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High cosmetic products and treatments in hair, facial and body care. For Montibello, beauty is born under the skin of each person. Perfect skin, or hair, is the result of the balance between aesthetics and personal well-being. A unique union between the most advanced cosmetics and the harmony obtained with exclusive treatments. Discover the entire range in our online store with its hairdressing products, cosmetics for your skin, and Montibello creams. You will be able to discover the lines: Montibello creams; oxygen; Arude; Vita C Pure; Re Equilibrium; GenuineCell; among other. In the same way you can have the products: Supreme Gold Elixir ; Deep Moisturizing Balm ; No. 50 Repairing Overnight .

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Montibello: cosmetic products, hairdressing products, who they are.

Montibello , a Spanish family business, like many other professional hair and skin cosmetics firms, was born in Barcelona in 1967 with great dedication to the manufacture and distribution of professional cosmetic products. More than 50 years providing health, beauty, and exclusivity to its clients. Their gels, the well-known "Montibello creams", their serums, elixirs, shampoos, balms, protectors; In addition to being known by lovers of good cosmetics, they are the basis of great treatments for our skin and hair. Without forgetting all your professional makeup, which respects your needs and peculiarities, providing quality, health and sophistication.

With great technical and research capacity, Montibello has a team made up of more than 260 people and has a highly qualified laboratory made up of 22 professionals focused on research and improvement in the cosmetic sector. Hence, its great hairdressing and beauty products, generating high-quality lines and luxurious results. Hence, all the Montibello opinions that we have received in our online store have always been very positive. This professional cosmetics, always based on large studies and research, have made the brand treat our skin and scalp professionally.

Montibello, has excellent professionals specialized in our sector, whose objective is none other than to offer you the best at all times, in addition to continuing to consolidate its growth and success, both inside and outside our borders. On our website you can find all the lines of Montibello:

Montibello values and objectives:

To continue to be the leading brand in exclusively professional global beauty in the world, with effective formulas for skin and hair. Shampoo, creams, serum, gels, treatments and products that will respond to your needs.

Continue working for the beauty professional, maintaining exclusive distribution through professional hairdressing and beauty salons. However, you can also have this service at home, thanks to official Montibello online stores, such as

Grow together with our clients, offering them personalized solutions to develop as professionals and to achieve success in their businesses.

Montibello Cosmetics

Be exclusively professional: we believe that the professional is the best prescriber of our products and, consequently, we defend the exclusivity of the professional circuit.

Scientific: Advanced research is our pillar. The result: products that offer immediate and lasting solutions.

Close: our customers are our priority. A commercial network made up of 110 commercials in Spain, with extensive knowledge of the sector, allows us to maintain a close relationship with our clients, always being up to date with their concerns and providing them with solutions aimed at offering a personalized service.

Committed to education: we believe that training is key to moving forward. For this reason, we offer our clients a complete educational program that our Technical Department constantly updates to adapt to the needs of the sector.

Reference: more than 50 years in the market have positioned us as one of the leading brands in the professional global beauty sector, both nationally and internationally. After having reached the highest levels in the Spanish market, Montibello products are currently distributed in numerous countries in Europe, America and Asia.

History Montibello

If we go back a few years, we will remember the illusion that a commercial expert, Francisco Muria , and a young and enterprising chemist, Francesc Adam (current General Manager) set out to create new lines aimed at professional hair care.

Our initial goal was to meet the needs of hairdressing salons and our products were quickly adopted by most of the salons in our country. Our color range has become a quality benchmark in the sector.

A few years after our birth, the illusion to improve was still intact and we challenged ourselves by expanding our approach to skin care, directing all our knowledge towards the search for well-being and global beauty . About to turn 50, we maintain the same young and enthusiastic spirit, positioning ourselves as the first exclusively professional Spanish global cosmetics company created by and for hairdressing and beauty professionals.

Montibello cosmetics.

