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Many times you will have asked yourself, what our clients ask themselves: where to buy La Mer?; how to use La Mer?; What is the price of La Mer creams? What products does the brand have? If you are looking to buy a good cream, both for women and men, you are in the right place. Enjoy wonderful offers, gifts, and much more, on your order with Free Shipping from €40. Discover the La Mer Packs .

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History of cosmetics La mer

Do you know the history of La Mer? It is an exclusive, natural and marine cosmetics firm, located in the North Sea where the ingredients of marine origin are extracted. They turn them into skin care products: anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams, facial masks, eye treatments, body cosmetics, lifting firming, facial cleansers, and much more. Discover its entire catalog with us and take advantage of a first-class product, at very affordable prices.

In 1981, physiotherapist Paul Gojny discovered the healing effect of sea mud on the skin and began processing marine active ingredients with the aim of relieving various skin problems. Today, La Mer remains committed to this goal, putting the human being at the center of all business activities, so that my skin and your skin is in good hands.

And at the core of all their products is the Sea Silt Extract found in Wattenmeer, in the North Sea, a wonder of nature declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. There, the iodine content in the air is ten times greater than in the interior zone and at low tide an area of approximately 3,500 km2 opens up where the changes of the tide cause the soil to compact, depositing many valuable active agents in the soil. typical blue-grey marine mud from the North Sea.

Sea mud is one of the purest natural products rich in oxygen, medicinal soil, trace elements, sulfur, salts, mineral substances and organic components from the shallow waters of the North Sea. Applying a unique process, La Mer processes sea mud in its laboratory into an extract that has convincing and rapid treatment effects on all skin types.

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With an innovative active principle, La mer has developed all its lines. Ready to discover them? Creams, facial tonics, serum, body moisturizer, solar products, firming facial, all these products for women and men, at your entire disposal.

Buying one of La Mer's products is a delight for the senses and a treat for your skin. It is the best gift you can give yourself, because it will give your skin a break, keeping it away from so many allergens and products that are not very respectful of nature. By acquiring La mer, you will have a piece of his marine research in your hands and have bought a piece of happiness.

Take home the best of Europe in marine cosmetics.

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Advanced Skin Refining - Facial hydration, smoothing and refining

Radiant and beautiful skin thanks to the long-lasting moisturizing facial treatment, which while visibly smoothes and refines it, makes it look wonderfully radiant.

  • Beauty Cream Fluid 24H without perfume: this cosmetic is from the Advanced Skin Refining de La Mer line. It is a fluid cream ideal for combination and sensitive skin. It is a cosmetic that provides high hydration on the face, but also has a sebum-regulating and mattifying effect. It is a long-lasting cream that contains Quadromar and Hidrolized Algi, two active ingredients ideal for treating skin impurities, regulating excess sebum and calming the most sensitive skin. It can be used on a daily basis and this will help reduce the size of the pores, rebalance the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I f you want a face with greater luminosity, firmness and a healthier appearance, this cosmetic is for you.
  • Fragrance-free day cream: this La Mer cream also belongs to the Advanced Skin Refining line. It is a cosmetic with an intensely restorative action that helps combat skin aging thanks to the active ingredients present in its formulation: sea mud extract (which provides hydration, minerals and strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier), perfecting marine agent (which helps refine pore size and to provide luminosity to the skin), unicellular green algae (which provides energy to improve cell metabolism and accelerate skin regeneration) and firming peptides (which help fight wrinkles effectively, providing nutrition and regenerating the skin ). This cream is to be applied daily in the morning, it has a light texture and is quickly absorbed. It is ideal for normal and combination skin that wants to combat aging and the signs of aging.

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Advanced Skin Refining – La Mer – Hidratación facial, alisado y afinado

Flexible Body & Bath - La Mer Body Line – Body care

It allows body care thanks to its line of products aimed, among many other things, at relaxation in a sea salt bath rich in mineral substances. Work and take care of your soft and elastic feet, while giving your hands an additional portion of care. Here we see the benefits that La Mer Vs Nivea brings us in the comparison.

