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By definition, face creams are semi-solid state compounds with a creamy texture that contain water. They are used topically and the mixture includes active ingredients that help treat the skin in different ways. These assets help treat your skin against dehydration, blemishes, wrinkles, etc. Creams are ideal products to treat your skin since they are easy to use, they are always at hand, they are quickly absorbed and they are also very addictive, since their aromas and textures leave unparalleled sensations on your skin. Enter and discover below all the creams we have for you. Buy your ideal cream at the best price!

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History of face creams

Creams have accompanied humanity since the beginning. We have always had a preference for keeping the body hydrated and protected. Oil preparations are known from the Egyptians, 3000 years before Christ.

Nearly 2,000 years later, in 1,000 BC, the Greeks used oils and honey to moisturize their skin and keep it supple. Something more recent were the herbs, roses and jasmine used by the Romans. Which gave a lot of importance to aromas.

Thus, creams have evolved to the present day and today large investments are made in research and development of formulas, textures, scents, etc. To reach all women and each skin type with maximum efficiency.

face cream

Facial creams are a very necessary beauty accessory in our daily lives. They help bring out the natural beauty of our skin and always feel better than any makeup. The beauty that a cared for skin with good facial cosmetics transmits is always a natural and youthful beauty.

The creams for our face help protect the skin from external agents, while maintaining the moisture and hydration of the skin in an optimal state. At the same time, facial creams currently incorporate all kinds of active ingredients that help keep the skin younger, smoother, without blemishes and without wrinkles.

face skin creams

The face is the mirror of the soul. The state of our face reflects our state of health, our mood and at the same time, the skin of the face is exposed to many more aggressions than other parts of the body.

The skin on the face is very different from the skin on the rest of the body. The main and most visible difference is that the skin on our face must be very, very elastic. So much so that it must allow us to reflect all our facial movements, which are not few.

Another big difference is the number of sebaceous glands. In the skin of the face we have many more than in the skin of the body, in addition the facial dermis contains many more lipids than that of the body, reasons why face creams must be structured in a very different way.

How to apply face creams

Facial creams should be applied with care and after following these simple steps. - Clean your face very well. You have to remove traces of makeup and impurities.

- Do not apply too much. The active product does not need too much to act. Sometimes just a "grain of rice" is enough to work the imperfection we want.

- Apply the cream in the correct order. Creams will be more effective if you apply them to your face in the proper order. They will be better absorbed and the assets will be more effective.

- Apply facial creams with gentle massages. This helps circulation, absorption and toning.

- Wait a few minutes for all the cosmetics to be absorbed properly, before applying makeup.

Buy face creams

The purchase of facial cosmetics must be preceded by a self-knowledge of what our skin is like. It is important to know if our face has oily, mixed, dry skin or if we also have sensitive skin.

All this will allow us to start walking the path towards our perfect cream. Then it is important to get to know each other and know if we are going to dedicate work to our skin. It is silly to buy 2 creams for the day and 3 creams for the night, if later we are not going to spend more than 5 minutes taking care of our face. If we have little time or do not want to dedicate it to creams, we must go easy and buy creams that serve general purposes for our skin and that are not a protocol that takes up a lot of time. At the same time. If we dedicate a lot of time to facial skin care, we can buy a very effective cream protocol in several steps that gives our skin the active ingredients it needs in the order it needs.

It is also important to buy the perfect face cream to know what problem we have to act on. We can work on the hyaluronic acid of our skin, on the production of collagen, on vitamin C, on gestural wrinkles... Everything will depend on our age, the current state of the skin and what CONCERNS US MOST. The latter must not be forgotten. Many women may think “I don't like this face cream”, but we must know why. It may not be your cream because of its smell, because of its texture or because you wanted to have more luminosity and it turns out that the cream is removing the most superficial wrinkles.

For all of the above, it is important to rely on professional beauticians who know how to guide you on which problems to focus on, in what order to act on them and which facial cream will be best to deal with the problem.

Types of face creams

Depending on your age, skin type and where, how and when we are going to apply a cream, we must buy the most suitable one. For us. To do this, manufacturers group creams into large groups that we will see below. This allows the user of creams to be able to make sure if the creams that he is going to use is the one that suits him best. We show you a list of the types of face creams that combat the problems that most concern women in Spain:

Creams according to body part

facial creams

They are very specific creams for this area of the body. Since its texture, its active ingredients and its lipid content make the sensation it leaves on the face very pleasant. Face cream is one of the most important processes during the beauty routine. The protocol ends by providing the skin with the necessary nutrients and ingredients to make it look its best.

We will use the cream that best suits our needs. Therefore, you have to choose it well so that its results are as optimal as possible. From anti-wrinkle creams, to creams to minimize acne.

body creams

They are creams designed to be applied throughout the body. It contains more oils in general, whether vegetable or mineral, depending on their quality. It has less concentration of specific assets such as proteins, amino acids, etc.

This type of cream gives priority to the NMF (Invoice of natural hydration of the skin)

Atache Excellence Face Cream Classification of types of facial creams according to the time of day.

day face cream

Day creams are more protective against external agents. They tend to be more unctuous, they better protect the epidermis from dehydration and most of the time they have a sun protection factor, which is the best anti-aging asset.

night cream

The only difference with respect to day creams is that they are lighter and that they do not contain physical or chemical active ingredients for sun protection, since these would cause clogging of the pores in the long term.

Creams according to skin type

Face creams for oily skin

The creams for this skin are very grateful. These skins admit creams with lipids, very nourishing and very moisturizing. With our filter, in addition to filtering by skin type, you can select your age, and the active ingredients you want your cream to incorporate. If you have dry skin, you may also have sensitive skin. make sure that the creams for this type of dermis are very respectful of it.

Creams for normal and combination skin

If you have combination skin, it will also be a skin that is more resistant to external aggressions and at the same time, it will be a skin with more epidermal balance. Combination skin needs creams that regulate the T zone Buy facial creams and the chin. These leathers are softer and have less visible pores. The creams that should be used should be less greasy than creams for dry skin, they should moisturize and it is always good that they provide a light sensation, better than the feeling of "overload" that we need in dry skin.

cream for dry skin

Oily skin is thicker, has less shine and is also thicker in the cheekbones and forehead area. The creams that should be used must be very moisturizing, but unlike other face creams, ideally they should not add lipids to the skin. It is convenient that they are very light, that they penetrate quickly, so the ideal is that the texture is very close to the serum.

Where to buy face creams?

The main points of sale of creams in Spain are: Perfumeries, Supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty salons and Online stores. In order of preference, if we had to recommend the best points of sale for creams, we would say that they are beauty salons, since they are the best trained professionals in Spain to sell creams. Then there is the online cosmetics store which is an online beauty center . Any client can consult with a professional beautician who will be on the other side of the phone to answer all their questions.

Buy facial creams online

Buying creams online is almost always the best option as long as the store is “trustworthy”. It is important that it is an official point of sale for the main cosmetic brands. There are web pages that are not trustworthy and there are others that respect the public, offering them availability, delivery guarantees and adjusted prices. In addition, online stores must respect the rights of their workers, something that some suspicious websites do not do. Therefore, buying a cream online on a website that does not meet the requirements is tossing a coin in the air when it comes to reliability.

Buying creams online is also a good option due to availability. It is impossible to have more creams than has. More than 3,500 cream references from the world's leading manufacturers. An unparalleled selection, where it is impossible not to find the one you like the most.