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Casmara, your brand of facial masks and more

More than 40 years of research and development guarantee the quality of Casmara laboratories. This top cosmetic firm has managed to maintain tradition and take advantage of its professional experience to develop its famous high cosmetic treatments for your beauty. Now, you can enjoy all its benefits by buying all its products through our website. Treat your dry skin, oily skin, or mixed skin (whether for women or men), with its wide range of products and enjoy its results: masks, scrubs, creams, ampoules, serum, eye contour, etc.

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Casmara Cosmetics: Commitment, quality and experience.

These three words are the basis of the philosophy of the Valencian firm. Values that have led them to design high-end cosmetic brand products in an effective, innovative way and with exclusive and unique formulations. They have been researching for more than 40 years in order to obtain lines and their categories, such as the types that we present to you below. Choose all kinds of products: oxygenating mask, moisturizing mask, renewing mask, serum, peeling, treatments, moisturizing scrubs, ampoules,... everything for your personal care with the Casmara skin product lines.

With Casmara, you will discover a world of high cosmetics and professional products for home treatments. Start today to work on your facial and body beauty with a leading firm. Try its excellent slimming creams, its famous masks, its well-known Infinity treatments and its facial rejuvenation revolution, its concentrated serums, its hydration systems, and many more things that we are sure you will not want to miss.

At Cosmeticos24h we want to offer you the best, and how could it be otherwise, we offer you a great selection of the Casmara brand at very good prices. Here we give a solution to your question: Where to buy Casmara? You can find the best lines of Casmara with all its products on our website.

Casmara since 1979 caring for the health of your skin

The Valencia-based Spanish firm has been dealing with skin health for more than 40 years. They have proposed to bring to all houses the intelligent cosmetics that they produce in their own laboratories. With unique and exclusive high cosmetic creams and treatments that are built on the foundations and values of the company: Commitment, Quality and Excellence.

own laboratory

Casmara's cosmetics are made in the firm's own laboratory. They bet on the latest aesthetic advances and the most modern assets. In this way we can always offer a careful and innovative effect. The different Laboratory and R+D+i areas allow for control of all the phases involved in the creation of products and treatments. This control helps to have your own and effective formulations from start to finish. This is the way in which they present real cosmetics with proven results from the first application, backed by relevant medical studies.

Casmara: a milestone in the history of cosmetics

If this great firm can be recognized for something, it is because of the before and after that it marked in cosmetics, thanks to its technology in masks. It is a way to provide high-quality and super-concentrated active ingredients that really offer visible results. 45 years after the first Casmara masks, they are still a benchmark in cosmetics. Of course, betting on current technology. Recently these masks changed their formulation and application to adapt to new fashions.

The Algae Peel Off masks are facial treatments that allow the absorption of active ingredients in such a way that they produce visible results on the face: Eliminate wrinkles, improve hydration, intensify luminosity, etc.

The avant-garde in body treatment

Casmara comes from cabin tradition and products for professionals. This makes me try to take these protocols home with you as well, which is why your Body Sculptor body treatment is formulated to offer the best results on the body. It is a truly innovative treatment that combines draining, firming and reducing active ingredients so that you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Helps reduce centimeters, firm and tone.

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