range. Buy the one that best suits your skin at a scandalous price . Then we leave you with the best serums in Spain.

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What is a serum?

A serum is always a substance with more concentration and better penetration into the skin than a cream. They normally have more than twice as many active ingredients as creams, which is why we apply less on the skin. And at the same time they penetrate much more

They are quickly absorbed and reach the deepest layers of the skin. Always leave skin feeling non-greasy, and ready to apply your daily cream. The one that in addition to assets, will protect you against external aggressions. We present a list of the serums most sought after by Spanish women:

Difference between a serum and a cream

The main difference is that the serum is very concentrated and very easy to penetrate and with more powerful active ingredients, and the cream is designed to penetrate less, stay on the skin longer, protect and therefore has a lower concentration of active ingredients.

The two products are compatible and complement each other. The cream cannot live without the serum and vice versa.

Why buy a facial serum?

It will be the perfect complement for your creams. You can put it before any day or night cream. This will help you improve the effectiveness of any active you are putting on.

Serum for the face.

Serums for the face are the maximum expression of facial care. They are creams designed to quickly penetrate the skin of the skin, while carrying a high load of active ingredients, which will report fast and concrete results on the skin. With facial serums we can eliminate wrinkles, depigment the face, or give our complexion an unparalleled glow.

Discovering the Facial Serum

Facial serums are applied to the skin from approximately 30 years of age. These causes your skin to receive all the active ingredients of the creams and reinforce their effects. They are very interesting as a complement, but also as treatments in themselves. You can, for example, be applying a cream for wrinkles, and under these, apply a depigmenting serum for spots.

How to apply a facial serum?

How to use serums to get the most out of it. The application of serums is as important as the active ingredients they contain. A correct application greatly improves its effectiveness.

Step 1 – Cleanse the face well

Step 2 – Repairs the PH after cleansing and tones the face. This prepares the skin for the skin to apply products with specific active ingredients.

Step 3 – Use a small amount of Serum. A few drops is usually enough.

Step 4 – Apply to face, neck and décolletage.

Step 5 – Apply face cream to finish. It will protect you from external aggressions of the skin and will help you preserve its hydration.

When to apply a facial serum?

Serums are applied to smaller areas than creams. Especially in specific areas if we want a very specific efficiency.

Depending on the time of day, the Serum can be applied morning and night, but if we apply it in the morning, it will have to be before a facial cream, so that it has its protective effect on the skin, since the serum does not protect. When we apply it at night, the serum can go alone, without accompaniment, since at night the skin is not exposed to external people. Following these application tips you will not have any problem and you will make the most of your serum.

Why buy face serum?

From a certain age you have to reinforce the effects of creams to win the battle against the skin and the effects of age.

Buy facial serums online

You can buy the serum of your favorite brand and that reinforces the effects of the cosmetic line that you are already spending. The acquisition of a serum is usually somewhat simpler, as they are designed to work very effectively and it does not matter what type of skin it is on. The most important factor to buy a serum is its price. It has a high amount that is closely associated with the concentration of assets, so it is important to know up to what level of quality you need to pay.

It is important to know what effects and sensations you want to achieve in the serum before buying it , but for this in your Cosmeticos24h online serum store we can advise you very well. We've sold over 5,000 serums since we've been open, and have fielded hundreds of calls from women wanting to buy one. At the same time, our beauticians have received hundreds of hours of training in serums, their characteristics, their active ingredients and their way of working. That is why it is very important that before buying one you call us to advise you which is the best for you.

The best facial serum on the market

Award for the best oxygenating serum


Bruno Vassari has prepared the Essentials Collection Oxygenating Serum with soy protein, an expert in bringing light to the chamois, even the most exhausted. Its soy proteins favor cell aeration and activate microcirculation, so that the chamois remains illuminated and hydrated in the inshore.

The best anti-aging serum


Concentrated anti-aging serum that combats premature aging of the chamois. Contains caviar nectar that provides the rind with hydration and improves its moderation. Smoothes and firms the cortex. Easy and silky texture gel.

rejuvenating serum


High-profit formula packed in assets for targeted influence. Texture conceived to boost the intuition of assets and enable the exploitation of different genres in overlapping. Inspired by the radiofrequency dermo-aesthetic network.

Smoothing and tightening serum number one.


An innovative biomimetic peptide bond for the most capable, clinically proven, anti-kink approach. Self-absorbed formula for optimal results on face, neck and limit of glances.

The best purifying serum


This unique serum has been specially developed for oily and smeared rinds and due to the serum, the rind is left cleaner and more measured. The Vaseline crust, before cleaning it, is characterized by a high level of sebum in its extension, caused by the excessive tenacity of the sebaceous mammary glands. The cortex often has attractive, enlarged pores and tends toward increased hardening of the corneocytes within, resulting in pustules and acne.

Eyelash serum. The winner


This nutrient-rich label provides spectacular fertilizers, beyond an exclusive accommodation. Nuelash is plated with Active Eyelash Technology to dramatically smooth the lash line. Active Eyelash Technology is developed as a pad of peptides, proteins, vitamins and conditioning constituents to obtain long, thick and well-groomed eyelashes.

But what is a facial serum?

A facial serum is a cremi-gel substance, developed to act specifically on the face and provide the necessary assets to rectify aspects that we consider important.

This light and easily absorbed substance is applied only to the face, which, due to its characteristics, has different perspiration and regulatory conditions.

What is it for? serum pack

The serums for the complexion, are used for everything we want, we can illuminate the face, regulate it, reaffirm the easy oval, whiten or make spots disappear. The utilities of a serum on the face are unlimited and there are active ingredients to achieve anything and eliminate the imperfections that we want.

How to use it?

Serums for the face have a very special application. It is important to always put them in the specific areas that we want to treat. Before the creams if it is during the day and at night they are applied alone, unless.

Buy serums for the face

When purchasing a specific serum for the face, you should pay attention to the results you want to achieve. The face is the mirror of the soul and can communicate a lot about us. By acquiring a serum you can even control your expression and facial gestures with peptides, or dazzle everyone with your luminosity.

Our recommended

The best serum that we can recommend is the best for you. For this it is ideal that you contact "your beautician at home". With our beauticians the recommendations are transformed into hits instantly. The products that we advise you are verified and are very effective. Also when we recommend something, we always do it after using it. Our beauticians have tried all the products they have always recommended, and it shows. They know how they are used, when they are applied, the feeling you will have when you apply it, etc.

What is the best value for money skin serum?

Below we make a list of the best serums for the face, depending on your skin type or the results you want to achieve.

Depigmenting serum for the face


This serum removes blemishes and gives various shades of clarity to the entire face.

Face lifting effect serum


This specific serum for this area of the body, reduces expression wrinkles, fills and improves the gesture, so that wrinkles are marked as little as possible.

The most expensive and most powerful facial serum


Your complexion will never be the same again after trying this serum. With the most exclusive assets and the purest essences.

An experience within the reach of few women.

Serum to prevent facial wrinkles


Skip ahead to years. Prevent wrinkles with this fabulous serum that wants not to take years away from you, but rather, that they do not appear on your face.

facial serum packs

The best way to buy a serum for the face is to use the facial packs that many brands present each year.

The best times to buy one of these kits is usually September, as it is the month of spots and in which all women are once again concerned about sun damage to their skin, and another good month is December. On these dates, all brands present chests or toiletry bags that are ideal as gifts. With them you will always look good, in an invisible friend that you do not know what to give or on a birthday of the person you love the most.