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Massada: Natural Cosmetics

Massada The Natural Therapy is the maximum splendor of nature in cosmetics. The soul of Massada products are the different bucolic landscapes of Provence or the Amazon. The source of inspiration comes from the most select fruits and the most delicate flowers. The new concept of beauty that they propose combines tradition and innovation to organize a unique and special working method, which is made up of exclusive natural products that are born in their own laboratories.

Its complete range, with more than 200 highly effective products, has placed Massada as a benchmark in natural cosmetics. Uniting nature and science has managed to balance the skin and its deficiencies. The formulas of its products have a high concentration of natural active ingredients of mineral origin, but above all vegetable. It becomes a multisensory cosmetic that cares for, regenerates , biostimulates and prolongs the youth of the skin .

Massada also has a strong commitment to the environment. Through recycling, they allow their packaging to be converted back into raw material. Discover the Massada Packs .

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Buy Massada: Effective cosmetics and natural products

In 2009 Begoña and Javier Troyas decided to promote and create a range of totally natural products with a unique working model. The intention was to strengthen the body while providing innovative solutions to the health and beauty of the skin. Today, Massada has become a benchmark of the highest quality in natural cosmetics, for the care of the entire body, both facial and body. Thanks to the knowledge and concerns of the professionals that make up the brand, led by the pharmacist Maria Abós, Massada offers cosmetics combined with the most cutting-edge biotechnology and its own exclusive extracts that achieve the harmony of comprehensive beauty and health.

With Massada The Natural Therapy you discover the best aromas and textures. Thanks to the exquisite mix of natural assets from flowers, roots and plants from Chile, Jordan, Tunisia, France, Senegal, Japan, among other magnificent places.

The well-being of the body and its relaxation are reflected in our skin. With Massada you will obtain a stronger, healthier and more beautiful skin through its high cosmetics that offers work to balance the deficiencies and awaken our senses again.

Committed to all skins

The perfect alliance between nature and science allows us to respond to the new demands of the skin. His research enables highly effective rejuvenating cosmetics with visible and long-lasting results. Massada is fully committed to the special needs of each skin. Master formulas are prepared so that each active ingredient corresponds to the different actions. It has different lines specializing in sensitive skin, oily skin or acne .

In addition, it has a range especially indicated to combat the signs of age and the aging of skin cells. Combining the most sophisticated natural active ingredients, it achieves a younger, more energetic and hydrated face , with visible results from the first application. Always guaranteeing natural and environmentally friendly cosmetics .

For sallow and dim skin , Massada has created the Pearl Perfection line formulated to provide clarity to the skin. The pearl powder contained in the products in this range improves the elasticity of the skin, fills the face with luminosity and visibly reduces wrinkles by up to 32%.

Caviar is also one of its star products. This active ingredient reduces the depth of wrinkles and expression lines , refining the skin tissue. Accelerates the cell renewal process and restores the skin's natural elasticity.

Massada The Natural Therapy is a leader in quality and innovation

Today Massada The Natural Therapy is a benchmark for the highest quality and innovation in cosmetics and natural therapies for facial and body care thanks to a multidisciplinary team of professionals led by the General Director and Pharmacist María Abós.

The Butter of Bacurí, emerged from the heart of the Amazon jungle. Turmeric, with an intense saffron color, that transports us with its aroma to the exotic landscapes of India. The bearberry, whose exuberant fruits dot our mountains bright red. These are some of the selective raw materials that Massada carefully selects in order to create cosmetics that treasure the wonderful wonders that nature offers us.

Exclusive formulas whose secret lies in the combination of the best natural ingredients, obtained through sustainable and respectful procedures, with the most cutting-edge biotechnological active ingredients.

The result of this union is unbeatable: cosmetics that offer a response to the highest demands of skin care.

History and Philosophy of Massada

This is the story of a family business always true to its roots. Thanks to their work, illusion and enthusiasm, it has evolved to what it is today: a firm of high natural cosmetics recognized for the excellence, quality and reliability of its products.

It all begins in 2009, when Begoña, creator of the exquisite natural formulations of Massada, together with Javier Troyas, an enterprising businessman with a vision of the future, decide to carry out an exciting project and create a complete range of natural products and a unique working method. to strengthen the body and provide innovative solutions in the field of health and beauty.

