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Thalissi has a laboratory specialized in High Scientific Cosmetics, the result of more than 40 years of experience and research in the field of Biochemistry and International Cosmetology. Thanks to this, they have developed exclusive natural formulas based on aromatic essences, botanical and marine extracts, with thermal waters in an exceptional concentration, to create unique and personalized treatments. From www.Cosmé we offer you the widest selection of Thalissi products in Spain. We invite our clients to trust this great brand and get to know first-hand its treatment programs, with which we work in our beauty center every day.

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Blanqueante. Perfect Skin Tone and Illuminating Cream - Thalissi
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Blanqueante. Perfect Skin Tone and Illuminating Cream - Thalissi

€27.96 Regular price €34.95 Price
Anti-Edad. Anti-age & Anti-oxidante Cream - Thalissi
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Anti-Edad. Anti-age & Anti-oxidante Cream - Thalissi

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Corporal. Scultore di Corpo - Thalissi
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Corporal. Scultore di Corpo - Thalissi

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Hidratación. Super Moisturizer Cream - Thalissi
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Hidratación. Super Moisturizer Cream - Thalissi

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Relajante. Relaxing Oil - Thalissi
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Relajante. Relaxing Oil - Thalissi

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Thalissi High cosmetics with natural and organic active ingredients.

History of Thalissi

Thalissi has been manufacturing cosmetics for more than forty years. With great advances in chemistry and all the associated technology.

Exclusive active ingredients have been formulated with essential oils, plant and seabed extracts, thermal water, etc. Everything to develop formulations adapted to all customers and their needs.

The beginnings of Thalissi date back to 1968. At this time, the founder of the brand was starting her first beauty salon and training center.

Little by little these centers became pioneers and were certified as official centers for the training of beauticians throughout Spain. Becoming one of the most innovative schools in Spain.

Years after much research, Thalissi is born, from the hand of a surgeon and a beautician, they bring out the first cosmetic line for mature skin.

Already in 1997, the brand becomes a large corporation, with highly qualified senior managers and experts in the beauty sector.

It is then that Thalissi takes the leap and develops a complete cosmetic range for the international market. It is in all the first world countries and now more than ever it demands all possible international controls for its products.


Natural cosmetics

From the search for new formulas to create better products for the most demanding skin, Alissi Brontë is born, a laboratory specialized in High Scientific Cosmetics and Professional Dermatological Makeup, the result of more than 35 years of experience and research in the field of Biochemistry and Cosmetology. International.

Miss Alissi, specialized in natural makeup, and Thalissi, which is a natural cosmetic for the skin, with greater efficiency and lasting effects, where you can find products like the one that transmit all the values of the brand such as Care, Prevention, Nature and respect for animals.

Based in Murcia, the laboratory develops exclusive natural formulas based on aromatic essences, botanical and marine extracts, with thermal waters in an exceptional concentration, to create unique and personalized treatments thanks to the knowledge they have of the most effective raw materials of the fertile land in which is known for its natural resources, for example, La Huerta Murciana, known as the "European Garden", famous among others for its wine, rice, olive oil, lemons, fruits, vegetables and essential oils, etc. . Mainly due to the microclimate in the regions near the coast with a warm climate and in the interior of medium altitude and continental climate and in the mountains with forestry and aromatic plant exploitation.

Also from the Mediterranean Sea and the special Mar Menor, an inland sea with a high concentration of marine principles, salts, algae and mud with extraordinary properties.

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Thalissi products.

Thalissi products are defined by many factors. And they cover very specific aesthetic needs. It could be said that whenever you use Thalissi products you will have natural cosmetics on your skin and very long-lasting effects, with natural origin and certified quality from organic plantations, all under strict respectful manufacturing practices and without mineral oils, paraffins, radiation or parabens.

Things that Thalissi products do not have

Thalissi products have not been tested on animals, they have not used the dangerous Benzoic acid or organisms that have been modified in their genome.

Thalissi products have also not been manufactured with any petroleum derivative and no synthetic coloration is used in its composition. In addition, artificial perfumes or chemical filters are dispensed with in their sunscreens.

In all the products of the three ranges you will NOT find the following products:

  • mineral oils
  • Paraffins, Parabens, Radiation
  • Formaldehyde-releasing compounds
  • Experimentation with animals
  • PABA (Para-amino-benzoic acid)
  • GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Petroleum derivatives
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • Chemical Sunscreens

Assets that make up Thalissi products

Thalissi products are manufactured as you would for yourself. That is your principle.