Flexible also develops products: Specials. Treat yourself to extra care for your body with these La Mer products. The Cleansing line, focused on cleaning for all skin types.

  • Body Cream: this body cream from the Flexible Body&Bath de la Mer line is intensive care for the driest skin. It has a great moisturizing action thanks to the Sea Minerals agents with Sea Silt Extract and brown algae. This combination of active ingredients manages to strengthen and intensely nourish the skin. The result is much smoother and softer skin. This cream can be applied after showering and after drying the skin, it is ideal for the driest skin and does not contain silicones, parabens or paraffin.

  • Saline Body Peeling: This body peeling, also from the Flexible Body & Bath line, contains marine extracts that help combat and eliminate dead cells, leaving the skin completely prepared for the subsequent application of the moisturizing cream.
  • Marine Breeze Shower Gel: It is a cosmetic belonging to la Mer that should be used during the shower. Among its active ingredients we can find the Sea Mud extract that provides the skin with great hydration and nutrition, as well as helping to strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Ideal for use on dry skin, as it cleanses deeply, does not dry out and leaves a great feeling of freshness.

Flexible Body & Bath – línea corporal de La Mer – cuidado de cuerpo

Ultra Hydro Booster - Intensive Moisturizing Treatment – Gel Cream

With this line, we will enjoy an intensive moisturizing treatment for our skin. We will be able to see them visibly smoother with the La Mer moisturizing cream line.

Ultra Hydro Booster – Tratamiento hidratante intensivo – Gel Cream

MED and MED Pure Skin - La Mer – fragrance-free products

Soothing treatment for sensitive skin with which you will achieve a noticeably relaxed, smoother and more elastic effect. For its part, Med Pure Skin is a treatment without parabens, perfume or perfumes, dyes, paraffin, silicones, or PEGs.

Tratamiento para pieles sensibles – La Mer – productos sin perfumes

Platinum Skin Recovery - La Mer anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

Are you looking for anti-wrinkle creams and can't find the one that best suits you? Enjoy the Skin Recovery products, exclusive for facial treatment in order to rejuvenate all skin types. It is the anti-aging treatment of the house of high German cosmetics. Serum prepared to give you what you need.

Skin Recovery – La Mer antiarrugas y antiedad

Sun protection - Solar line of the natural cosmetics firm

If you enjoy the sun, and you like to protect yourself in the most natural and effective way, look no further. The line for sun protection against UVA, UVB and infrared radiation will delight the most "SUN" lovers. With La Mer Cosmetics, you can have that protection you need.

Sun Protection de La Mer – Línea solar de la firma de cosmética natural

Supreme Natural Lift - Enjoy the active marine agents

The anti-aging program with valuable marine active agents. It contains everything that demanding skin needs to look radiant, elastic and fresh.

Supreme Natural Lift – Disfruta de los agente activos marinos

Origin Of - Mineral substances and trace elements.

La Mer's nourishing products for this line feature a particularly high content of sea silt extract. Therefore, it moisturizes the skin intensely and lastingly. In the same way, it supplies the indispensable mineral substances and trace elements. Activate skin functions and protect yourself from dryness, with this very interesting line.

Men Marine Care - La Mer for Men

Here you have the long-awaited line of La Mer for men. Take advantage of treatments that are perfectly adapted to the needs of men's skin. Enjoy La Mer cream for the most demanding, without missing the appointment with the firm's characteristic marine and natural active ingredients.

La Mer para hombre – Men Marine Care

We hope you liked this description of the La Mer brand. In it, we have tried to work on what it is for, how to work on spots, find solutions for oily skin, and many other important aspects. At Cosmeticos24h you can find very interesting prices, offers and promotions.

La Mer is a brand that takes care of you and your skin. It provides everything that your face or your body needs at all times, covering the needs, combating the passing of the years and respecting the protective barrier. If you want to buy La Mer products, all you have to do is access our online store . At Cosmeticos24h we make all the brand's products available to you, and we are also always ready to answer your questions and queries so that you have the best possible shopping experience .

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