Massada Philosophy


An aesthetic proposal raised from a holistic perspective that contemplates both the physical state and the inner well-being. Exclusive products and treatment lines that allow body and mind to be united to achieve the harmony of comprehensive beauty and health.


Formulas whose combination of organic biotechnology active ingredients with extracts from nature achieve sublime results. A multisensory and versatile cosmetic for the care, regeneration, biostimulation and prolongation of the youth of the skin.


A varied range of protocols that successfully combines the achievements of professional aesthetic treatments with holistic well-being through the Ecoa® Method. An advanced own work method that conceives aesthetics in a global way and pursues full interior and exterior well-being.


We offer unique and differential training based on two fundamental pillars, passion and excellence. A vocation that leads us to constantly improve with the aim of contributing something new each time and evolving together with beauty professionals who love their profession.

A different cosmetic. The natural Feels great.

Why natural cosmetics?: the active ingredients of natural cosmetics penetrate effectively and deeply into the different layers of the skin, taking care of its health. They are biocompatible, which prevents the body from rejecting them, and offer tangible results that are maintained over time.

From the most select natural vegetable and mineral ingredients, we prepare our extracts through strict procedures validated by Ecocert. These delicate and exquisite essences guarantee that the active ingredients are preserved in their purest state and constitute the soul of Massada.

Unique ingredients and active principles, the secret of Massada


A privileged geographical location: our laboratory, in Navarra, is located 60 km from the Cantabrian Sea and 30 km from the Pyrenees. A magnificent enclave in which water, air and nature manifest themselves in all their splendor, seeking the purest and most natural ingredients.

A careful selection of plants carefully studied to extract the best of each one: leaves, stems, roots...

More than 150 exquisitely elaborated own extracts that are incorporated fresh into our products, guaranteeing the optimal concentration of the active ingredients and constitute the soul of Massada.


The best natural ingredients are treated by biological systems through organic technological engineering in order to obtain active ingredients of the highest quality in high concentrations.


All the extracts used are manufactured using refined traditional methods in our own laboratory.

High natural and mineral cosmetics

Massada has a complete range of more than 200 products capable of responding to the highest demands of skin care. Not only do they obtain visible and lasting results, but their application is also an experience in itself. From the elegant, reliable and environmentally friendly packaging to the suggestive aromas and textures that gently blend with the skin, everything is designed to turn the beauty ritual into a true delight for the senses.

We create the integral aesthetic

Energy, Color and Aroma. These are the three axes of the ECOA® Method. The active principles of plants linked to R+D+i in cosmetics are applied with techniques that correct the imbalances between body-mind-spirit synergies and contribute to preventing deterioration, slowing down aging, improving quality of life and enhancing beauty.

This exclusive working method conceives aesthetics in a global way and allows each treatment to be personalized with maximum benefit and results. Totally innocuous, through the ECOA® Method each person can reach their full physical, mental and emotional condition. Its effectiveness is based on a compendium of natural therapies from the following biotherapeutic disciplines: aromatherapy, physiotherapy, morphology, acupressure, acupressure, natural cosmetology, kinesiology, osteopathy, chromotherapy, music therapy, massages, hydrothermal techniques and phytotherapy.

We have more than 50 protocols available to professionals and we constantly innovate with more than three new treatments a year. Versatility is another of our hallmarks, because, due to their qualities, our cosmetics can be used in various treatments.

Innovation in training and workshops

We have a National and International Training School through which we train beauty professionals in excellence, and with a clear vocation to share experiences and knowledge to evolve together.

The training courses address the development of protocols, new product lines, new treatments and nutrition, as well as monographic courses on treatments with appliances and diagnostics, which allows a dynamic of permanent updating of knowledge.

The result is the enrichment of professionals to obtain the full satisfaction of the people treated with our products and therapies. The strong emphasis placed on continuous innovation ensures that this is the case.

R+D+i: doing something new every day

The key to our success is constant innovation. Look at the world with new eyes every day and ask ourselves what we can improve.

We achieve this thanks to our own manufacturing laboratory that has the most advanced technical means and a highly qualified first-rate R&D department.

