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Lendan Cosmetics

Lendan Cosmetics: Hairdressing and Aesthetics

Lendan is one of the most important hairdressing and beauty products firms, with more than 50 years of experience in this sector. It is responsible for offering the best results thanks to high-end hairdressing and cosmetic products. It is a consolidated and well-known brand in the sector. You can find all the products of Lendan Peluquería and Lendan Estética in Cosméticos24h . Their hair products can range from dyes to heat treatments and sunscreens. As for aesthetic products, they have been designed to find a specific treatment for each of the skin's needs. Color, treatments, shape, finishes and a complete range of aesthetics. Products are always in constant evolution.

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Lendan: Hairdressing products and materials

The best treatments from professional hairdressing, now also at home. If you are looking for the shampoos that hairdressers use in their centers, to have the same result on a daily basis, you have come to the right place. Cosmeticos24h has just launched Lendan, the brand of high-quality hair treatments. From the best dyes to Plexforte treatments to strengthen hair. We offer you more than 100 dye colors with basic shades and more daring colors.

Find all Lendan products online at Cosmeticos24h and start enjoying the best professional products in your home. Get the hair you've always been looking for in just one step. In addition, you will also be able to enjoy a selection of salon items with scissors, straighteners, shavers and much more.

Lendan Cosmetics

It is a hairdressing and beauty firm in constant innovation to offer advanced treatments and the latest in the sector. The products of this firm are in continuous evolution, prioritizing research and development to obtain the best high cosmetic and hairdressing products. You can get all the hairdressing products you need on our website. The truth is that Lendan has set out to find the perfect product for every need for both hair and skin. Even among its products you can find recovery treatments for hair, sunscreens for hair and dyes of all colors.


In its hairdressing section, Lendan offers a wide range of high-quality products so you can find everything you need to care for your hair.


The Lendan dye, in addition to providing color, takes care of the hair and scalp. offers a wide range of permanent cream colors in countless shades so you can unleash your creativity. Infinite tones, nuances and reflections to work with any technique that is needed both in hairdressing salons and at home. These products offer the best intensity, coverage, shine and softness.


Get your hair the way you like, play with your hair. You can get straight hair breaking with the traditional concept of straightening. If, on the other hand, your look is curly, the firm offers you the opportunity to use a multidose perm that also provides protection to the hair while achieving the best waviness.


Care Series is Lendan's range of hair treatments. They are personalized care with high technology to protect the hair and enhance the beauty of the hair. Lendan Care Series brings beauty and care.


Taking into account the needs Lendan designed a complete line that adapts to the new lifestyle. The research and development department is constantly searching to offer the latest in hair technology. Take care of your hair with thermal and solar protectors . Its formulas are based on certified organic ingredients of natural origin, all with a delicious aroma.

Lendan Aesthetics

In their laboratories they have developed an aesthetic line with options adapted to all needs. From a global anti-aging action that fights aging to a complete line of Vitamin C that nourishes the skin and makes it more luminous.


This line was developed to provide an intelligent solution to aging processes.


The Lendan Essential Reload line is responsible for restoring a healthy appearance. It has been formulated entirely with prebiotic active ingredients that recompose the microbiota that naturally protects the skin. Nutritional recharge of the skin to restore its balance.


With the vitamin C treatment, the brand provides an antioxidant action to the skin. Vitamin C is responsible for neutralizing the negative effects of free radicals. It is an anti-aging treatment, since it restores the firmness and vitality of the skin.