"From the enthusiasm to investigate and improve in the cosmetics sector, MONTIBELLO was born in 1967"

The most advanced research and the search for new solutions to respond to the most demanding demands of the sector, as well as professional exclusivity, have always been the keys to the excellence that distinguishes Montibello , and that has allowed it to position itself as the Spanish company in the sector. of Professional Cosmetics with greater projection mainly due to its great technical capacity.

A team made up of more than 250 professionals has led Montibello to be considered the national reference brand in the professional cosmetics market.

Currently, after having achieved a significant share of the national market, Montibello has set as an important part of its strategy, expanding the brand's presence through the distribution of its products in international markets, acquiring in a very short time a important presence in the different continents.

R+D+i. Creation of exclusive formulas.

The Montibello R&D laboratory, aware that the external beauty of the skin lies in the perfection of its internal structure, has as its objective the creation of exclusive formulas to recover and care for the skin from within.

More than 20 highly qualified experts, collaborating with different technological centers and prestigious universities, have allowed us to develop highly effective and safe cosmetics, with guaranteed results from the first applications.

Montibello Creams

The passing of the years becomes evident on our skin. Unfortunately, it looks duller, less firm and smooth, small spots, wrinkles and expression lines appear. But these effects of age can be treated with products such as Montibello creams. These facial cosmetics will help us restore vitality to the skin, as well as keep it deeply hydrated, filling in those little wrinkles that make us look older. Between the Montibello creams can be found in a very wide range depending on what our goal is, our skin type or our age. Here you can find the famous signature creams, such as: Vitamin C Cream ; Anti-Age Whitening Cream ; Arude Protecting Cream .

Benefits of using Montibello creams

Making use of Montibello creams has great benefits for our skin. We will achieve a smoother, more flexible and elastic face, we will also be able to combat the signs of aging to show off a more aged, luminous and hydrated complexion. Of course, to achieve the desired effect we need to choose the correct Montibello cream , that is, the one that best suits us. To do this we must take into account various parameters such as: how old we are, our skin type and our goals. We will not choose the same cream at 25 as at 40, nor will we be able to use the same cosmetic if we have dry and dehydrated skin as if we have oily skin with an acne tendency. Even so, Montibello creams in general will provide a series of very clear benefits to the face:

  • Deep hydration: the secret of a good complexion is hydration . It will facilitate and encourage the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Appropriate texture: depending on our skin type, Montibello creams offer us different textures: light, ultra-light, unctuous or medium.
  • Easy application: putting on these creams is very simple, we just need to have them close by when we carry out the cleaning routines.

Montibello Serum

Montibello serums will be great allies for our skin. Thanks to its powerful combination of active ingredients, we will get them to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, offering the greatest possible efficiency. Montibello serums have a high concentration of active ingredients that provide an immediate repairing and regenerating effect. Depending on your purpose and your skin type, you should opt for a Montibello serum or another.

Why use Montibello serum?

Serums should be introduced into daily facial routines. They are unique and essential cosmetics to achieve the best skin care. Thanks to their concentration of active ingredients, they are magnificent for enhancing and reinforcing the action of the treatment that we normally use. The main difference between a Montibello serum and a Montibello cream is that the former is characterized by its imminent and intensive action. In addition, the results are visible in a short period of time.

Montibello Lines

Montibello method. The beauty of today is a synthesis between aesthetics and well-being. His lines:

Arude Line | Montibello

Discover the global treatment for aging from the Barcelona firm. Enjoy their serum, protectors, eye creams, and much more. The Serum is Cream; Protecting Cream SPF20; Perfecting Serum; Refining Eye Cream... Buy it at Cosméticos24h, discover its exclusive offers and discounts.

