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Heber Farma Isseimi Cosmetics

The Isseimi brand belongs to the Heber Farma laboratory, formed by a group of professionals committed to working with the skin and its disharmonies. Buy your Isseimi cosmetics online in our extensive brand catalogue. The best cosmetics professionals, all together make up the fabric of Heber Farma that has developed as Fluvix, a world leader in the regeneration of the dermis.

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ISSEIMI from Heber Farma

Isseimi is the renewal of the Heber Farma firm with its most emblematic products, providing a more aesthetic packaging and thus rejuvenating the firm.

Both for use by the public under the Isseimi brand, as well as the brand that is developed for sale to the public, Glacée Skincare.

Heber Pharma Laboratories

This laboratory manufactures the Isseimi and Heber farma brands with top quality technology. They manufacture products for stains, beauty and develop each project as if it were unique. To get you the latest aesthetic technology.

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Heber Farma Glacée

We start with Glacée, which incorporates different Growth Factors among its active ingredients that promote continuous renewal of the dermis and epidermis, making the skin look hydrated and rejuvenated. Thanks to the Peptides and Growth Factors included in the formulation, a strong and elastic skin is promoted, due to the induction of collagen and elastin synthesis.

Glacée Skincare teaches the skin to think by making it produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In addition, it combines a mixture of amino acids and moisturizing agents that restores its rehydration capacity to the skin. Within the Glacée Skincare collection you will find specific products for each skin type and age.

The line is made up of the following products: Reti+, Contour-K, Antiox-C, Gene DNA, Redensifying, Dynamizing, Hydrorevitalizing and the Triple Action Serum.

Glaceé Skincare Contour K is one of the best eye contours on the market. Its results are immediate and an improvement is seen within a few days. Anti-aging contour with nourishing properties.

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ISSEIMI products from Heber Farma

If you are looking for the best ISSEIMI products from Heber Farma , here are some examples:

  • Triple action repairing serum: this Glaceé serum is triple action. It also helps to deeply hydrate the skin from the inside, reaching the cells and leaving a much more luminous and flexible face. Also, if you are looking to restructure your dermis, this cosmetic is for you. It is a product with a light and fluid texture, therefore it blends with the face, penetrating quickly and without leaving a greasy feeling. Among its active ingredients we can find: KGH that promotes cell renewal, helps protect the skin against external aggressions, improves hydration. It also contains Oligopeptide FGF and Oligopeptide EGF and NMF Multi-Moisturizing Complex. Are you wondering what type of skin can use this serum? That's the best, it's perfect for all types of dermis, leaving a great feeling of repair and hydration.
  • Nutriestimul Cream: this daily use cosmetic is a cream enriched with high molecular weight silk proteins. What benefits does it have on the skin? It gives it greater resistance, multi-moisturizing and nutrient factor . It also contains vitamins that help renew cells and fortify tissues. It is ideal for combating premature aging of the skin and for skin over 40 years of age. It has a very light texture that spreads easily and penetrates quickly to the deepest layers of the skin.
  • BB Cream: an all-in-one cream, ideal for your skin. In addition to giving a light touch of color to the face, it also helps improve its appearance thanks to its active ingredients that provide hydration and cell renewal. Among its active ingredients we can find the Multi-Moisturizing Active that fills the three layers of the skin with water and helps to unify the tone. The format is in a 100 ml tube and leaves a long-lasting natural finish.

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