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Body cosmetics is a base in daily skin care. For this, it is necessary to have the right products: a suitable body gel, a moisturizing cream that suits your skin type, an exfoliant that is not abrasive, etc. At the end of the day, it is about finding the products that best suit you to achieve optimal body care. It is quite logical that both men and women wonder what is a body scrub? or what is the body cream for? For all this, the professional team of Cosméticos 24H has an answer.

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cosmetics for the body

The body also needs special care. The skin mainly tends to become dehydrated , and consequently suffers from scaling . For this reason, our online store offers super moisturizing body creams, perfumed body milks that smell very good, vegetable and natural oils ( rosehip , calendula , argan , almond ...) and body lotions . That together with our shower gels , form the perfect team to show off a beautiful complexion.

The professional team at Cosméticos 24 H has managed to cover all the needs of our customers thanks to the number of brands that our website offers. For this reason, you will be able to access anti-stretch mark treatments, circulation-activating creams and gels, cosmetics for hand and foot care, and peelings and exfoliants, natural treatments and without parabens .

We also have a section of reducers and anti-cellulite , where you can find the solution to orange peel skin and flaccidity.

The idea of smooth skin is possible. So that age is nothing more than a number, we have selected a set of firming agents that act on the elastic fibers to tone, smooth and strengthen the body's dermis .

In addition, we know that breast sagging is one of the biggest concerns for women. Factors such as age, hormonal changes, maternity or weight loss can cause the deterioration of breast tissue. For this reason, we offer you the possibility of recovering the muscular tone of the bust and its natural turgor with our treatments.

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Body cosmetic products

Body cosmetics encompasses a large number of products and brands. We can find perfumes, creams, sprays, lotions, gels, exfoliants or scrubs, milk, makeup, etc. In conclusion, lots of body treatments. Just like the face, the body also tends to wrinkle and become flaccid, which is why it is recommended to use firming or anti-wrinkle creams, both for the facial and body areas. If you want to achieve smooth, elastic and flexible skin , it is best to opt for cosmetics, whether they are serums, balms, creams or lotions, but which have a smoothing, anti-wrinkle effect and a specific treatment for the area. Get the best body care products: foot and hand creams, body cream, sunscreens, chest lotions, etc.

face cosmetics face cosmetics

Maintaining adequate daily hygiene is crucial for both the face and the body. Facial cleansing should be done twice a day: once when we wake up and once when we go to bed. Specific products and treatments should be used. It is necessary to choose the right face gel, it must take care of our face, help us to clean in depth but also maintain the hydration of the area. In addition to gel or other cleansing products such as a lotion or balm, it is also necessary to use facial creams, serums and other facial cosmetics that will keep the face cared for. Depending on what complexion we have, our age and what we need to achieve, we will opt for some products or others. For example, there are anti-wrinkle creams, eye contour creams, lip wrinkle creams or many others with specific treatments. In facial cosmetics it is also important to pay attention to makeup, for example, it is not the same to choose makeup products for a dry skin than for an oily one. In this sense, you can opt for BB-cream or CC-cream, all depending on the needs of the dermis. Therefore, facial cosmetics requires daily facial cleansing routines that, through the use of a specific cleansing gel, a facial cream, a serum, a balm or a lotion, all depending on what we need, maintain adequate and correct care. of the face Remember that to protect your face it is important to keep it protected from the sun, on our website you will find a wide range of sunscreens that can help you.

body cosmetics body cosmetics

Something similar happens with body cosmetics . It is very important to maintain proper hygiene. To begin with, it is crucial to know what type of dermis our body has. Depending on whether it is dry, normal, sensitive, atopic or oily, we should opt for one bath gel or another, one lotion for the shower or another, and one moisturizing lotion or another. The choice of products and treatments is given by the needs and objectives we have. We will not choose the same cream if we want to provide hydration as if we want to reaffirm. Among the body cosmetics we can find exfoliants that will help us eliminate dead cells and activate the renewal of the dermis; moisturizing creams that will retain water in the skin and provide deep hydration; body milks or lotions with the same functions as the moisturizing balm, deep moisturizing body oils; fragrance-free treatments for the most sensitive skin, etc. Also within body cosmetics we can find specific products and treatments for certain areas of the body. For example, the Isdin brand provides specific creams, lotions and balms for hands, feet, thickened skin, atopic skin, psoriatic skin, etc. One of its best-known product lines, with ideal products to achieve complete body hydration, is Ureadin. This range includes hand treatments, moisturizing lotions and balms, hand and foot creams, body cream, etc. It is also possible to find body makeup that helps to add more color and hide imperfections. This makeup must also adapt to the dermis that we have.

What is the best body cream?