Montibello Arude products: treatment

The range of products from the Montibello Arude line is wide, covering different types of textures and cosmetics for specific areas. Thanks to its TransAGING technology, it helps combat the signs of aging at different stages of a woman's skin. Some of the products in the line are:

  • The Serum In Cream: ideal for treating the signs of aging in a general way. The serum penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin helping to improve its firmness and fighting wrinkles. It also helps define the facial oval and softens spots.
  • Arm&Decollete Balm: this cosmetic in balm format helps to treat the signs of aging of the neck, décolleté and arms in a general way. It gives the skin a smoother, more elastic and hydrated appearance.
  • Refining Eye Cream: with a silky and velvety texture, this specific cosmetic for eyes helps combat the signs of aging in those areas.

Montibello Arude Price - Opinions.

At Cosméticos24h you can find irresistible prices for Montibello's Arude line. Thanks to being sellers of this firm, we can offer you discounts, promos and exclusive offers for their products. In addition, you can discover the packs of this firm.

Genuine Cell Line | Montibello:

Anti-wrinkle creams with the quality and effectiveness that characterize the firm. Volumize and redensify with highly effective products. Anti-wrinkle Comfort, Rich, Eye, Night...

Montibello Genuine Cell Products

The products of the Montibello Genuine Cell line They are ideal for deeply treating wrinkles and signs of aging. Some of the products in the range are:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Comfort Cream SPF15: anti- wrinkle treatment cream with a moisturizing effect that helps to reduce expression lines and makes the face recover greater elasticity, volume and firmness.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Night Serum: facial cosmetic in serum format with great anti-wrinkle action. Contains Argan oil and Marine Collagen to give juiciness and smoothness to the skin.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Eye&Lip Balm: this cream is an anti-wrinkle treatment but also very moisturizing and emollient.

Vita Pure C Line | Montibello:

Provides luminosity, vitality and youth. A different and exclusive vitamin line. Vitamin C Cream, C Emulsion, Pure Vitamin, Collagen, and more...

Buy Vita Pure C from Montibello

If what you are looking for is to acquire the products of the Vita Pure C line from the Montibello cosmetic firm, here at Cosméticos24h you will have an extensive catalog, where you can find everything you are looking for. Discover all its products, its creams, emulsions, and others, that will work your skin according to your needs.

Vita Pure C price

Buy Vita Pure C with offers, with discounts and with exclusive promotions. Thanks to the fact that we are sellers of the cosmetic firm, we can offer you very competitive prices. In addition, on many occasions we have packs and groups of products, with very interesting discounts.

Why use Vita Pure C?

Free radicals attack collagen synthesis, promoting premature skin aging and increasing melanin production, causing dark spots. With Vita Pure C from Montibello we help our skin to combat the release of these radicals and therefore keep premature skin aging away. Vitamin C has great antioxidant power and favors the synthesis of collagen that will help us fight free radicals, which is why the use of Vita Pure C will be ideal for our face.

Montibello Vita Pure C reviews

If what you want is to know the opinions of real clients, about the products of the Vita Pure C line from Montibello, you only have to enter their files, and in the lower area, you will be able to discover all the real opinions of our clients. What are you waiting for to discover them?

Elixir Collection Line | Montibello:

In the Elixir Collection line you can enhance your youth and your beauty. Elixirs gold, pearl, overnight... Buy Elixir Collection in Cosméticos24h with offers, and knowing the opinions.

One of the benefits of using Montibello's Elixir Collection line is that you can find the one that best suits the needs of your face and your goals. You can load it with luminosity to look much more radiant and young or get your skin back thanks to the nourishing, restorative, antioxidant and repairing action of one of them. And even if you want to achieve a more elastic and even complexion, while fighting and improving the signs of aging, you will also have the right facial cosmetic for you.

D-Line White | Montibello:

Clarifies - Depigments - Illuminates. Find out with the best products of the firm. Anti-aging creams and emulsions. If we are looking for facial cosmetics to treat skin blemishes, the D-White line is a great solution. The active ingredients contained in this range of Montibello cosmetics help to achieve greater illumination of the skin, as well as a more uniform and clarified tone.

