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Do you know where the word "cosmetic" comes from?

There really are many theories and many parallel stories about the true origin of the word. But really, the most accurate of all these is that it comes from the Greek term "Kosmetikhe". The funny thing is that it doesn't come from a word, a noun. It comes rather from a profession and the actions they carried out in it.

In Greece, there were people who really lived to serve others. These, the slaves, servants, people in charge of baths, public centers, even old gyms, dedicated themselves to taking care of those other people who, due to social class, were above them. Their work was based on washing, bathing, beautifying, massaging, "making up" these, and that action was what has really given name to today's cosmetics.

Similarly, the people who dedicated themselves to painting and decorating statues in squares, palaces or public places, are known as the first professionals of "makeup". Curious to say the least.

But today, what really is cosmetics?

This is directly related to the hygiene and cleanliness of our body, but we must never forget that it is linked to aesthetics and beauty. We always worry a lot about this one, don't we? Our body, skin, hair, etc. it needs special treatments where the essence of cosmetics lies. Who has not heard the phrase: "Who is going to love you more than yourself?"

But cosmetics does not only cover the beauty of our body, and the treatment of specific situations, it also begins with personal hygiene, nutrition, both of the skin and of our body, the work of bodily deficiencies, and hair care.

What functions does cosmetics have?

We must never forget that this is not only beauty. He has many fields in which he works. Its main functions are:

Prevent, preserve, sanitize.

One of the three main functions of cosmetics is to preserve the state of our skin, hair, etc. With this type we avoid certain problems when we see its first symptoms.


At this point, we already have to act on some problem that we have suffered. Normally we want to correct. Many times, this type is a supplement to treatments that we have been able to receive from a medical or health care provider.


"Crown jewel". The main function, and mostly known to cosmetics. This type is based on favoring and hiding the possible defects and imperfections that we may have.

And what areas does cosmetics work?

Facial Cosmetics:

Probably along with the body and the hair, the most important. It includes countless products that work on our skin, such as: creams, serums, anti-wrinkles, revitalizing, dark circles, makeup, gels. Discover our entire range in: Facial Cosmetics

Body Cosmetics:

As we mentioned before, one of the most important. Within this field, there is also an infinity of products with which we can work all our skin: creams, gels, anti-cellulite, milk, make-up, protectors, aftersun,... Get to know our range: Body Cosmetics

Hair Cosmetics:

Together with the previous two, probably the most important. Hair is, in addition to a very delicate part of our body, a very important aesthetic element for many people. Taking care of it is vital. To do this, in 24-hour cosmetics, we have many products aimed at your Hair Cosmetics care.

Sun Cosmetics:

Our skin always returns to us what we give it. And what better way to take care of it than protecting it against the sun's rays that can produce, always in excessive sessions, very delicate problems against it. For this, the entire range of 24-hour cosmetic products can be found here: Solar Cosmetics

Male Cosmetics:

By psychological association, cosmetics are normally associated with women. But really, every day, from our store, we see that more men are interested and concerned about the care of their skin, hair, and body. For all of them, we have a specific section: Men's Cosmetics

Cosmetics and massage products:

Oils, gels, peels, and much more, make up the section of professional massage products, since we do not recommend performing this type of technique with any cosmetics. To know our entire range: Cosmetics and Massage Products

Nutritional Cosmetics:

We must not only take care of our exterior, we must also take care of ourselves in the best way in what we eat and ingest. Oils, supplements, algae, concentrates and much more are also cosmetic. Take a look at them in our Nutritional Cosmetics section.