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Mesoestetic was born in the 1980s as a specialized pharmacy and thanks to its advances in research and development, they managed to consolidate themselves as an International Pharmaceutical Laboratory. And it does so thanks to treatments such as the one developed in 2002 and which has given it worldwide fame, the Cosmelan skin anti-blemish treatment, and its flagship product for home use, Cosmelan 2, in addition to its new highly successful innovations such as depigmenting and Dermamelan regulator. . The products of this line of sale to the public are available on our website, as well as the complete catalogue.

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"Only the excellence of our work, the effort in research and innovation and the proven efficacy of our products have brought us here." This is the letter of presentation of Mesoestetic pronounced by its founder and executive director Joan Carles Font.

For this reason, Mesoestetic Pharma Group manufactures its own products with pharmaceutical quality processes, making this a fundamental differentiating factor to offer the client efficacy, quality and safety. Thanks to this, they guarantee an effective response to any aesthetic alteration through their active ingredients, which ensure maximum results.

It enhances the results making them a world reference in antiaging and depigmenting treatments. But not only remain in these two great pillars. Check all its lines below.

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Mesoestetic product lines

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Cosmelan and Dermamelan

The Cosmelan depigmenting agent and the Dermamelan depigmenting and regulating agent from Mesoestetic are a world reference in anti-spot treatment. Currently, the Cosmelan cream has evolved and has incorporated much more research and has been renamedCosmelan 2. This great advance will help you keep spots at bay and will mitigate all the pigmentary alterations of your skin. Cosmelan is a Mesoestetic line leader in the treatment of dark spots. Cosmelan 2 cream is a unique, effective and useful product. It is a world reference anti-blemish cream. Helps combat pigmentation, restore skin tone and restore luminosity. Both for existing spots and to prevent the appearance of new ones, Cosmelan 2 is the ideal cream . In our online store you can buy it, either by card, bank transfer or Paypal. oh! And from 40 euros the shipping of your cosmetic is free.

Acne Solutions

Line that fights acne. Acne Solution by Mesoestetic is a line focused on the treatment of acne-prone skin. Its cosmetics are directed and focused on combating these skin imperfections, improving its appearance and leaving a healthy face. Among the cosmetics of this line we can find:

  • Pure Renewing Mask: This facial mask is purifying and descaling. Its application is recommended on a weekly basis, in those skins with an agency and seborrheic tendency. How does this mask work against acne? Provides a great mechanical exfoliating action, helps to renew and promotes control of oily skin. It also helps to loosen dirt and unclog the pilosebaceous canal to prevent the formation of acne.
  • Purifying Mousse: This facial cosmetic from Mesoestetic's acne solution line has a mousse texture. It is recommended to use it daily on oily, seborrheic or acne-prone skin. It helps to exfoliate the pilosebaceous canal to prevent the formation of acne, it also regulates sebum production, controls bacterial proliferation and reduces skin redness. Urea is one of the active ingredients included in this product for daily use.
  • Acne One: in this case, this anti-acne cosmetic from Mesoestetic comes in a face cream format for daily use. It is ideal for controlling acne-prone and seborrheic skin. Helps reduce sebum production and unclog the pilosebaceous canal.


Line of products designed to combat alterations of the silhouette.

Collagen 360º

Line that maintains the firmness of the face thanks to the high concentration of enriched marine collagen in its formula. Firms the contour of the face, restructures the skin, giving it greater density and elasticity.

  • Eye Contour: this cream from Mesoestetic's Collagen 360 line is ideal for combating, treating and preventing the signs of periocular aging. Helps stimulate Fibro ready to synthesize connective tissue components and polysaccharides. Contains active ingredients that help smooth the eye contour, reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen synthesis to restore firmness . Among its assets we can find: enriched marine collagen, Osilift (last-generation tensor active), Matrixyl (endogenous peptides that act as messengers) and Argireline (anti-aging active that reduces the depth of wrinkles).
  • Essencce: this Serum from the Collagen 360 line generates a lifting effect on the skin. Helps to reactivate vital functions and stimulate skin restoration. Fights wrinkles and prevents their formation. It also fights against the loss of firmness, improves the quality and resistance of the dermis. The result? A much smoother skin, with vitality and elasticity, closed pores and faded wrinkles. Its texture is extremely light and blends with the skin, in this way the active ingredients penetrate quickly, achieving great efficacy.