Skin Expert Line | Montibello:

Cosmeceutical treatments: retinol, vitamin, hyaluronic acid...

Skin Expert Products

What does Montibello Skin Expert offer you? You can discover offers, buy Skin Expert, know their opinions...

  • Vitamin +: this ultra-concentrated serum contains a large amount of revitalizing and energizing vitamins with an immediate effect.
  • Hyaluronic acid 1%: dermo-aesthetic shock treatment that complements hyaluronic acid microinjections.
  • Proteoflycan EGF: this cosmoceutical serum has an ultra- regenerating, firming and moisturizing action, ideal for combating the signs of ageing.
  • Retinol A: ultra-concentrated retinol serum. It has a powerful anti-aging and regenerating action.

Hydrium Aqua Source Line | Montibello:

Hydrates - Softens - Protects (Moisturizing)

Montibello Hydrium Products

The products in the Montibello Hydrium range are ideal for deeply hydrating the face.

  • Night Moisturing Booster: This facial cosmetic is for night use. It is an intensive treatment that restores radiance, softness and flexibility to the face.
  • Deep Moisturing Balm SPF15: This daytime balm helps to hydrate the driest and driest skin. It also contains a repairing action that provides greater elasticity and freshness, while protecting from ultraviolet rays.

Re Equilibrium Line | Montibello:

Purify and matify. Balance with the products: anti-aging, purifying, anti-blemish.

Benefits of using Montibello's Re-Equilibrium

Here we leave you everything that this line offers you:

  • Mattifying action: one of the great advantages of using cosmetics from this line is that its formulation has a powerful matting action that balances shine throughout the day.
  • Purifying action: thanks to many of its components, it helps to combat and prevent impurities and also the redness and inflammation that acne usually causes.
  • Retexturizing action: salicylic acid helps refine and purify the skin, rosehip oil is ideal for regulating skin elasticity and hydration, and centella asiatica extract helps regenerate and smooth skin texture.
  • Soothing action: the anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties help decongest the skin.
  • Anti-pollution action: the skin is protected against external environmental aggressions.

Opinions Re-Equilibrium Montibello

If you want to know the opinion of our clients who have already tried the products of this Re-Equilibrium line, you can enter their files, and in the lower area we can find their evaluations after using them. Let yourself be advised by what the verified clients of Cosméticos24h say.

Buy Re-Equilibrium

If what you want is to buy Re Equilibrium, at Cosméticos24h, as we are sellers of the cosmetic firm, we offer you exclusive offers, discounts and promotions so that you can purchase these products. In addition, you can discover packs that the firm makes to combine products from its various lines. Run and don't think about it. Discover what we can offer you.

Oxygen Line | Montibello:

Detoxifies - Oxygenates - Anti-pollution. Energizing eye creams and contours.

Products Oxygen Montibello

What does the Montibello Oxygen line offer you?

  • Energiser O2 Sorbet: this oxygenating emulsion has a fresh and very light texture. Ideal for mixed and oily skin, both men and women. The ideal cosmetic to combat suffocated skin and signs of fatigue.
  • Energiser O2 Eye Contour: this cosmetic is a specific treatment for the eye contour area. Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles while fighting the main signs of aging.
  • Urban Bio-Shield: serum that acts as a protective shield against the pollution of urban environments.

Price and opinions Oxygen de Montibello.

At Cosméticos24h you can find very attractive prices for the Montibello Oxygen line. Thanks to being sellers of the brand, we can offer you special discounts, exclusive promotions, and offers for your purchases of the line's products. However, if you also want to know the opinions of our clients about Oxygen products, you can enter the product sheets, and in the lower area, see the real opinions of our clients. What are you waiting for to discover them?

Neurosens Line | Montibello:

Soothes - Repairs - Softens. Sensitive anti-aging creams, Moisturizing, SOS Redness...

