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STAGE LINE, Buy professional makeup

STAGE LINE PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP has a very wide line of professional makeup with cosmetic treatment at an excellent price. Stage Line's micronized pigments allow friction-proof makeup with the quality that the most demanding skins aim for. Visit our website and discover the products and makeup for sale and that you can buy online.

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Story of Stage Line

Laurendor, founding company of Stage Line, was opened in 1936 specializing in cosmetics and makeup for professionals. The quality and service to its clients has positioned it in beauty centers of reference at a national level. Innovation, creativity and safety in the products it manufactures have been a continuous reference of this brand.

Laurendor currently has a factory with state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous quality control, making its products highly reliable and of high commercial and professional success. They strive every day to create the best makeup at competitive prices and distribute them through the beauty center channel, thus counting on the support, supervision and experience of the best professionals in Spain.

Face Makeup

Stage Line has one of the widest lines of makeup, thus covering all the needs of different skin types and the daily needs of each person who needs it.

Currently Stage Line presents from high coverage makeup for special events, film activities or skin with special needs due to blemishes, angioma or vitiligo such as H-definition Cover or Paint Stick to light makeup with incorporated treatment such as Moisturizing Fluid Makeup or Long Lasting for skin. sensitive. The vast majority of them are Oil free, which allows makeup to be worn every day, even the oiliest skin, without clogging the pore, allowing the skin to breathe and oxygenate perfectly.

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Of course you can enjoy making up and covering imperfections or applying conturing techniques with Stage Line's professional palettes of 12 and 6 foundation and makeup shades.

To fix makeup, Stage Line presents several options, from Transparent Powder mattifying powders in various shades to the Make Up Fixer spray fixative.

To give luminosity and radiance to the skin, the collection is completed with Duocrome Light, illuminating powder sticks and the Magic Touch illuminator and concealer.

Eye Makeup

Stage Line eye makeup allows you to draw spectacular eyes to show off the look you want.

The Eye Shadow Primer allows eye shadows to be fixed, giving greater elasticity, color and resistance to make-up. There is a wide variety of Solo Eye Shadow eyeshadows with their own case to enjoy the colors of each season. To outline the eye contour, Stage Line has Eye Liner, Waterproof Eye liner and Soft Liner pencil liners with a wide range of shades to enhance your own look allowing you to draw smoky eyes, nude, loonk at night, etc.

To lengthen and show off scandalous lashes, use the Stage Line Waterproof mascara that gives volume, lengthens and strengthens your eyes. If you prefer, you have available grouped or thin false eyelashes, natural, easy to apply and with a perfect result.

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Lips Makeup

Stage Line lipsticks have a creamy texture, a delicate scent and a bright color. The lipsticks are enriched with vitamins which makes them ultra hydrating, treatment and makeup in one. Its uniform and covering color and bright shades and current colors are the best choice for the look you want to achieve.

Apply the waterproof liner or Soft Liner pencil closest to your lipstick color all over the lips for a better finish. Then, with the help of a lip brush, fill the entire surface with lipstick until you have a homogeneous cover and the desired coverage.

Discover the new HFix, iridescent powders or Glow up to give shine to lips with or without base Lipstick.

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Stage Line. Manufacture of makeup for 80 years.

Stage Line controls the entire manufacturing process from the beginning to the last phase.

At first, it focused on raw materials and control of origin, after passing through a very controlled manufacturing process with quality controls, until reaching the customer's disposal of their makeup. With all quality controls for the customer.

Avoid the use of unsuitable ingredients.

Throughout the process, Stage Line takes great care to incorporate harmful ingredients, such as oils, parabens, preservatives, etc. This means that the brand only includes the assets necessary for the safe use of the products. We must bear in mind that makeup spends on our skin all day, and in the long run we must be careful with what we put on.

Makeup for all skin types

Stage line has evolved and currently adapts its makeup to all skin types. From makeup for sensitive skin, oily skin, to acne cleansers.

Professional make up

Stage line was born from professionals and grows for them. It is a brand that develops makeup thinking about the durability of the finishes, perfection for a perfect result, the variety of colors, maximum hold in extreme conditions, etc. Everything a professional makeup artist could need. In addition, there are formats adapted to take all this knowledge to the particular field. Some of the most outstanding Stage Line professional makeup products are:

    • Fluid Makeup Make up: this cosmetic is a makeup with a fluid texture and very moisturizing. Features full coverage and a matte finish. In our online store you can find it in two shades according to your skin type. It is a high-definition makeup with SPF30+ sun protection to keep your face isolated from the incidence of solar radiation, thus preventing premature aging of the skin. Among the assets we can find: Aloe Vera that helps to regenerate and treat stains, wrinkles and scars. Natural Moisturizing Factor that helps maintain and improve skin hydration levels, leaving an elastic and juicy result in the texture of the dermis. Allantoin to calm and regenerate, Lactic Acid, Algae Extract to prevent aging and provide luminosity to the skin and Sweet Orange Oil that hydrates, revitalizes and provides a great anti-aging action on the face. In addition, this makeup is perfect for mixed or oily skin since it does not have oils.

    • Formula Two powders: this makeup is in compact powder format. It can be used as a nuanced powder, applied with a damp sponge as a covering foundation. Contains vitamins A and E, as well as sunscreens. It leaves a homogeneous finish and is a cosmetic recommended for normal and oily skin, oil free and without perfumes. I love you? You just have to buy it through our online store .

  • Paint Stick makeup: this product is in stick format and has a creamy texture. It has a high power to cover the face, as well as being very resistant and with a satin finish. It is very easy to spread, to apply it you can use a sponge, a brush or your fingers. It improves the application of loose powder and is ideal for use in television, advertising, bridal makeup, etc. Contains a sunscreen and is perfect for normal or dry skin, also does not include perfume.

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Buy Stage Line makeup online.

Stage line was born to be a professional makeup and I can do it online so that anyone can buy it anywhere in the world.

At we were the first to photograph all the products so that their presence on the Internet was complete. We publish the prices on the network and we put all the official rates.

We also made a website totally dedicated to the brand so that it would be easy to find if you needed to buy their products.

Currently other websites allow you to buy online , but only at we go one step further and now we have incorporated a visualization of textures that allows customers to see the final result before purchasing any makeup product.

In our online store you will find all Stage Line cosmetics at the best price on the Internet. If you want to save on your purchases you can do so by taking advantage of our offers, discounts and promotions . You can also pay by card, PayPal or bank transfer and from 40 euros you will have your free shipping. If you have any doubts or queries, we offer you our Your Beautician at Home service. If you call us, our experts will assist you and help you discover your skin type in order to recommend the products that best suit your face. They will also advise you to buy the most effective cosmetics to meet the needs of your skin. For example, if your skin is dry and you have deep wrinkles but you don't like creams with a greasy texture, our experts will be able to find the perfect product for you. Get all Stage Line cosmetics at the best price. You will be able to save money and you will have a face perfectly covered by the makeup of this brand, do not hesitate, visit our website;