Energy C

Antioxidant line with a high concentration of vitamin C that achieves an incredible illuminating effect. Fights the first signs of aging.

Gras control

Nutritional supplements that facilitate digestive processes in a healthy and natural way, helping you control your weight.
Healthy because it contains pre and probiotics that care for and protect your intestinal flora.
Natural because it includes active ingredients of plant and marine origin rigorously selected for their depurative, diuretic and liporegulatory properties.


Wide range of topical professional treatments to solve the most common aesthetic concerns: skin aging, cellulite, flaccidity, stretch marks, acne or skin blemishes.


The mesocaps line consists of 6 references with exclusive formulations on the market. mesocaps ensures 100% of the recommended daily amount of nutrients and enhances the results of aesthetic treatments. 100% combinable with home products.


Global anti-aging action line designed to combat the aesthetic alterations characteristic of advanced ageing. Protects and repairs DNA, preventing future injuries and slowing down premature aging.

Stem Cell

Cosmeceutical line with high concentrations designed to stop the slowdown in regeneration, strengthening the structure of the connective tissue and improving the quality and texture of the skin.

Ultimate W+

Complete line consisting of 9 products formulated with an exclusive complex of active substances with whitening and brightening, anti-aging and moisturizing, preventive and protective action.

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Mesoestetic has a wide product catalogue. To buy with total security, it is ideal that you call our beauticians and find out about the appropriate protocol for applying the products of this firm. If you have already acquired any of it and do not know how to apply it, you can also call us.

Buying Mesoestetics is synonymous with getting it right. Its formulas, smells and quality are very high and you will not go wrong. Come and buy all the mesoestetics products you need.

What are the best Mesoestetic products?

The research, innovation and proven efficacy of Mesoestetic products have brought us here to present you a top 5 infallible products for your skin care. Five ways to keep the imperfections or "defects" that we find in our complexion at bay.

Take care of your skin thanks to the anti-aging and anti-spot treatments offered by these five products. From today you can stop the deterioration of the skin caused by the passage of time and say goodbye to the spots that alter the uniformity and tone of your complexion. You can also consult our advice on facial rejuvenation without surgery.

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Succumb to the antioxidant power of Mesoestetic with Aox Ferulic

The latest generation antioxidant Aox Ferulic from Mesoestetic is a concentrated anti-aging protective treatment that slows down the skin's oxidative process. But do you know why our skin is prone to oxidation? Our lifestyle puts our skin at risk and, together with external factors such as the aggressions of solar radiation or environmental pollution, accelerate oxidation and aging processes.

Mesoestetic has a simple way of explaining the transformation that our skin undergoes in an endogenous process in which many exogenous factors are involved.

The consequences of skin oxidation are diverse. Mesoestetic as experts in medical cosmetics teach us and list some apparently imperceptible and the most visible result of these consequences on our skin.

  1. Degeneration of collagen and elastin fibers.
  2. The metabolism is slowed down.
  3. DNA deterioration.
  4. The barrier function of our skin is weakened. Consequences of oxidation on the skin according to Mesoestetic

It's time to say goodbye to wrinkles, sagging, dull skin and lack of nutrition and hydration. We have the ideal solution to combat the oxidation process and aging. Succumb to the antioxidant power of Aox Ferulic from Mesoestetic that will act on your skin as:

  1. Authentic technological defense and biological shield against oxidation caused by a blue light source.
  2. Antioxidant protector that combats oxidative deterioration caused by external aggressions to which our skin is subjected daily.
  3. Anti-aging concentrate that helps boost collagen synthesis and protects the skin from its production, increasing skin elasticity and turgor.
  4. Immediate illuminator thanks to its incredible revitalizing action that provides the skin with immediate natural light.

Say him goodbye! to skin blemishes with the Mesoestetic stars. Thanks to the technological innovation of Mesoestetic we can enjoy in-depth treatments to combat skin blemishes.

The blemishes derived from pigmentary alterations affect more than 90% of adults over 50 years of age globally, according to Mesoestetic. A problem that affects our style and quality of life.