Benefits of using Neurosens

  • One of the main benefits of using Montibello's Neurosens line is that they are very respectful facial cosmetics with sensitive skin.
  • They contain Neuro-Tolerance+ technology, a set of active ingredients that help provide a solution to the most common reactions of sensitive skin.
  • They are cosmetics with high skin tolerance that provide immediate comfort and anti-aging action.

BB CC Cream Line | Montibello:

Correct, perfect, protect, with the signature CC and BB Cream: CC Cream and BB Cream, for light and dark skin.

Why choose Montibello CC Cream?

Montibello's CC Creams provide very similar benefits to their BB Creams, but with greater coverage. In other words, its formula remains light and fluid as well as having a great moisturizing action. CC Creams are defined as a mixture of makeup base and concealer, which helps to give the skin a more unified tone and conceals imperfections such as redness, dark circles or blemishes.

Facial Essentials Line | Montibello:

Clean, prepare and renew your skin with one of the most extensive lines of the brand. Lotions, oils, masks, creams, scrubs, and much more. Find out. Daily cleaning routines are crucial for the correct maintenance of our skin. It is recommended to do it using the products indicated and suitable for your skin type, so that the benefits can be maximized. It is advisable to carry out two cleaning routines, one when we get up and the other when we go to bed to achieve proper skin care. In both cleanings, the necessary and indicated products for that specific moment must be included. Montibello's Facial essentials line offers you all the cosmetics you need to achieve ideal cleansing.

Body Treat Line | Montibello:

Reaffirm, reduce, and tone your body with all the products of this firm. Reducing, anti-cellulite, intense, firming creams; and serum for the body. Showing off a slender figure is possible thanks to Montibello 's Body Treat line. Thanks to the body cosmetics of this effective treatment line you will be able to influence the figure and the contours of the body. If you are looking for the best products to shape your body and figure, the Montibello Body Treat line makes it extremely easy for you.

Body Senses Line | Montibello:

Well-being - Relaxation - Sensoriality. Moisturizing milk and exfoliants.

Depil Line | Montibello:

Montibello depilatory products. These products will make your hair disappear as if by magic. Montibello has developed a special formula that manages to remove hair very deeply.

Slim & Sculpt Line | Montibello:

Body cosmetic products to help firm and sculpt the body.

SunAge | Montibello

Montibello has launched the Sun Age line to keep the skin protected from the incidence of ultraviolet rays. This line, in addition to keeping the skin protected from the sun, also has a powerful anti- aging action. Incorporates Stem Cell Defense technology that helps protect the skin of the incidence of rays, thus slowing down aging.

Why use Montibello's Sun Age?

  • Anti- aging action: the formulation of these solar cosmetics increases the defense mechanisms of DNA in such a way that repair is promoted and the regeneration of the skin is stimulated. This will achieve a firmer dermis.
  • Protects the skin: another reason to use Montibello 's Sun Age is that it protects the skin from the effects that ultraviolet light and free radicals can cause. In this way, prior photoaging is avoided.
  • Protects from IR and UV rays: the use of these sun cosmetics increases the skin's tolerance to ultraviolet rays.
  • Prevents spots: by protecting the skin from the sun's rays, it prevents and prevents the appearance of spots.

Basic Corps of Montibello

Montibello 's Basic Corps line is ideal for body care. Helps cleanse, stimulate and refine the skin, while providing a feeling of well-being and comfort. Its composition helps maintain proper hygiene, hydration and body care. With a very pleasant texture, it leaves a smooth and pleasant finish on the skin.

Firm&Tone Line | Montibello:

More molded and firmer silhouette thanks to the products of the Montibello Firm & Tone line . These cosmetics for the body are ideal to give greater firmness to the contours and leave them defined and smooth. Thanks to its formulation, a more toned, youthful and slender silhouette can be achieved.

Firm & Tone Products

  • Youth Firming Cream: specialized body cream to achieve a firmer, slimmer and more toned figure. Helps fight age in the body and the signs of aging.
  • Push-Up Bust Gel Cream: in a gel-cream texture, it has a powerful push-up action that acts deeply on the chest area. Firmer, toned and elastic skin is achieved.