In its composition, flower waters, natural sugars, and essential oils of great purity are used.

All the plants used to manufacture cosmetics are of natural and ecological origin. This makes the products have a high protective and regulating effect on the skin. Leaving the skin younger in a more lasting way.

The products protect and self-regulate the skin. It has all the certificates of quality and environmental and ecological care.

In addition, in the Thalissi centers a lot is invested in R+D+I, all of them having a certificate in this aspect.

They work with bioactive products that give beauty, well-being and health. And they work under good GMO practices.

YES you will find:

  • floral waters
  • natural sugars
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Ecological Medicinal Plants
  • Protective and self-regulating effect of the skin
  • Visible and lasting rejuvenating effect
  • Quality certificate
  • Environment Certificate
  • Ecological Certificate
  • R+D+i certificate
  • Bioactive products that provide Beauty
  • Wellness and health
  • 1st Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils
  • Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices GMPç

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Thalissi cosmetic research.

Thalissi production centers manufacture cosmetics under a strict research and development process. This applies to raw materials in the first instance. Investigating and determining the optimal point of harvest or production of oils and other assets. It also applies to processes such as water extraction, filtering.

In a middle phase, work is being done on the continuous improvement of the manufacture of cosmetics. Developing new packaging, forms of natural conservation, textures, smells and packaging. All in a natural and ecological way.

At the same time, all the natural ingredients are Europe-certified and Thalissi works with European quality certificates in the sales, storage, and marketing processes.

Thalissi is a pioneer in Spain in working with universities to certify all their work.

Thalissi top products

Natural Anti-Aging Gold Essence Saffron and Argan : anti-aging and anti-oxidant unisex cream created to combat the effect of wrinkles, and that gives the face a new youth, thanks to the properties of saffron flowers.

Perfect Skin Tone and Illuminating Cream whitening cream: illuminating and whitening phyto-cream that restores maximum luminosity to the skin, effectively reducing and lightening dark spots and preventing their appearance.

Dermaskin : cream-gel for skin prone to eczema that reduces scales, redness, relieves itching and normalizes skin thickening. This cosmetic has a cream gel texture and is perfect for hydrating, soothing and caring for skin with psoriasis, dermatitis or scaling processes. It has an effect that helps prevent skin from suffering from dermatitis or eczema. What are the main benefits of Thalissi Dermaskin? It helps reduce and eliminate redness, prevents flaking processes, relieves itching, has a keratoregulatory effect on thickened areas and only contains natural plant ingredients. In addition, these assets have a high concentration that offer a pleasant effect.

Beuty Water: This Thalissi cosmetic is a skin cleanser. It is an all-in-one that provides a great feeling of well-being on the skin. This cleansing solution is effective and practical, and can also be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive and fragile. It is the perfect cosmetic for younger skin. In this cosmetic, Thermal Water is combined with Orange Blossom and provides softness and a pleasant sensation to the face. Why is it an all in one? Because it cleanses, removes make-up and tones the skin. Among its assets we can find Aloe Vera, low deference blends diluted in water, orange blossom extract and chamomile.

Sea Foam: another of Thalissi's cleansers, ideal for all skin types. Contains white pearl powder, extract of five types of seaweed, panthenol that offers a calming effect and allantoin that helps eliminate dead cells and promotes cell regeneration. This cleansing cosmetic has a silky texture and leaves the skin relaxed, clean and protected against free radicals. Helps to remove dirt and excess oil, while toning the face and leaving it with greater vitality. Pores are deeply cleansed, loosening dirt and leaving a fresh scent.

Super Moisturizer Cream: This cream is super hydrating and can be used after your face routine in the morning or at night. It is the perfect cosmetic for the most oily areas of the skin, with a tendency to dermatitis or flaky states of the face. It helps to acquire a greater sensation of softness and well-being, as well as leaving deep hydration on the face. A smoother and more beautiful dermis is achieved. It is an oil-free cream with a very light texture that melts into the skin.

Buying Thalissi cosmetics is taking care of your face. In our online store you can find all the products at the best price. You can also benefit from exclusive offers, discounts and promotions, such as Black Friday. Getting the right face care products is not an easy task, that's why at Cosmeticos24h we have experts and specialists in beauty and cosmetics who can advise and help you on the products you should buy according to your skin type, your age, etc. Enter our website and discover a universe for the care of your skin. Get the best creams, cleansers or serums from Thalissi.

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