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Since the 1970s, Jean-Noël Thorel, a French biologist and pharmacist passionate about the sun, has developed a different approach to sun protection, going against preconceived ideas. The natural protection of the skin, based on the optimization of tanning, is firmly oriented towards the prevention of photoaging.

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If the credibility of Institud Esthederm is based on anything, it is the unanimous and eternal support of all customers who, once they try a product from the high-end cosmetic brand, do not abandon it. And this is due to the active principles and ingredients that make up all its ranges and that protect and renew skin cells, making it stay young for much longer.

And in order to preserve the original beauty, Institut Esthederm has designed, for example, a water that respects health and continuously protects the skin from ageing. And this is because they have managed to optimize cell metabolism and strengthen their ability to adapt to increase their resistance. This is Eau Cellulaire/Cellular Water, a patented water, inspired by the water of the skin, it optimizes the energy of the cells, helps preserve their youth and enhances the effectiveness of all our treatments.

His efforts to achieve victories in the field of cosmetology also extend to sun products. All of them preserve youth and take care of it from sun exposure. And it is that beyond sun protection, they embody a lifestyle that favors sun exposure.

All their effort is reflected in the formulation letter where they explain their principles when working and developing a cosmetic where respect for the skin's ecosystem prevails, reactivating the metabolism, protecting its natural resources and restoring its original quality.


The first of Institut Esthederm's commitments is to guarantee tolerability and safety at each formulation stage, and to respect the physiological constants of the skin, in order to achieve risk-free efficacy.


The selection of the components is made based on two main criteria: safety and proven efficacy. The mechanism of action of the components must respect the natural mechanisms of the skin and optimize them, in order to be part of a logic of "re-education" in the long term.


Esthederm favors the use of the purest molecules, in their optimal dose. The traceability of the components used is an imperative.

And thanks to this they have managed to develop their lines: Osmoclean, Eau cellulaire, Hydra System, Sensi System, Pure system, Nutri System, RadiancRepair, Lift & Repair, Cyclo system, Intensive and EstheWhite.