Hyalu Feel - Montibello

If you are between 28 and 38 years old, the Hyalu Feel line is for you. It is specifically formulated to meet the needs of those skins that are between 28 and 38 years old. These cosmetics offer hydration to the skin, in addition to perfecting and improving the texture and signs of fatigue. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman because you can buy the products of this line as well since it is unisex cosmetics.

Why buy Montibello Hyalu Feel online?

Choosing Hyalu Feel by Montibello to buy is a great option. And more if you do it in our online store where you can find offers, discounts and promotions to find your cosmetics at the best price . If you still haven't convinced yourself to let yourself be taken care of by this line, here are some reasons for you to do so:

  • They reduce the environmental impact: in this line Montibello has proposed to use less plastic. In this way, the containers have optimized their size, minimizing the use of plastic and paper.
  • The products are Vegan Friendly because they do not use any ingredients of animal origin.
  • They are specific cosmetics for skin from 28 to 38 years old.
  • They are unisex cosmetics, both for use on male and female skin.
  • Moisturizes the skin, increasing water reserves and preventing moisture loss.
  • Prevents the damage caused by pollution on the face.
  • Perfects the skin by smoothing expression lines and future wrinkles and reduces signs of fatigue.
  • Its formula contains hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the deepest layers of the skin, fills in wrinkles and smoothes the skin, and ectoin that prevents damage caused by external agents.

Where to buy Montibello?

Montibello is a brand created for all audiences. Montibello's price ranges allow anyone to buy a little bit of daily beauty with very little financial effort. You should think very carefully about what products you want to buy, because the beauty routine is very important in this brand. For this you can support your purchase in our beauticians. if you want to buy

Montibello Packs

Montibello has many packs, kits, toiletry bags and chests to give away almost all year round.

For example, for Christmas, he takes out some savings accounts, which give complementary products to the main creams. These gift products represent savings close to 50% off.

Reducer packs or even "Urban SOS packs" are kits that incorporate several very valuable products. Complete treatments that achieve the maximum possible efficiency, since the active ingredients and application protocols are highly controlled as all the products are of the same brand.

Montibello Vita C pure anti-aging kit is another savings pack that combines ampoules and a citamine C cream to bring out all the luminosity of your skin.

All these packs and much more are available in our online store depending on the season. There are Summer packs for the body, Christmas anti-wrinkle packs, Mother's Day packs, etc. Montibello is a brand that is always up to date with promotions for its customers.

Montibello Offers

If Montibello stands out for something, it is for its continuous offer and promotions. Normally it has a seasonal discount, depending on the new products that are launched, you can find discounts of up to 50% in some of the promotional packs.

Montibello is continually making offers, taking out packs, promotions and discounts for all its customers.

Opinions Montibello

If what you are looking for are the opinions about the Montibello firm and its products, you only have to enter the product sheets, and you will be able to discover first-hand, those real evaluations of our clients about the professional treatments of the brand. What are you waiting for to meet them? Come in and discover them.

Montibello Barber and hair products

Following the constant request from our clients, we are working to include the Montibello hair product lines, and those lines that derive from it. Our team is working on it, to be able to offer you the products that your hair needs.

Montibello Offers

Take advantage of all our offers throughout the year to give or treat yourself. Discover the best Montibello prices during Black Friday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Cyber Monday or Sales . Montibello at the best price thanks to our unbeatable offers. In addition, on our website you can find discounts every month. CHOOSE YOUR COSMETICS AT THE BEST PRICE!

Advance your Christmas and Kings shopping on our Black Friday, the best cosmetics at the best prices.

Get your gift for Valentine's Day right and take advantage of our promotions in Montibello. You can call our advisers and let them help you choose the best gift to surprise your partner. Put an end to blue Monday and brighten up the saddest Monday of the year with our Montibello offers.