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BDR. Time capsule

BDR carries the motto “The concept of medical beauty” as its flag. The research they carry out in their laboratories unites the best dermaceutical active ingredients with new technologies. They have managed to activate the self-regeneration process of all skin types and achieve the desired change in them immediately. For this reason, BDR has managed to establish itself as one of the best specialists in skin care. Discover the BDR Packs .

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Skin Care Medicine Specialist - German Dermaceutical

From Germany, BDR combines in its laboratories the perfect natural substances with the most modern paramedicine technologies and pharmaceutical serums with active ingredients of excellence . An extraordinary combination of natural ingredients, specific treatments and the latest cosmetic devices guarantee visible and long-lasting results.

The Time Capsule provides innovative solutions to wrinkles and skin imperfections with proven and immediate results that avoid the most aggressive treatment or treatments going through the operating room. It allows the induction of synthesis and achieve a beautiful appearance of the skin.