Finding the best body cream is not an easy task. To do this, you must first know what our skin is like and its needs. You cannot choose the same product if you have dry skin than if you have oily skin. Dry skin usually lacks oil and lipids and it is not recommended to use exfoliants on it constantly. On the other hand, oily skin has an excess of sebaceous glands and usually has more open pores and more need to use exfoliants. That is why, depending on the skin we have and the special needs that it presents, some treatments or others should be purchased. Among the body creams we can find some for the day and others for the night, in relation to their function, that is, if it is firming at night, anti-wrinkle during the day or moisturizing for any time. If you are wondering which is the best body cream, you will find the answer in your skin type and your needs. It is possible that there is a cosmetic with a specific and very effective treatment but that does not work for you. Therefore, the most important thing is to get to know each other. Once we know if our skin is dry and needs extra hydration, or if it is losing elasticity and wrinkling and instead of so much hydration we need an anti-wrinkle treatment, or if it is oily and requires more exfoliation than the rest, etc. Depending on the conditions of our skin and its needs, we must opt for some treatments or others.

Body lotion What is the body cream for?

Body care is one of our main concerns. Just as we offer facial cosmetic products for face care, we also care about body care for different skin types. Body moisturizer has many functions and benefits. We can find it in different formats and textures: lotions, balms, sprays, oils, etc. The different body cosmetic products have different functions in relation to the types of skin that exist. For example, in dry and sensitive skin, exfoliants should be softer and not be applied as many times a week as is the case with oily skin. Of course, before choosing the right body cream it is important to choose the correct hygiene, it is necessary that body hygiene products also adapt to our skin and our needs. For example, it is recommended that sensitive skin choose products without perfumes or alcohol, while oil-free treatments are recommended for oily skin, that is, oil-free. Many brands have body care products for the neck and décolletage, to firm the breasts, there are also other body slimming cosmetics with anti-cellulite action, etc.

Why use body moisturizer?

Using treatments and body cosmetics have multiple benefits. Skin hydration is one of the most important things if we want it to look beautiful and young, and we will achieve this thanks to the use of moisturizing body creams. The dryness of the skin can be uncomfortable since it may cause itching, tightness and other discomforts, thanks to the use of certain treatments such as moisturizing creams, oils, balms or lotions, dryness can be combated by providing great hydration. Therefore, the main benefit of using a body moisturizer is that it improves its appearance by providing complete hydration. Another benefit that the use of body creams can have is the specific treatment. In other words, if we notice wrinkled skin , we can opt for anti-wrinkle or firming creams that contain a high concentration of active ingredients that are ideal for improving the appearance of the skin and providing it with intensive care.

body scrub What is an exfoliant or body scrub?

A body scrub is a cosmetic product that helps remove dead cells and promote cell renewal of the body's skin . Both an exfoliant and a scrub must be adapted to the skin , since if it is dry, combination, sensitive or oily, special products and specific treatments will be required. The use of a body scrub is usually recommended for oily skin, which is the one that usually has an excess of sebum and a more constant need to carry out a deep cleaning. On the other hand, dry or sensitive skin does not require as much scrub or exfoliating products because the skin can become irritated. Whether you are a man or a woman, the first thing you should do is identify your skin type in order to choose the right cosmetics for you.

How to use a body scrub?

Using a body scrub is very simple, you just need to have the right information. It is important to note that the same exfoliant should not be used for the body as for the face, because they are different treatments. The body scrub has a specific formulation for the body. The questions around body scrubs are usually many. It is logical that, being a man or a woman, you ask yourself how many times should I exfoliate the skin? After exfoliation, is it necessary to use an oil, balm or moisturizing cream for proper skin care? At Cosmetics 24H we have answers for you. All care always depends on the type of skin , regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. When should the body scrub be applied? The ideal is to do it in the shower or during the bath, as recommended by beauty experts, you can apply the product on the body with your hands or using an accessory such as a mitten. The movements must be smooth so as not to damage the skin . As for the number of times the product should be applied, beauty experts recommend two or three times a week, but depending on the type of skin . The main objective of exfoliants is to remove dead cells, leaving a much softer, smoother and more receptive skin to receive other products such as balms, lotions, oils, milk, creams, etc. When using a body scrub, the most important thing is to know our skin type, if we do not know how to identify it, we should consult a beauty expert to help us and provide us with information. This way we will avoid choosing an inappropriate treatment.

types of skins

  • Normal skin is the easiest to treat. It usually admits all treatments and cosmetics, all kinds of oils, lotions, creams, gels, scrubs, perfumes, etc. It is usually easy to get body cosmetics and facial cosmetics, both hygiene and makeup for the lips, eyes or eyelashes.
  • Oily skin tends to be more complicated because it may require hydration and at the same time it is difficult to hydrate it. They usually need exfoliation treatments and will require oil-free products, that is, oil-free, that help improve the appearance of the skin and take care of the face and body.
  • Dry skin is the one that retains lipids the worst and needs the most hydration. It is ideal to use treatments without perfumes or fragrances so that the protective layers of the dermis can be restored. It is a skin that does not retain fat, therefore it does not need facial or body cosmetics that are Oil-free, but it is recommended that specific treatments be used, be it a shower gel, a balm, a lotion, an oil, a cream or an exfoliant, among other products.