But, who is responsible for pigmentary alterations? The truth is that the color of our skin and even our eyes and hair is determined by the amount of melanin that our body produces. Alterations in the levels of melanin production are the cause of those "defects" in our skin that appear in the form of spots and what do melanin levels depend on?

The factors are diverse and therefore the answer is broad, but we know that there are very common factors such as excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, age or… All these factors can cause irregular pigmentation or hyperpigmentation.


Mesoestetic 's Cosmelan2 star that fights pigmentation imperfections

The best-selling depigmenting treatment in the world. More than a million satisfied patients. Our star Mesoestetic Cosmelan 2 is a depigmenting solution with an intensive corrective action that will form part of your beauty routine and will serve not only to combat blemishes on your skin but will also help prevent the appearance of new blemishes.

Forget about makeup to cover up that annoying blemish with Melanogel Touch from Mesoestetic

Melanogel Touch is Mesoestetic's proposal to combat stains of melanic origin in a timely manner. It inhibits the enzymatic mechanisms responsible for the production of melanin and its presentation allows a daily application. 3 or 4 times on the injury and say goodbye to that stain that today you only cover with your daily makeup.

Take care of your skin and make it shine brightly thanks to Mesoestetic's Ultimate W+

Melanogenesis is a natural process of biochemical origin that is responsible for the production of skin pigments responsible for our skin tone and protect us from UV radiation. As we have already mentioned, this process can be altered by exogenous and/or endogenous factors that can give rise to those alterations that appear in the form of unsightly spots and the lack of homogeneity in the tone of our skin.

To combat these alterations, we recommend that you include products in your beauty routine that offer optimal benefits such as whitening, illuminating, anti-aging, moisturizing, preventive and protective. Results and benefits that you can find in Mesoestetic's Ultimate W + line.

Ultimate W+ by Mesoestetic is a complete line of products formulated based on active substances that will help us take care of our skin thanks to its multiple actions and in a single gesture. It acts as an illuminating, whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, preventive and protective formula.

Bring light back to your face with Ultimate W+ Whitening cream from Mesoestetic

Mesoestetic's Ultimate W+ whitening cream will help you unify skin tone, progressively reduce dark spots and increase the light on your face. In addition, it has a preventive action on the appearance of fine wrinkles and small lines of expression.

A touch of color to pamper your skin with Ultimate W+ BB Cream from Mesoestetic

BB Cream from Mesoestetic's Ultimate W+ line is a break in our beauty routine. As a multi-action cream, it will provide you with hydration, it will help you unify and illuminate the skin tone instantly and naturally. Mitigates stains and imperfections. Prevents and combats the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. It is an authentic photoprotective cream, with a homogeneous and constant action against UVA and UVB.

Available in two shades, light and medium, W+ BB Cream will be the touch of color that you will apply every day after your usual treatment cream.

Finally, we want to remind you that anti-stain treatments carried out at home should be complemented with in-booth stain treatments. In this way, you will achieve better results and you will be able to monitor your treatment.

And so far a new post of recommended treatments and star products in El Blog de Cosméticos24h. Today we share with you and with Mesoestetic for the care of skin free of blemishes and rejuvenated thanks to the anti-aging and depigmenting treatments of the leading firm in the medical cosmetics sector.

We hope you liked it and see you soon. You can leave us your comments and doubts below. Remember that our team of beauticians will also be available to you on 966 200 728 and through 601 757 362.

Mesoestetic packs and chests

On some occasions and depending on the time of year, mesoestetics prepares chests for its clients that have several products inside. Usually one of them is given away.

These pakcs carry a significant discount and have a very nice presence to give as a gift. On many occasions, Mesoestetics prepares these Pakcs inside toiletry bags or travel kits, resulting in a really practical product to buy.

Mesoestetic offers

Mesoestetics is a somewhat difficult firm to find you offers or bargains. Prices do not usually vary, but at when we have the opportunity, we transfer the discounts directly to the customer, so that they can enjoy this great brand at a better price.

The way to save money with Mesoestetic is to know which product to buy at home at the moment and not make a mistake in the choice. You save money if you get it right from the beginning and you are advised in your decisions by a beautician on the other end of the phone. The best discount is not having to stop using the product because it is not effective for you. Go to and get the best discounts and offers from Mesoestetic. We offer them all to you. We keep nothing for ourselves. we want you to buy this excellent brand without spending more than necessary.