Raw materials are chosen from nature and are subjected to the most advanced biotechnological procedures and clinical trials to obtain extracts of the highest quality with a unique efficiency-enhancing power.

The permanent search for new assets and local natural ingredients, close and related to the soul of our cosmetics, together with continuous research, allow us to create new formulas to respond to the increasingly complex and demanding needs of the skin.

Every year, five new products are presented in line with the latest cosmetic trends: use of prebiotics, anti-pollution formulas, cosmetics with epigenetic action...

We always innovate with two ideas in mind: quality and sustainability. Because that is the best way to take care of the two things that matter most to us: people and the environment.

Value chain: from the selection of raw materials to your hands

From the careful selection of the best vegetable and mineral raw materials to the development of the most innovative production techniques, excellence characterizes Massada. Our work system is based on constant control and rigorous application of compliance with demanding quality standards and respect for the environment in all phases of the process.

The following certificates attest to the quality and sustainability of our products, as well as their manufacturing processes.


  • Iso 9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO22716

The keys to our success

  • We believe in the power of nature to balance body and mind, beauty and health.
  • Natural and ecofriendly cosmetics.
  • We manufacture our cosmetics in our own laboratory, controlling the entire process with the firm intention of perpetuating the excellence that defines us.
  • Continuous research and innovation by our team of experts specialized in R+D+i.
  • A complete range of products: cosmetics created from the best of nature that offer a unique sensoriality with their suggestive aromas and textures, provide visible results from the first moment, and have a very high tolerance thanks to the natural ingredients with which they are used. formulate.
  • National and international training school.
  • Ecoa® Method: our own professional working method patented on an international scale.
  • Constant support from a highly qualified multidisciplinary team.
  • Active marketing at the point of sale: ad hoc strategies and development of support materials for salespeople.
  • Easy to do business: we do everything we can to ensure that relationships with distributors and professional suppliers are as natural and beneficial as our cosmetics.

Massada's vocation is to take care of people. And that not only means creating cosmetics of the highest quality, but also taking care of the environment and society as a whole, of all the people who in some way participate in the exciting process of bringing the best of nature to your hands. . This commitment is strongly manifested in the principles that govern our Massada Natural Cosmetics label:

NATURAL ESSENCE: The key to our formulations are the raw materials, ingredients that come directly from nature: plant and mineral extracts, essential and vegetable oils, and natural aromas.

SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE: The natural extracts used in our products are manufactured in-house. Only then can we thoroughly control the entire process and guarantee the highest quality.

NO ARTIFICIAL: In the manufacturing process of our cosmetics we do not use any GMO ingredients (Genetically Modified Organisms). We believe that the best genetic modifications are those that occur naturally, over a slow fire, over thousands and thousands of years.

BIOCOMPATIBILITY: The use of biocompatible active ingredients, related to the natural composition of the skin, allows the development of non-aggressive cosmetics that minimize cases of intolerance.

RENEWABLE RESOURCES: For Massada, using natural ingredients implies an enormous responsibility, that of guaranteeing the sustainability of the entire process. That is why our ingredients always come from renewable resources and are transformed using procedures that respect the environment.

ECOFRIENDLY PRODUCTION: The entire cosmetics production process, from the extraction phase to the final manufacturing and packaging phase, is validated by Ecocert, a prestigious international organization that is governed by the most demanding criteria.

WHAT IS NATURAL IS TO RECYCLE: Massada is a member of Ecoembes, in order to contribute to caring for the environment also through the recycling of packaging. Thus, less waste is generated and energy and raw materials are also saved.

WE ARE CRUELTYFREE: At Massada we are not only totally against animal testing, but also the vast majority of our cosmetics are suitable for vegetarians*.

MINIMUM ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The best way of contributing to sustainable development and environmental protection is to avoid generating harmful waste. At Massada, we only generate plant residues and strictly comply with the parameters of the demanding ISO 14001:2015 standard.

MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY: At Massada we are very aware that the word cosmetic includes the word ethics. That is why we always act guided by firm ethical principles and total transparency, both in the manufacturing process of our cosmetics, as well as in the business management itself or the commitment to our clients.