Body care tips

Corporal hygiene Corporal hygiene

One of the main things to do to maintain proper body care is to carry out good and adequate daily hygiene. To clean ourselves during the bath or shower, the ideal is to use certain cosmetic products such as a specific gel for our dermis. The bath gel that we choose has to clean in depth but always respecting our skin, without being aggressive or abrasive. People who have dry or sensitive skin are recommended to use a bath gel that does not contain perfumes or alcohol, if possible it includes natural cosmetics and maintains proper hydration. On our website you can find the most suitable body products for optimal care.

body moisturizer

We have already mentioned that body hygiene is essential to achieve adequate care, but the use of moisturizing body creams will also be crucial. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, the use of a specific treatment body moisturizer will be ideal. You will find anti-cellulite body creams, ideal for treating this imperfection that is sometimes so annoying, you will also find anti-stretch mark cosmetics, others with deep hydration, etc. The point is that you must choose the body creams that best suit your skin type and your goals. Thanks to many products present on our website you will be able to achieve a slender, reaffirmed and defined figure. Among the body hydration cosmetics you will find lotions, balms, creams and much more.

body protection

Another way to maintain adequate body care is by protecting the dermis with the appropriate cosmetic products. When summer comes and the sun comes the desire to lie under the rays to rest and enjoy. This may seem like a dream idea, as long as we use sun protection for the body area. Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful, it favors the premature aging of the skin, in addition to the appearance of spots and wrinkles, that is why on our website you will find the best sunscreens that will keep your body protected. To prevent this from happening, we must have adequate protection against the sun's rays. Among our products there is a wide range of sun protection cosmetics. You will be able to find the one that best suits you, your needs and your skin type. With higher or lower protection factors, lotion texture, gel cream, watery, oily, light and in very diverse formats: stick, spray, balm, etc. You can also find makeup for the face that will also help you protect yourself against sun rays.

How long do cosmetics last?

Both facial cosmetic products, whether makeup, cleansers, creams, etc; Like body moisturizers and other cosmetics, they have a recommended time of use. Wondering how long do the products last? is very habitual. Normally, both body products and facial cosmetics include a number on the packaging: 6,12,18,24, etc. This number implies the number of months that cosmetic or beauty product will last once opened.


One of the body areas that we must take care of the most are the hands. They are usually exposed to the cold and the sun, in addition to the fact that we constantly wash them and this can dry them out. That is why it is important that we take care of them with the indicated hand cream that helps us keep them hydrated and protected. Among our products you can find hand cream of different brands and with different purposes, choose the one that best suits you.

Buy body cosmetics Where to buy body cosmetics?

At 24H Cosmetics we offer you a wide range of products. You can find facial care treatments, with different cosmetics for the face: creams, oils, serums, sun protection, cleansing gel, etc. Among all of them you can get the ones that best suit your skin type, either helping you with adequate water retention, deep hydration of the skin , etc. On our website you can choose the best cosmetics based on your skin type and your needs, so for example you will find anti-wrinkle cream, body moisturizer, protection against solar rays, day, for the eyes, free of oils and a long etc. As for body cosmetics, we can also offer a wide variety of products: shower gel, balm for after, moisturizing lotion, oil-free products, that is, oil-free, natural cosmetics, etc. All products will be based on the skin types of our clients, whether men or women, because dry skin does not require the same care as oily or normal skin, some need greater protection, others a deeper exfoliation or hydration. The choice will also depend on the area of the body, the neck and neckline are not the same as hands and feet or legs. The most important thing is to know your skin type to be able to choose the right care. Our beauty experts can help you solve all your doubts, so you can choose to buy the best products for you.

Body treatments

On our website you can find various brands for body care. These include Isdin , with its Ureadin line, Alan Coar, Montibello, Thalgo, Isseimi, Skeyndor, Bruno Vassari, Germaine de Capuccini, Gernetic, Selvert, Thalissi or Natura Bisse, among others. Whatever your favorite texture: gel, lotion or cream, among others, and whatever your goal: get rid of cellulite, reaffirm an area, hydrate, combat stretch marks, use on the neck and décolletage, etc. In 24H Cosmetics you will find the right product for you. Buy body cosmetics from the comfort of home at the best price and receive it right there.

facial treatments

In addition to body treatments on our website you can find the best facial cosmetic products. You will get optimal facial care. Thanks to this wide range of products you will be able to treat the eye and lip contours, as well as combat the signs of aging with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams. If what you are looking for is a deep cleaning, we offer you facial scrubs to eliminate dead cells and give way to a more luminous and rejuvenated complexion. In addition to facial care treatments, you can find a wide range of make-up products: lipsticks, nail products, accessories, cosmetics for the eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes, etc.